Friday, 17 July 2015


That's a bit more like it.
Booing good; clapping bad.
Where does he represent...? Lancashire? No?
Oh yes, Sussex! Silly me.
I'm gonna have a key cut for them so they can look into my
 stuff without breaking down the door.
The death of the Welfare State.
Probably felt that he hadn't hurt enough people
Try not to vomit.
That's what the UK is.
And this is what Scotland could be.
Of course the BBC doesn't want us to know too much about it lest
we should break out in an uncontrolled bout of clapping.

I wish they'd put me in charge of reducing costs there.
That would be me with the royal finances.
Trust Private Eye.
Ah, but Greece isn't a bank, silly, and almost none of them went to Eton.
If only...
Ooooops, sorry Mr Duncan Smith. I must have misheard the instruction.
Happy Journey, Bon Voyage.
Just in case any of us needs a reminder. People are still starving, even if, according
to Cameron, "Britain is Back".
Oh look, some of the the most successful countries seem to
work the fewest hours! And maybe the Greeks aren't quite as lazy
as the right wing press has labelled them
Can't have the voices of people being heard. Where would it all lead?
Recurring theme here...


  1. Tris

    I despise the BBC, from their propaganda on the Royals and the poor, to their showing of Scotland on the map as being small, but most of all I despise BBC Scotland. They have been playing politics my whole life, and people Jackie Bird get tax payers money to promote their own warped political views while coming across as despising Scotland and Scottish people who don't fit into their narrow view of what they appear to think is a colony.

    I would happily get rid of it lock, stock and barrel. I totally think we need a state broadcaster but not that one in any shape or form. Paying people like Gary Lineker £6 million a year says it all. It is a disgrace of a service and I resent paying tax for this rubbish. If the nasty Tories want to sell it off to their pals and bring in subscription then they would have my support this once as it long past saving.

    IDS is a prick.


    1. I think that the BBC should be sold off. it really does very little that a commercial organisation could not do.

      if they have to have a state broadcaster to perpetuate their lies, it should be small, and consisting of only one tv station and one radio station and at that it should be subscription only.

      Tens of tv channels and heaven knows how many radio stations is overkill to the nth degree, and makes one suspect a desire for blanket coverage.

      I got rid of my tv last year, but I sometimes watch recorded programmes at my mums. I just noted the other day that none of these ever seem to be on the BBC.

      (Anyone into trains should watch Joanna Lumley's train journey on STV..Sunday nights.)

      The nonsense of paying people like Lineker and Forsyth breath taking amounts on money is scandalous and management who travel first class to New York to give classes to universities... WHIT?

      One of their proposals is that there should be a poll tax to pay for the BBC... so whether you have a tv or not, or indeed any other means of receiving their programmes, never mind watch them, you will pay for them.

      Their bias, their waste and their collusion to keep the scandals of the likes of Savile quiet in my opinion make them a criminal organisation.

      As for IDS, that is praising him.

    2. tris

      I think that the BBC should be sold off. it really does very little that a commercial organisation could not do

      sometimes i do despair of you.................The study of Gramsci would liberate
      your mind from such ideas,

      a capitalist owned media will only lead to the hegemony of the sun editors
      is that what you truly want ?

    3. a capitalist owned media will only lead to the hegemony of the sun editors
      is that what you truly want ?

      No different to the BBC bar we are forced to pay for one and not the other mince.

  2. It is absolutely bloody sickening. These people are charlatans.
    Not sure about Mhairi Black's guy being too poor to afford to drink, however. That is silly and undermines the message.

    1. Yep. In Scotland there is always water... But she did it more or less unscripted (she had notes but didn't read them). It could be that it slipped in.

      However, I think that the message is very firmly there, because I too have met people in that situation. People who were hungry like I've never been.

    2. Maybe he couldn't afford the electric to make a cup of tea? Just drinking water doesn't carry any nutritional benefit.
      Have been watching the establishment of this "cross party" commission to examine the FOI which appears to be comprised entirely of Tories, plus Jack Straw, an unelected person who is accountable to no one on the electoral register and who is himself the subject of unanswered FOI requests. Clearly a whole new definition of "cross-party" then.

    3. True HV.

      No, I've mnot heard anything about the corss party commision that isn;t corss p[arty.

      As I understood it when Straw was revealed to have already used his influence to change laws, he was chucked out of the labour Party by the then leader. Quite rightly.
      As indeed was Rifkind, who was doing the same sort of thing, was chucked out of the Tory Party.

      Because he'[s disgraced he isn't in the Lords yet (I'm sure he will be in the fullness of time, when they think that the dim old public have forgotten his slimy past.)

      He's a disgraced former public figure. In any case he turned out to be more right wing than most Tories and almost certainly lied about rendition for torture which the UK was engaged in.

      It is a scandal that he should be involved. He's not a democrat. He's a little dictator.

      Cross Party probably means a lot of angry people who aren't getting £300 a day for sleeping in red robes?

      This place becomes more of a joke by the day.

    4. I think it's called The Establishment or The Firm because the UK cannot be called democracy by any stretch of the imagination.

    5. Not even slightly!

  3. I think that IDS should be charged with Human Rights abuses and sent to the Hague for trial amongst many others on these Isles.

    1. Many others CH, very many others, led by Blair.

  4. Tris:

    Is this apposite, given the horrors you outline above?

    I've still got it playing as I type this....

    1. Yes...actually the lyrics are indeed apposite.