Wednesday, 22 July 2015



Try Hell?
In chains.
Nice way to go

It might be blood stained but it's all MINE
And this has been laundered so there's no blood on it
That was a good one... Booooom!
Can I tell you ma'am how much I've always admired  
and tried to emulate you...


  1. The War You Don't See

    Why has Blair not been arrested for war crimes yet?

    1. I'll watch that tomorrow. I love his stuff.

      In answer to your question: because he is white, male and was on the side on the Americans. It's the same reason that countless Israeli PMs have got away with defying every single UN resolution ever set against them.

      The only people who ever get people taken to the Hague are the American government.

      Blair is safe as houses to work for dictators and make obscene amounts of money while his party abstains on policies that should be anathema to a Labour Party.

      Hope he ends up in the same bed as Thatcher in Hell!

    2. Some times I just do not envy the lot of Auld Nick, Thatcher must be a right pain add Blair to that and he has got his sorrows to seek.

  2. tris

    Nice pic of Conan at cybernattery on his pc.

    The problem with the anti-Corbyns is if you follow the strategy they suggest
    or indeed accept as a correct outcome the election of the Nazi party in Germany.
    Hitler was a winning candidate in the center ground of Germany politics during
    the 1930s.
    Although Jesus , the Buddha , Muhammad , Gandhi and beloved of New Labour
    Nelson Mandela but not before he changed the political map in south Africa.
    would of been condemned then and even now by the centre groundists as being
    on the margins of the Political spectrum and not worthy of support.

    Why have laws if you want to pander to the fickle will of the mob what price
    any morality, beliefs or to use a jargon word I hate Values ???? outside the
    prevailing mood of the prejudicial Mob.

    politics gone wrong is how i see it

    John saw the beast "rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy." (Revelation 13:1) The beast was like a leopard, with feet like the feet of a bear, and had a mouth like a lion.

    1. Surely the point is that now that the election is a fair person, one vote and the trades unions no longer have a block vote, the party should be prepared to stick by what its members want.

      Time and time again people have tried to tell Labour that you can't win from the right, unless your idea of winning is only to do so when the Tories are fatigued from years in power, riven with internecine wars over Europe, and insistent on electing utterly mad or unappealing leaders... and you (Labour) have, for once, a really appealing charismatic leader (or one with the appearance of such, even if he turns out to be marginally more evil, than Satan).

      Good to see Prescott give Blair a whipping this morning.

      LOL re Conan!!!

    2. I see Niko that they want Liz the Tory to stand down so that the likes of Yvette Cooper can get her votes. Not too sure but thought it was the Harridan Harman this morning talking about a woman Labour Prime Minister, in her dreams. I do think they will break up Labour if Jeremy Corbyn wins that or he will be rubbished at every turn, poor man.

  3. Blair is a twat , fighting a war without winning control of at least half the oil in the middle east .

    1. He didnt do it for that. He did to please his bosses George W Bush and Darth Vader.

      In return he got the Congressional Medal which I'm sure is worth a bob of two if he ever needs to sell it.

      Incidentally I see that he knew what was wrong with Labour and what the needed to do to win, but that he managed not to tell anyone.

  4. Blair needs a brain transplant along with a heart transplant to remove the heart of stone he has.

    1. His body needs to be transplanted to the Hague, where he should be tried for war crimes.

      He's inhuman.

  5. Now I know what this EVEL thingy that Dave "I'm a teapot" Cameron keeps going on about!

    1. LOL yes, Tony EVEL Blair.

  6. In my view, I hope Jeremy Corbyn does indeed win the Labour leadership contest. He is, I believe, a breath of fresh air to the contest. Unfortunately for Labour I think, as Helena points out, that his winning will split the party in two. One part will remain the Labour party and the other part will retain the current re-branded title of the Abstention party!

    Jeremy Corbyn is the best, only, chance that Labour has of returning to its original roots in my view.

    1. That's maybe what Labour needs to do.

      Break up.

      Don't you think?

    2. That's what I'm thinking Tris. For too long the so called Left has been kept locked up in the under stairs cupboard. Now that Jeremy Corbyn has broken out of the cupboard I don't think he will be going back any time soon.

      I think it is now wholly down to those withing Labour to find some guts from somewhere, grab the bull by the horns, and tell the RED Tories to feck off and leave the Labour party to its original Left wing ideals.

    3. Time for a change. New politics.

      I'm up for that. I wonder if they are.

  7. Tris

    I think a big part of why Blair is hated is not just the Iraq War but the expectation that was raised with his election after too many years of the tories, many people had hope and thought there would be a new age of Great Britain but what they got was a lying, money grabbing Tory who liked to fight wars. I was living in America at the time, and while it barely got a mention in the States, I was getting UK newspapers and following it all and even I started to think that maybe he was someone different but that was from a far though.

    He will never face trial for what he was a part of but I do wish he would just go away and live somewhere else. He has nothing to add to the debate about anything now, and like Kinnock and his family, has milked us enough. Kinnocks son is an MP now after riding the gravy train with Mummy and Daddy in the EU for years, the sense of entitlement makes me sick and Blair really is the height of scum.

    The sooner Labour just dies as a party the better.


    1. We certainly had high expectations of him. I wanted him to be PM. Young, dynamic, full of ideas, and most of all not a Tory. Surrounded buy people I kinda respected... MO Mowlem, Robin Cooke... and in the days when he was still a socialist, Presser!

      I never could stand Creepy Straw, Mad Brown or Tory Darling.

      But Blair turned out to be a son of Thatcher. A neo con and a war monger .

      Since being clapped out of parliament he has proved himself to be a friend of dictators and a money grubbing spiv who will do anything if it means enriching himself. And most irritating we have to provide the slimly bastard with protection as he flits around the world making money.

      The Kinnocks are vomit inducing too.

      Aristocratic Labourites.... Ye gads.

      As someone has said before, probably you, Bruce, that sort of thing is Ok from the Tories. You expect it. It's what they are for. They are being true to themselves when they do that.

      Labour men who become aristocrats are traitors to their cause.

  8. tris and them lot

    Have a free fair and open election .....But ! only vote the way one faction
    wants you or be warned they will not be your leaders/rulers...

    Hmm wery democratic

    Nothing Nothing could stop me voting for Jeremy Corbyn now
    to be honest thie has at least flushed out all the Torys within
    the Labour party and the alleged Labour media..
    The Guardian has hardly covered itself in glory on this issue
    one has to admit they want Torylite they just cant be open about it.

    Its not that they believe a left leaning party can not win
    (such as the snp) its more they WANT to believe it can not
    be achieved .

    Little wonder the hard working strivers are still poor and struggling
    to get by in the 21st century

    1. Agreed.

      If I were a member I'd vote for him too, and sod Blair and his exhortations.

      If Labour spits over this and the right wingers go off in a huff, although it will be hard for a while, I reckon it could be what we need.

      Now of course we have to find someone in Scotland worthy of being a Labour leader.

    2. tris

      Ah well I didnt say we could achieve the impossible ....
      apart from Conan of course

    3. He'd be perfect!

  9. tris

    They dont seem to understand we have nothing to lose we
    who have nothing have nothing to lose . They on the other hand
    are clinging on to what they have got and what they want to get.

    Carpe diem i

    Tigranes Levantus: If you looked into a magic crystal, you saw your army destroyed and yourself dead. If you saw that in the future, as I'm sure you're seeing it now, would you continue to fight?

    Spartacus: Yes.

    Tigranes Levantus: Knowing that you must lose?

    Spartacus: Knowing we can. All men lose when they die and all men die. But a slave and a free man lose different things.

    Tigranes Levantus: They both lose life.

    Spartacus: When a free man dies, he loses the pleasure of life. A slave loses his pain. Death is the only freedom a slave knows. That's why he's not afraid of it. That's why we'll win.

    1. Indeed. I wish more people would understand that (whatever one is a slave to)!

  10. When Blair won it was sorely needed. Having a single party in power for so long damages the country, no matter how good the intentions beforehand. Power corrupts. Not always in a criminal way, but arrogance creeps in and the mindset of "I can't do wrong". Blair had that in spades, even overriding the views of the House of Lords. Whatever your views on that care home for the elderly, that can be at times very effective at kicking the government of the day in the balls. Blair just ran roughshod over them.

    It's easy with hindsight, but Blair was an ambitious politician who was desperate for power. Many in the party put up with him, because he won elections.

    Corbyn may split Labour, but that is needed. Labour needs a reboot. Labour needs to get their focus back at a national level and also in Scotland. Especially in Scotland, as we do not have any effective opposition, and that is essential.

    Labour is heading for a bloodbath though, and that is going to screw their chances at the Holyrood elections.

    1. Ye, I agree. A party runs out of talent after a while. The Tories certainly had. Anyone who was any good had dies or been caught with the trousers down...although we now know that some of them hadn't yet been Leon?

      As I've said, Blair was young, fresh faced, fresh idea'd and, besides, more or less we'd have bought anything after 18 years of Thatcher and Major.

      And you are right about power corrupting (and not necessarily in a criminal way...although often Leon?). People do become convinced of their infallibility...they even begin to believe the spin that is put on their failures.

      Corbyn won't split Labour. They are already split. There really are people like Kendal and there really are people like Skinner, and what the two have in common besides the need for oxygen, I have no idea.

      It's the people who have put him forward who have awoken a desire in the populace for a proper left of centre government. Since Scotland has had one I think the rest of the UK would like one too.

      If he loses, which he probably will, I'm not sure that these people will go back in their boxes. Dennis and Diane may, but the members won;t.

      If he wins I can;t see the followers of Kendal...people like Alistair Darling...wanting to be a part of it.

      Of course Labour in the UK aren't that bothered about what happens in Scotland. As you say, it's a pity. We have to have opposition and we really haven't since Goldie stood down.


      Mark Steele Hilarious.