Thursday, 2 July 2015



  1. Very interesting piece there Tris.

    I am surprised though that he made no mention of a certain well known American bank ... Goldman Sachs. After all it was Goldman Sachs who worked their *ahem* magic on the Greek debt figures back in the day so that their debt suddenly appeared to be accfeptable to the Euro requirements. I leave it to Max Keiser to explain this ... well he does do it so much better than I ever could. LOL

  2. That young man should do something along similar lines for Scotland. To show how we have been ripped off starting in 1707, when England was bankrupt and Scotland was awash with cash. Hey Ho sounds familiar eh.

    1. Wullie... I agree. If you go to the original Youtube Video and comment on it to that effect, he will probably see it...

      I'll do it too.

  3. tris

    Off topic

    but it seems Cameron will get his war and more Glorious dead
    cant be a real PM without a war Nothing like standing at the cenotaph
    knowing you as PM have put a lot of UK armed forces in the grave.

    Gives the PMs a warm feeling in their tummy.....

    Apparently Cameron has been practicing his tearful eyes
    ever since he lost the first vote at Westminster its almost

    The Glorious Dead',

    1. Yup. I heard at 6 o'clock.

      So, what will it achieve?

      Well, it will add to the huge total of middle eastern lives that have been lost due to military action by the West, most of them totally innocent people. It will therefore act as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists.

      It will undoubtedly kill and maim European and American soldiers.

      It will cost a vast amount of money.

      But the cynic in me also understands that it will deflect attention from stories like the one that you brought to our attention yesterday.

      I deplore the acts of these terrorists, wherever they were, in Grenoble, where I worked at the Université Stendhal ... and I love the place..., or in Tunisia, or Kuwait.

      But unless the action taken by people like Cameron is going to do some good (and I doubt that very much; it never has in the past), I don't see why they would take it, except , as you say, they all want to play at being Winston. (Maybe they should remember what happened to him after he won the war.) Or they wish to distract the chronically stupids' attention from the mess they are making of the UK.

      Incidentally, it seem to be that according to the actions of the likes Cameron, the troops are only glorious when they die, and are remembered on a photo op in November. The ones that come back ill, traumatised and unable to work or fit back in to society, are left to the untender mercies of the likes of the odious IDS and Patel and die due to starvation, or the difficulty of keeping their medication refrigerated when they haven't got money for the electricity meter.

    2. Just following in the footsteps of Blair and Brown what else did you expect Niko imperialism is in their blood.


  4. I like Stephen as he has charisma and that youthful charm of innocence but very knowledgeable all at the same time.

    Our whole financial system is corrupt protected by politicians who wish to stay in power for personal gain as the so called democracy we live in is a total scam protected protected by our mainstream media.

    1. Yes, me too.

      I wish some of our politicians would just be as honest as he is.

  5. I think Greece also offered to make sure that the rich and their larger companies paid the appropriate amount of tax. But this went against the orthodoxy that it was the poor that were the problem and was rejected out of hand...............

    Or so I read somewhere.

    Got to agree, Stephen Paton is amazingly good.

    1. Yes like a lot of countries Greece didn't bother to chase up their super rich. The top people bribed officials to turn a blind eye.

      We need look no further than HMCR for examples of that... and I'll bet you any money you like there are plenty of examples in Germany and France too.

      So, as you say, it's the poor that are the problem... rather like here.

      I'm seriously dreading that moron's budget next week.

      The fool couldn't even get an O level in arithmetic, but he was a fully paid up member of the Bullyboys Club.

      I don't see them getting away with what's coming.

    2. Any fool who left his money in Greece would deserve to lose it, the smart money left years ago .
      You don't get rich being stupid and exposing your wealth to confiscation by socialist morons .

  6. tris,

    Agreed, tho' I think that the UK is deliberately Nelsonian when it comes to the rich. We 'invest' in benefit scrounging ambulance chasers on the public payroll and disinvest in pursuing the rich. Can't remember the figures off-hand but it is a huge imbalance. This is structural / political blindness rather than anything else. Or Chicago school trickle down bullshit.

    I was delighted to see photos of Mr Abramovitch's yacht on the Clyde the other day, off Greenock I think. I wonder whether the incongruity of that resonated with anyone else? I have nothing against him, what I strongly object to is a society that doesn't deal with the super-rich appropriately, which means tax them until the pips squeek.

    As you sort of say, a cabinet of millionaires is not exactly representative of most of us, so why would we expect them not to look after their own? And meanwhile the Daily Mail makes a stushie about 'benefit cheats'. The headline really ought to be 'look a squirrel!'. Whatever you do, don't spot the one-sided agenda.For the owners of newprint tend to be anything other than poor.

    Anyway, it is a lovely day.