Thursday, 14 May 2015


Good old BBC. Even when it's forced to tell the truth, it does it's best to hide it.
Most of the Press: Barclays (resident in Sark, State of Guernsey; Rothermere (France) and The Dirty Digger (USA)
Well, that's not nearly as frightening as what they put about.
Well, not what I'd do, if I were a business owner, but I take my hat off to him...
Not quite got Nicola's talent for Gender Balance.
Or anything else.
You can see what Mrs Parker Bowles sees in him, can't you?
It's obviously his money.
Now we know why Dan Snow hates the SNP so much. This is the part of Scotland his father-in-law owns.
Just in case you had forgotten what he looks like now that he's a jobseeker.
By now he's probably a chav with his dirty trackies and baseball cap.
Now the Labour Group can meet in...well, in  whatshisname's bathroom.
They can have their meeting while he's taking a shower.
Makes you wonder...
This could be any of us. It's utterly heartbreaking.
I'm surprised the European Human Rights convention hasn't told Britain to sling its hook. Still, just think of the tax cuts they can give the super rich with all that money they have saved.
They'll bring back the ducking stool.
If you survive you're not sick, and if you drown you indeed were sick and should have got benefits but, as you're dead ...well, think of the savings.
Iain Duncan Smith, aka, The Grim Reaper.
Just in case you missed it first time round.
See... surely you didn't think all these Nobel Laureates in Economics were wrong?
Welcome to London.


  1. I was immediately in high dudgeon about the BBC bar chart, and was ready to pass it on to a couple of friends here in the states. Then it occurred to me that it's probably a joke. (Maybe I'm like the Brits and Europeans who were outraged about what George W. Bush said at the Al Smith dinner, and didn't understand that everything an American politician says at the Al Smith dinner is a joke.) So I gotta know. Is that BBC bar chart a joke? If not, my outrage knows no limits....LOL.

    1. Difficult to tell whether this specific illustration is a joke or not, Danny. But this type of thing is not unknown in the BBC, so all bets are off.

      BBC Scotland is intertwined by marriage to the Labour Party in Scotland. They go as far as it is possible to play them up all the time.

      I'd not have been surprised to see little difference in the SNP and Labour bars, and then far smaller bars for the Tories and Liberals.

      We don;t bother with outrage much. Ridicule and withholding payment are the best tools.

    2. Danny once you have met the sour faced Labour wannabees you realise they do not joke. They do everything they can to rubbish the SNP to the point that they try very hard not to interview them and if they do they talk over them. As Trs says they are either married into the party or are friends with someone in the party.

    3. @ Helena Brown and Tris: Sorry I didn't see your replies in a more timely interval. Back during the referendum campaign, I was appalled at the hostile and even insulting attitude of some BBC interviewers when they interviewed Alex Salmond. But he kept his cool demeanor and good humor admirably. Nicola gets the same treatment I suppose.

    4. They try to get at her, Danny, but she is infinitely brighter than any of them, and her lawyer training comes in handy at vanquishing them.

  2. That fucking ATOS and the bastards who set it up make my blood boil - sorry, Tris's Mum!

    1. Agreed, John, with apologies to my mum too!

      Can you imagine what it would be like to be told you had a year to live, with failing eyesight and balance and an inability to get yourself around, and then to be told that you were fit for work and weren't getting any benefits.

      What kind of a country does that to its people to save a few miserable quid that will be spent subsidising vintage champagne for aristocrats?

      May the roof fall in on them.

  3. Charlie's tooth-paste squeezer needs to put more on his tooth-brush......

    1. Ewwwww. You looked inside his mouth?

      He needs to employ someone to trim his eyebrows too.

      There's a job Danny Alexander could do, or maybe Ian Davidson's bayonet would come in handy there?

    2. I have to admit seeing those two lovely people lose their sinecures made my day. Ian Davidson must wish he had haud his wheeshed, and well the loathsome Alexander, well there was always the touch of the Tory about him. The Lib Dems, that will be the undemocratic Liberals who were too happy to do the announcing of all the bad things for the Tories, and Vince Cable, well anyone so easily conned as him by two wee lassies in short skirts, well what can you say about the man's ego. It is just as well they are signing on.

    3. They are all ego.

      Now we have Donohoe admitting that he can finally tell his constituents to F off....

      That is what he has been thinking ... But they got there first.

      He can spend his declining years looking for that Russian sub that's halfway up the Clyde despite the nuclear deterrent.

  4. You do realise Ian Davidson never said that? It's a quote from an old BBC Scotlandshire satirical article that's been spread around Twitter as if he'd actually said it.

    (He did say the "bayoneting the wounded" thing though, and he did threaten Eilidh Whiteford with a doing.)

    1. No I didn't realise that Rolfe. Ha ha. Still is is appropriate now. As I say they can have their meetings in the guys shower!

      Pity he wont be in Westminster now. I wonder if he'd want to give them all a doing.