Thursday, 30 July 2015

Fotos on Friday

We know he doesn't have much to choose from, and he had to
 go to the Lords, but recently rejected MPs?
How surprising!
I didn't vote for the banks. Why do they govern?
At last we found a use for him.
Don't hold your breath!
We told you so.
Good old Labour Party. Democracy for all.
At least in Italy they think we won.
10 years ago they murdered Jean Charles de Menezes.
Dick was in charge. She was promoted.
Dick by name...
No idea what he expected. He seems terminally dim to me.
Every town should have one, eh Iain?

Seems that there is only one choice here.
Evil witch. By keeping quiet about your weirdo ministers and officials you were responsible for the most inhumane suffering, and probably deaths of countless children. How could you? You were a mother yourself.
What if it had been Mark or Carole?
A prediction from McT is always a breath of fresh air...
I suspect it was he who suggested warning of attacks
 from outer space, although that was maybe a bit on the sane
side for him.
Why not?
He couldn't be much more of a comic figure than he already is.
The man whose lordly assistant  earns more than he does...
Well, you said it Gid.
You really are going to have to learn that we are getting sick of you people doing this. Now, stop it you ghastly little man.
And the Queen told is that in everything she does she is guided
by the word of Christ, who clearly would have preferred
decorating his house to feeding the poor. 
So I don't see any likelihood of rent controls in the near future.
Anyone know why we have to pay VAT when England, Wales and NI don't?
Thanks a million Labour.
No, you are right. You couldn't write a script with this in it.
They would turn it down as too fantastical
Go back and inject some reality...
The good old Daily Mail commentators.
Well known for their love of Scotland and keen intellect.


  1. My MP today claiming that all the Labour Big Beasts have left the Scottish jungle.
    All that is left is their little sh***s.

    1. Well, in a way he's right. But these "big beats" weren't really Labour.

      Gordon Brown may have started off a such, but he certainly didn't end up there.

      Murphy, well who knows what he was.

      Alexander, leftish Tory.

      Darling, Tory.

      You seriously couldn't call any of the rest of them "big beasts". Curren? bwa ha ha ha ha.

  2. tris

    Thats a lot of pics

    Yvette Cooper obviously doesn't see the Irony in her saying if you (dare to ) vote
    for our Jeremy then the Torys will rule for years and years. Given if we vote for
    any of the other contenders/pretenders they having promised to accept the Tory
    agenda. Will be just a continuation of Tory rule for years and years.

    What dont they get about wanting a real alternative to Neo-liberal economics.

    1. They still believe Blair was their greatest leader, even though he only won (the first time) as the "country" was weary of the Tories. Labours vote share was actually down, he won again as the Tories were in disarray, Labours vote share fell again and continued to do so, then the "country" got weary of Labour who, by then, were in disarray.
      The fact is, as you know as well as I, real labour supporters on the left simply stopped voting, not only for Labour, but for any party, except in Scotland where many voted for the SNP.
      For labour to win an election, they must go back to their founding principles and stop aping the Tories, the "leadership" are Tories with red rosettes, blinded by power for powers sake, instead of gaining power to improve the lot of their fellow man, woman, child; be they high earners, low to middle income, no income, disadvantaged or what ever.
      That ain't gonna happen, not for years of flogging the neo-liberal dead nag, before they realise we only need( not a word I'd choose) one Tory party, not two.

    2. Yep, I know Niko, but every time I was going to stop I came upon another one that gave me a laugh.

      I've got a mate who is a Londoner. He's pretty much a left winger. One of his political heroes is Dennis Skinner (he got me a signed copy of Dennis's book when he was at conference). But he reckons that, and his local party does too, Corbyn would be unelectable in the SE of England. Labour needs to start thinking about places other than SE England though.

      But I agree 100% with you. if they are going to nod through everything the Tories do, or at least not vote against it, what are we going to get? Tory rule.

      And if they do that for the next 5 years, how many of their traditional vote will bother to go out and vote for them. And even if they do, it will still be, as you say, Tory rule. (Maybe without the fox hunting!)

      I gave up on Labour years ago because it felt like I was voting for Tory policies. Why would the people in the north of England or Wales carry on voting for a party that doesn't act in their interests?

      I know that London doesn't really think much about Scotland but, have they not taken on what happened in the referendum? In so-called "working class" areas people voted yes. Not out of some nationalistic pride, but mainly out of a desire to see policies that didn't grind them into the ground. Then the UK GE. Did they not notice the wipe out?

      And it wasn't because Jim Murphy was a joke (although he was). It was because Labour left these areas behind. These area want money spent on them; not another war in the Middle East or a budget for the rich.

      Does none of that teach them a lesson?

      If they elect Corbyn, they'll get a pile of supporters back. (How many people have joined so they can vote for him?)

      It will mean a period of instability for Labour as people like Alistair Darling leave the party with Liz Kendal. So what? We have the Tories for 5 years anyway...what can we do about that? Nothing.

      Use the time to build Labour back up to cater for its original constituency, accepting that that constituency has changed in some ways, but not in others.

      To be honest it will probably be bad for the SNP, because they will have competition on the left, where there is none at the moment. I'm pretty sure that we could work with Corbyn of Devo-Max.

      It's the only hope for Labour. Being Tories won't work out for them. The UK already has a very "competent" set of them already.

    3. True Jim.

      They have built up a myth about Blair.

      He was young, charming, charismatic and the alternative was in order of horror... Willie Hague, IDS and Michael Bloody Howard. I mean as Blair became less popular, the Tories obliged by having ever more ridiculous muppets as their leader.

      I reckon that if he'd been up against a proper leader Labour would have lost out much earlier.

      Labour needs to get out and listen to people. You can barely believe that they still employ people like McT who says that no one cares what the grassroots think.

      Seriously if I heard that, and I was a constituency worker, the next time they asked me to deliver leaflets, on chap doors, I'd tell them to stick it.

      We all knew he was hopeless at his job... but THAT hopeless?

      What does he know that they are scared to fire his useless backside?

    4. Niko they are so fixated on the Tony Blair scenario of Power without Principle that got them elected when I think it was Stuart Campbell who said you could have got a baboon elected instead of the Tories and that none of them speak to ordinary folk, well not if they can help it. Look at their behaviour during the Referendum, meetings behind closed doors, only speaking to the faithful whilst there were people in the Labour Party campaigning for the YES vote. Now I recognise you are a Unionist and this is not about the YES/No campaign but the attitude of mind. I am wondering what stunt they will try pulling on Jeremy Corbyn either before the election of the Labour Leader or if he is elected. I do not think he will get an easy ride from the present ascendant part of the Party.

    5. Jim, I have said to my Husband that I think yes some people will go back to Labour should Corbyn win but I also think there will be people who will wait to see what is going to happen. Mr Corbyn has so far shown he is no friend to Scotland, whether that will change we will have to wait and see, meanwhile we have the Muppets here in Scotland who are also up for election, not a left winger among them, to be unkind to poodles who I have found to be smart dogs, these toadies will fall which ever way means they get some power.

    6. To be fair to Blair, he had huge appeal anyway, Helena,

      He had new ideas and he was young and vigorous. He wouldn't have done so well against a reasonable Tory, but he would still have won.

  3. Farron has more Lords and Ladies than members of the Commons.

    1. Yes and they are there just for such an emergency.

    2. Well, when you have so few MPs I guess you have to take your people from wherever you can.

      But I think it's an insult to the electorate to have in a cabinet, people who have just been rejected in an election.

      That's like putting losing candidates into the Lords right away .. like the Tories did with Paton.


  4. Thete is only one 'Westminster Party', but it sometimes changes its name and leaders.
    It has just become more noticable these days.

  5. The top left corner of the bureau de change has Nicola, just saying.

    Typo, I think. It is 'Jean Charles de Menzes', RIP.

  6. Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes You are right...


  7. Farron confirms that voting LibDem is a complete wasted vote as he doesn't believe in democracy.

    1. I think when the SNP only had 6 members, people had multiple departments to shadow. As 4th or 5th party no one much listens to you anyway, so it's not like you have to be in the ball.

      Clearly it's an affront to democracy that there are Lords/Baronesses in the cabinet. I'm not sure how they can ask questions in the Commons. I'm not sure how the Scottish shadow is going to hold Muddle to account from his seat in Holyrood, and the Councillors will have equally difficult a task from their city halls.

      As for the two MPs rejected at the election by the public and yet in the shadow cabinet...well, I'm lost.

      But remember Labour used to have some ordinary members of the public in its shadow cabinet in Scotland, so it's not a new idea. To use people so recently thrown out of parliament is a novel idea though.

  8. Sorry Tris but I'm just going to leave this here.

    Twitter appears to be alive tonight with the news that a certain bra maker is to be made a dame. Now I know there are not many on here who are aware of bra manufacturers but there is one, and only one, who almost everyone will have heard of ... Michelle Mone, or is it moan?

    Mone is now to be made a dame ... obviously for services to to the Tory party!

    1. Presumeably for 'services to emmigration'.

    2. She'll need to add a line of cocaine, per bra, just to blend in you understand.

    3. Good lord...or, rather Good Dame!!

      I'm at a loss to understand why, if not for her unblinking faithfulness to Better Together.

      How laughable can the British state be?

      Maybe she's going to get one of these crests, "Makers of bras to the Aristocracy"?

  9. Aye something like that DC.

    I've also heard our man in the eyebrows has also been Lorded up to an ermine cloak!

    1. "Blinking" hell, surely not..Dahlink...

    2. :) Has she left yet?


    4. According to that... not a dame, but a Baroness... and a Tory one at that...?

      For services to lying to the public over the referendum, just like Darling got.

    5. Aye well she is certainly good at lying Tris.

      2007. She said she would leave Scotland if the S.N.P. got into power ... guess what ... S.N.P. got into power and so she left Scotland right? ... erm NO she stayed! LOL

      2011. She said she'd leave Scotland if S.N.P. got into power ... guess what ... S.N.P. got into power so she left Scotland right? ... erm NO she stayed! LOL

      2014. She said she'd leave Scotland if WE voted YES, which by implication meant that if WE voted NO she would stay. WE voted NO ... apparently so she has stayed right? ... erm no she has left! LOL

      Are you confused yet? LOL