Thursday 2 July 2015




  1. That about sums it up, though the "Jocks" door can still be opened. They are trying to nail it shut, before we escape.

    1. Hopefully their nails will be as effective as most of the other things they do.

  2. We would love you all to go through it and slam it shut behind you , we are sick and tired of hearing the grating tiresome bellyaching of scotCH grievance mongers .

    1. Well, it's a weird place to come then, a blog that supports Scottish independence, don't you think?

    2. And we're rather tired of hearing about the 66 world cup. If you don't like what you read here, don't read it, it's your choice.
      By the way Scotch is a drink, not people from Scotland. Three hundred odd ( some very odd) years of a union and you still know us not.

    3. SCOTCH is perfectly grammatical, Scotch eggs Scotch pies, Scotch Whisky ,Scotch mist
      Scotch bellyachers

    4. "Scotch" eggs, Fortnum & Mason from London.
      "Scotch" pies are, well, just pies.
      "Scotch" mist, a Micky mouse fabrication, instead of saying the Scots Gaelic "smurgh" , meaning rain.
      Whisky is indeed "Scotch", so well done you.
      " bellyachers" is not a word, in English, nor Scots. A "sair kyte", would be the nearest approximation, in Scots.
      If you are indeed from England, I recommend Chaucer you may learn something, about your own heritage; thus learning to appreciate ours.


      You will see Anon, that your usage is obsolete.

  3. I don't like Steve Bell's cartoons, but I'll give him his due, he's nailed that one. Probably because it affects his precious Labour party and practically ensures they'll never have power to make laws in England ever again, rather than any care for "Jocks"

    1. Yes. I'm not sure if the Labour Party in the form of the wee blokey with the union jacket has quite grasped this.

      This law will effectively rule out labour government in the UK for 20 years and I'd think that the very best that any Scot can expect in government from now on will be SOS for Scotland...a non-job for a non-person.

      The Westlothian question was always going to haunt the silly devolution system, which highlighted the subservience of the fringe nations, but the way to solve it is an English parliament.

      They might consider that this would be a good time to do it, when they are about to spend £8 billion on their houses of parliament.

  4. Just as well wee Mags isn't still an M.P. otherwise the wee door marked Jocks would have to be renamed ... Furriners!

  5. Tris

    The second referendum gets closer everyday now. I think the 10 to 20 years idea for Ref2 might have been too pessimistic, it is coming sooner than that. Cameron has gotten his EVEL readu to go and Labour are too stupid to understand that the Tories effectively just ended their ever being a Labour Governemtn again, Labour might as well join with the Tories now. They will have if Kendall wins the poison chalise of Labour leadership. They should make a movie about the Fall and Fall and Fall of the Labour Party, how so few were suckered by a bit or ermine, some money and a pension. How the Labour Party betrayed the people.

    Hats off to Cameron, he suckered many in Scotland and all in Labour. England no effectively have the legal mandate to Govern the whole of the UK by the back door and for ever or until Scots wake up to the fact that it has be a YES and a pretty soon. I don't think even a change of heart by the Liberals and Labour on federalism would change anything, Cameron won.


  6. Arbroath (comment reply isn't working): I was just wondering if anyone had seen or heard of Maggie since she was sacked. I wonder if she's awaiting the call to the Lards?

    1. I certainly have not heard a pip(squeak) oot of her since her *ahem* re-deployment to the UNemployment ranks! LOL

      As if all this guff from the unionists aint enough Tris get a gander at this Muppet.

      A TORY M.P. complaining cause there are too many M.P.'s whose names begin Mc. LOL

      Dear Mr. Tory Bampot,

      I have a perfect solution to your *ahem* predicament.


      This simple but extremely effective measure will achieve a number of aims all in one fell swoop.

      1) David Cameroon wants to reduce the number of M.P.'s in House of Commons from 650 to 600 this simple measure can achieve MORE by removing 59 M.P.'s

      2) No one in House of Commons likes listening to those constantly winging Jocks this measure removes ALL winging Jocks at once.

      3) Philip Hollobone, MP for Kettering,complains that there are far too many M.P.'s in the House of Commons whose surnames start Mc Scottish Independence removes them all job done.


    2. There are 7 Mc or Mac in the SNP legion. Perhaps if he wants to get to vote first he should change his name by deed poll to Aaarshole.

      Works for the fringe program.

    3. Brilliant!!!!

  7. Bruce: I think we can safely say that for all we despise the man and what he stands for, Cameron played a blinder.

    First of all he suckered Big Clunking Gordon, who suckered the Scots for him.

    And he completely suckered Labour.

    Unless England votes Labour, which it rarely does, they can more or less forget ever forming a government or holding any positions of power again.

    How dim was that, Gordon?

  8. tris and the moaning minnies

    Although the snps MPs are vile ! vile ! vile ! and untrustworthy they are
    no more so than any other MP..the truth is your either an MP or not
    there is and never has been (till now ) a partial MP or second lower
    class MP.

    The snps MP are just as entitled to be as Odious as any other MP
    in the house. If the English MPs do not wish to share a house with
    foreign MPs then the answer is to have an English only parliament.

    seeing as that is the settled will of the Torys then they should just
    get on with it ..The pretense of Cameron et al in professing undying
    love and loyalty to the Union given their observable behavior is banal.

    In fact the Queen should accept the fact they are hell bent on destroying
    the Union and just ask them what they think they are up to ....


    The percentage of votes reliant on Scots MP average out at about 0.7% so
    not a big influence after all ...............
    anyway the antidote to Tory misrule is Tory misrule and we the people
    must suffer and endure till we throw them out..well they are of course in Scotland
    but they in the end will be everywhere else. Unfortunately its that learning time all
    over again.

    1. That hasn't happened, arguably, since the 70’s. Blair's government was Tory-lite, in the guise of "new" (and not so shiny) labour, dumping all socialist values as they triangulated to the right; in the hope Tories would vote for them, which to be fair to the git, they did.

      The present Tory crop, used fear of the Scots and Labours perceived inability to run the economy to win, and why go for Tory-lite; when you can have the real deal.

      Labour should realign it's self to the left, there are plenty of votes to be had in England for a truly progressive, inclusive, left leaning party. One that really DOES give a toss, for the poor, low waged, ill or disadvantaged.

      With the careerists, they have at present, that ain't gonna happen.

    2. I reckon that that is right, Jim, Niko.

      For the union to survive there has to be a left wing party in England, so that northerners and Scots will at least from time to time get the government they want to vote for. At the moment that option only exists in Scotland and to an extent Wales.

      Austerity doesn't work (except for some of the very rich). Never has and never will. You can't stimulate economic growth by taking buying power out of the economy. Eventually the English will get sick of it, and maybe with someone left of centre at its head Labour will have a chance. If they continue to be Tory-lite, then I can't see why anyone would be interested in their contribution. You may as well have the real deal.

      I suspect that the budget won't be as bas as has been leaked, and fool the public into the 'phew' factor, but I do seriously wonder how long this assault on ordinary people can go on before even the placid English will break.

      What did it take the last time...5 years ago? The police shot someone and refused to apologise, wasn't it?

      A hot August in London and a big mistake somewhere, and a load of people with almost nothing to lose being kicked in the teeth by some posh git like Osborne, is all that it takes.

      They really need to wake up. We may be indolent when it comes to taking action. but it has happened before. At least Mrs Tahtcher had the good common sense to try to keep the polis on-side when she hacked off the ordinary voter.

    3. By God, if there is such a thing; that's the third time this week, we three have been agreeable to one and other.
      Strange times, strange times indeed.

    4. LOL... Very odd...

  9. I think you nats should agree with Niko more often. He is, by far, the most impressive contributor to this blog and an example to us all!

    1. brownlie

      irony ? sarcasm ? or pish take ?

    2. What is your take on what John says Niko. Seems to me that Labour should rename themselves either the Abstention Party or Frightened to do anything Party. I mean come on they will have another five to ten years in the wilderness if not forever if they do not shape up. Don't they have a principle in their bodies. By then there will be no Union, even the most ardent follower of the New American Citizen, with a similar name to my own, will have cracked under the relentless pressure of the Elite,

    3. Helena

      I think the issue is amongst the Labour leadership contenders
      (but not Jeremy Corbyn ) is what principle do you want them
      to have on any given day . In England Jeremy Corbyn is considered a
      madman but in Scotland a reasonable fair minded man....

      therein lies the the Labour conundrum they actually ask what to believe in
      the Nationalist (wrongly ) have a belief and a cause which flows from the idea
      on the other hand Labour it seems would like to co-opt the Tory agenda or most
      of it.

      To many SPADS and political careerists who have never and will never experience
      ordinary peoples lived lifes and so are unable to relate or truly understand or even
      want to .

      They say Jeremy Corbyn gets the most positive response and applause
      from Labour supporters and activists wherever he speaks . And yet is
      the one most certain not to be chosen speaks volumes on Labour's present

    4. Niko,

      irony? me? sarcasm? me? pish take? me? certainly not, I have to look hard but I can usually find a diamond in your dross. This blog would certainly not be the same without you. BTW I hope things are well with you?

    5. Yes. Niko. That's right.

      I remember being fascinated by Blair in his early days as leader. After years of Thatcher, and Major, he was a breath of fresh air. A real person.

      Of course he wasn't really, he just came over as a real person but I was too naive to see that. After all, he'd been to Fettes and Oxford...what was real about that in everyday terms?

      But when he got the job, we discovered that he wasn't at all real and he wasn't in the least "labour".

      I think they have been lost since then. I really don't know what they stand for and neither do they. I can't see how Corbyn and Skinner can be in the same party as Straw and Balls. I can understand that a party like the SNP whose main aim is independence fro Scotland might and does, attract people from all over the political sphere. I know ex Tories who are members, and I know ex socialist, Liberals and even a communist, bless him. What binds them together is independence.

      Surely to be in a Labour Party you have to believe in socialism?

      Like you I keep on hearing cheers from crowds when Corbyn speaks and a total lack of interest in any of the others, whose names escape me they are so dull...the health guy, the home affairs woman and some mad right winger.... but I'll eat Paddy Ashdown's hat if Jeremy's the next leader.

      In Scotland there's just no choice in the possibles. One of them is a fantasist living in cloud batty land, one minute agreeing with everything Jim Murphy says, and now the anti establishment figure, no experience and a whiny voice...and about as anti establishemnt as Prince Charles. And the other one has already conceded defeat to the SNP at the next election... Hells teeth.

      The Deputies are even worse... Utterly unmemorable, but include one bloke whom his fellow councillors are trying hard to get rid of, and who has ordered the frighteners to be put on dissenters.

      I simply don't know how they can recover unless they clear out the dross. The Spads you talk about. People like McTernan and McDougall... clueless about our lives...actually clueless about anything it seems (dossier on Nat abuse, when your people are at it at least as bad, if not worse, and it's your big idea as the chancellor announces cuts to inwork benefits?).

      Too many careerists that don't know or care about how people actually live.

      They should spend the next year or two trying to get some decent people to stand for them; people who come from the communities that "Glasgow Man" lives in (or Liverpool or Tyneside man), ditch all this pro nukes, anti people nonsense of the likes of Rachel Reeves, and get on with being the party of the ordinary person...whether that ordinary person is working in Tesco or on a building site or in a garage or is unemployed, retired on a just manageable income or sick...

      No one represents these people outside of Scotland now.

  10. john brownlie at play

    1. You getting that mixed up. That's not John, that's Blair shooting nats.

    2. Niko, I would never harm another living creature - not even IDS!

    3. John, I'm afraid I'm not in your gang............regards, Ronnie.

  11. Has the sign 'closed' fallen off the door marked, 'Jocks'?

    1. Either that or they didn't bother to put hinges on the door... after all the votes don't count anyway, so why bother?

  12. John: Not sure IDS qualifies in all respects as a living creature...

    1. I can think of plenty of descriptions, none suitable for family viewing.......

  13. Just back from a week in sunny Dorset, so brain is slightly pickled (from prickly heat not alcohol!).

    Read through the comments, and Tris' one about Blair struck a wee chord.

    Politics always needs a breath of fresh air, no matter what party is in power. The problem the Tory's had before Blair was that they had been in power too long. Apathy and arrogance set it, precisely what happened to Labour in Scotland this year. Even if Labour had had a strong leader in Westminster, I still think the SNP would have made significant gains, because it was (to me anyway) a case of the "same old".