Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Bless him, if you can't laugh at Govey,
there's something wrong with you!
Apologies to my friends Eileen and Brian, lawyers both! 
HSBC, Barclays, RBS, HBOS?
Penguins welcome too...
The 'Vicetoy', well described by Dickens (below)
(thanks to Geoff Dugdale).
Anyone thought about making and selling
Fluffy Muddle stuffed toys?
Uh Oh, it's the OO, always good for a giggle.
And so full of love for other humans.
Nope. He was taught that he was better than other people because of his connections and wealth. His school and his university, not to mention membership of the Bullyboys' Club reinforced it. Finally being a Tory, and with help from Buckingham Palace, an MP, and then PM, sealed the deal.
I hear he just insulted Mr Skinner again. Boor!
If he doesn't make you laugh, nothing will.
Well, come on, wind isn't perfect but given the choice....
which would you prefer in the sight-line of your living room.
Oh, how true...
Erm.... yeah
I don't suppose 76 is available?
The biggest joke of all.


  1. Would definitely buy a Fluffy stuffed toy, but only if I could stuff it myself. Do the long pins come as part of the package, or are they a joyful Additional Extra?

    1. He's a Tory. Do you seriously think you get anything more that the very basics without having to pay extra?

  2. Number two was my personal favourite of all time!

    Thanks for sharing it.

    1. It's a corker isn't it... not quite sure how my legal mates are going to take it!

  3. It seems that, I'm middle aged.

    1. You have to accept middle age if you're going to be a granddad!

    2. Sadly, Mel had a miscarriage; so I'm not to be a grandad just yet. She and Eoghan are coping well, better than I thought anyone could. I'm rather proud of them both, for the maturity they have shown.

    3. Jim. I'm really sorry to hear that. Please pass that on to Arlene too.

  4. Sex at 82?
    Now i'm depressed, i have to wait for feckin decades. :-(

    1. Ohhhh OK... you can have sex before 82 as long as you promise to be good.... erm... I didn't say that if Munguin asks!!

  5. Who can laugh after reading this

    The government is to scrap its child poverty target and replace it with a new duty to report levels of educational attainment, worklessness and addiction, rather than relative material disadvantage, the work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith said today.

    see income is a unreliable measure of childhood disadvantage so
    we can expect the Tory Cabinet to donate all their considerable wealth
    to charity and then bring their children up on the kindness of strangers.
    probably not.

    Ah well people voted for them and they got them every one will
    suffer excepting the wealthy but there you go.
    the Torys will continue to be torys doing what comes natural
    to them crushing the poor and weak........

    Me I am glad i dont mean that in a evil tory way but the people
    need a lesson in life under the tory grinder and thats what they are
    gonna get and sooner or later they will have to choose unending
    hardship of a tory less life.

    1. Stop moaning Niko.
      You voted for the Tories to rule over us.

    2. If you are not going to meet your targets (mainly because you simply don't give a flying fig about how many children live in poverty) the best way to save embarrassment is to scrap the target.

      Iain Duncan Smith is killing off poor people and sick people at an enormous rate, although clearly we don;t know what rate because the government (despite having the figures) refuses to disclose them. Perhaps by 202o there will be no poor children. They'll all be dead. I wonder how the evil bastard will celebrate that.

      The thing of course Niko is that people didn't vote for them really. They got what they got on 36% of the vote. 64% of the voting public didn't vote for them.

      We know in fairness of course that the same applies to the SNP. 50% of Scottish voters voted for them...Clearly 50% did not. And yet they got 94% of the seats.

      Our massive problem is that in the southern part of England, there is far far less child poverty than elsewhere in the UK. And population there consists of around half the UK numbers... and guess what? They largely vote Tory.

      So yeah, the people in Northern England, in Wales and in Scotland didn't vote for them; never vote for them... but they keep on getting in.

      And unfortunately, we with our 59 MPs have more or less no voice, as current business at Westminster shows.

  6. As usual Tris a brilliant collection of wee uplifters.

    Number 2 was brilliant as was number 4. I must ask though that any picture of Fluffy MUST be accompanied by two things.

    1) A warning BEFORE the picture appears of the imminent appearance of Fluffy.

    2) A prison number MUST accompany EVERY picture of Fluffy along the bottom of the picture.

    Only when these measures are met can I truly relax and feel that there is a god somewhere in the world who truly cares about the poor, ill, infirm, elderly, unemployed, homeless and just generally downtrodden by Cameron and his cohorts!

    1. I take your point.

      Warming. This post contains pictures of Fluffy the Muddle Headed Viceroy (whose thinking is done for him by an unelected deputy from the aristocracy). Would those prone to throwing up people find a paper bag before proceeding.

      I wish I could get the hang of photoshop. I'd stamp a prison number on his forehead.

      I can't hep thinking that he reminds me of a disagreeable old woman who lives in my block. She too has a face like a broken plate.

  7. Govet needs a fascinator on his heid to complete the amkeover.


    1. Perhaps Princess Tubby can let him have one of hers. I imagine she's the sort that would only wear anything once...

  8. Loved them all, Govey is a right ponce isn't he and such a disappointment to his parents. I heard this morning that to encourage those on sick pay there will be a reduction of £30 a week, fine if you have some sickness you can work with,not so good if it is terminal. Happened to a chap in my Husband's work. Poor guy had a brain tumour but the Medical Examiner declared nobody would retire on medical grounds on his watch. The chap died a couple of weeks after returning to work. I so love some of the so called medical profession, mind Shipman and Mengele were both doctors. They make IDS life easy or should it be IBS.

    1. IBS, yes, irritating bastard syndrome ... and that is soooo praising him.

      Repugnant man,