Wednesday 3 June 2015


So this is life for some Brits
And this is life for others
And justice for public servants is dependent on class
We take rather different attitudes to who can break rules and who can't.
And some people face this embarrassment...
...whist others are just this embarrassing.


  1. Rees-Mogg should try and stay in a high rise in Leith for a month without the comfort of his wealth, or the moral* support of his nanny.

    Who I presume has a pension funded by his wealth.


  2. He's hilarious. The MP for the 18th century.

    There was a trend a few years ago of people like him going to live in slums with families that were struggling.

    I seem to recall one of the tv companies even made a programme with MPs doing it, including Nad the Mad.

    The trouble is it is short lived for them. Rven if it lets them see some of the problems that poor people face, they know that next week they will be out of it.

    They need to spend a year living in a slum, on the now famous £53 that IDS could easily live on per week.

    Mind after his Sunday morning breakfast at £39, the fat git would be doing some serious slimming.

  3. Replies
    1. Incredible. Hungry kids and no one prepared to do anything.

      I noticed the footnote:

      "Homeless people could be fined up to £1,000 for sleeping in doorways near popular tourist spots, under new rules launched by a London council."

      Now that makes a lot of sense. I'm wondering just how many homeless people will be able to pay a £1000 fine... and will be be illegal for some decent person to pay it for him or her?

      McDonalds won't serve people if they look like they are homeless and indeed refused to serve a girl who said she was buying food for a homeless person. May they get what they deserve for that.

      Marks and Spencer will sell you food for homeless people, I can affirm. At least the store in Gallagher Shopping centre Dundee does. And they make a nice toastie!

  4. tris / conan

    Listen to Mogg on t wireless arguing about the human rights act he was roundly
    slaughtered by any right minded person........he still thought he was incredibly right it
    matched his incredible smugness .

    As for sanctions etc the UK regions thereof voted for a harsher crueler more
    brutal unfair world and Cameroon will keep to their word and impose it on the people,
    well the weak etc.............but as they say its only a revolution when it eats its own children
    and soon enough many who voted for pain on others will be on the receiving end themselves.

    "A l'exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants"

    1. I was thinking of you earlier when Cameron and the rest of the Torys were going on about 'aspiration' just like yourself.

    2. ch

    3. Just because the Tory party take inspiration from your blog there is no need for insults as you'll spoil your chances in promotion to his SPAD.

    4. Et maintenant en français, Niko! Ca m’a beaucoup impressionné ! Félicitations !

      Rees Mogg is one of these people the British parliament couldn’t do without. I expect Bporis is too.

      If nothing else they give us all a lot to laugh about.

      Boris, however may one day soon be a much more dangerous loonie than Rees Mogg.

  5. What about when he praised the SNP benches for their level of deportment (suits and ties) wtf was he expecting, Rab C Nesbitt?

    1. Yeah, he didn't know that we had clothes in Scotland. He thought we painted out faces blue and hung tartan skirts around our nether regions.

    2. Aye Tris, if they had to suffer our weather they would know we need more than woad on our faces and a bit of wool round the bottom to keep warm, mind we always think they are astonished we have street lights and a sewer system, seeing we did not benefit from Roman Occupation like what they did.
      On the subject of the unwritten rules for DWP personnel, well we have all worked in places where some things are never put into writing but it is assumed you will act accordingly, those who can will do their level best to circumvent the system without becoming a victim themselves but with the toadies watching it is sometimes very difficult and without personal wealth you could become another of those sanctioned, sadly.
      I hate to point the finger but if the Unions had held Labour's feet to the fire over reinstituting Worker's Rights we would have had a better starting or maybe stopping point, alas they did nothing. So here we are. Good luck to those fining the homeless for sleeping in doorways, prison will be warmer than and a decent meal will be supplied, which is more than freedom seems to be worth today.

    3. My short time in the Jobcentre made me realise that, for the management, "targets" and "profiles" are all important. I remember the business manager asking me if I would phone a local employer (who used us for recruitment and took on quite a lot of people on short term contracts) and ask them if they would take on some more before the end of the month, because she was down on her profile!

      Needless to say I told the silly bitch to get lost.

      Frankly I doubt if, by 2020, there will be any workers' rights...

  6. I actually like Rees-Mogg, He's more self-depreciating than most people appreciate. I'd accept him as a constituency MP rather some of the more chinless wonders in Parliament.

    Job Centre are a joke. Several years ago I was off work long term illness (nearly died!). Was applying for any job going (not proud). Job Centre said excellent job going at factory, well paid assembly work with technical components. Went to the interview. It was for a bloody packing job. Manager said I was wasting my time and he complained to the Job Centre for doing so.

    Tris, I used to work for a specialist recruitment charity and the Job Centre were always phoning me, not understanding the particular niche I was dealing with, so I understand your annoyance.

    1. I think he's amusing, but he does belong in another world from the one we live in. The idea that Lords should have the right to good quality champagne because of their "rank" is a bit 1950. Come to that most of them are unpleasant little nyaffs like ffoulkes. Morrison's own brand would do for them.

      The pressure on front line staff for what JC+ call "submissions (subs)" is very great. As an employer I've been astounded at the inappropriateness of some people they send along.

      The thing is that most employers don't complain about useless subs, and the clerk reaches his targets, and the only people who are inconvenienced are the poor unemployed person and the employer.

      I'm glad you got better!!!

  7. Why does the 'let them eat cake' come to mind as William prattles on like a dandy?

    1. Because it's appropriate, I guess....

      But we know what happened just after a certain french royal too that attitude.

      "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"

      "Que nous coupons la tête de madame et son mari!"