Sunday, 10 May 2015


Big thank you to Cynical Highlander for sending this fantastic footage of a nest in his garden.
I'm sure he'll explain more...

I don't know how many times I've seen pictures of overweight, white, rich, tourists sitting astride the corpses of fabulous animals who were minding their own business until some sub human turned up and shot them for fun.
On this occasion, however tubby on the right, an experience game hunter, wasn't quite smart enough, and the handsome fellow on the left charged him and ran him through.
Oh well, as they say, shit happens.
Compare that with the lad in the picture above. Drought in Australia and the wee fellow needed a drink, so a kind cyclist shared his water bottle with him.  Classy kind of man it would be great to know.


  1. Oh no, it's soppy Sunday again - bring back the Murph and Maggie!

    1. A bit of abstinence from gloating will do you good. I thought you islanders weren't supposed to look at the internet on the Sabbath?

      Smurf tomorrow, I promise!

  2. Ach I thought this was supposed to be a day away from politics, and there you go putting that picture in at12 down of the Labour branch office meeting.

    1. An apology to these four fine animals is now expected.

      In any case, where would they ever get four members at one time?

  3. Lovely pictures and CH that is a mighty fine nest. We had a family of Sparrows living in our Mahonia but they were driven out when we sold the house and the people grubbed it up. We used to watch the Sparrow Hawk hanging around for a meal but the sparrows were too smart for it. Did get a blue tit one day, poor wee soul but everything has to live and breed.
    Yes Nature is red in tooth and claw but man hunts for fun and has the cheek to call it sport. Wonder when the Tories will bring back hunt the peasant? Can we be independent by then?

    1. Nature is cruel, and you can't be a nature lover without accepting that so many animals are carnivorous and, your favourite bird may be their favourite meal. They have to eat. That's why I have a problem with cats. They seem to kill for the sport, a little like scummy humans.

      I've got mice in my shed and the fat, well fed cat from downstairs sits outside it waiting for one to slip out so that it can chase it and kill it, but never eat it as it knows that tea time is 5 o'clock!

      Threats are that the Tories will bring back fox hunting and get rid of the Human Rights act.

      The fox hunting won't affect us and I hope that people who enjoy that kind of thing will make a decision to go live somewhere else.

      Does anyone know whether the London government can overturn our human rights legislation incorporated separately into Scots Law?

  4. Re. Human rights act;

    1. Tha nks Jim....

      Ouch that's complex.

      I think Gove would have problems if he simply marched it through in Scotland at least.

      The Tories have no legitimacy here at all, bit by any measure.

      In Westminster nearly the entire Scottish contingent, except presumably Muddle, who will have to be Scottish Secretary, will vote against the legislation. (I imagine Labour will vote against it and I'm sure the Liberal will. This is too important for the Bain principle.)

      In Holyrood the only people who might vote for it are the 17 Tories.

      Surely the Labour and Liberals won;t vote for spite against the SNP on such an important matter?

      I can see Gove with a crisis on his hands, and frankly I don;t think he's the kind of man who will be good in a crisis.

    2. Also surely there is a question of whether an English Justice Secretary can write British Bill of Rights for Scots Law? I suppose technically he can, but I think it might be unpopular, given the fact that it is bond to be a deal biased against ordinary people, and will fundamentally change Scots law.

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    1. Thanks Marcia. I know you enjoy them.