Sunday 7 June 2015


I know this is a long piece, but it is worth the time to watch and listen to just how corrupt the English legal system and the British Establishment is. Bonus it's produced and narrated by the brilliant is Keith Allen (of Sheriff of Nottingham fame).


  1. Tris

    Certainly interesting but we will never know. However, as we have seen with the Birmingham 6 and the Gilford 4, even more recent defeats on the DWP regarding the attacks on the poor, disabled and vulnerable, this country is corrupt and I would not put anything past this country in protecting what it feels are it's interests. As we have seen with the SNP and the anti Scottish bile coming from the media and from parts of Westminster, there are people in this country who will never tolerate their view of the natural order in this country being disrupted or changed. I sometimes wonder if it had been a YES vote last year what kind of protection AS would have needed, it would have been unreal. I also suspect that the EU vote will be a battle between an elite few and my money is on the right wing no side to come very very close to winning that fight if they decide they want out of Europe.

    The Windsor's and everything they stand for I have no time for, life is a fairy tale game to them, or so it seems. Today we are plastered with photos of the next rulers over us, at a time when we see that poverty is limiting the life chances of children and young people all over this country we see two children, through no fault of their own, who will have the very best of everything at mostly our expense with little regard for millions of children all over this horrid UK who live in poverty and hand to mouth. It makes me sick that we have put up with this rubbish for as long as we have and you have to wonder what will be the tipping point because there has to be one.

    We need massive change in this country, from election reform, the ending of the HoL, fair taxation to the break up of the corrupt media including the BBC. I always thought that it would never get worse than Thatcher but she was just the start of the process and I suspect we are far from the end of it. We really need to wake up and while I am no longer a member of the SNP I really hope that they stick to their guns, but I have been disappointed that they haven't challenged the slap down over protocol they have received in the disgusting Westminster Palace. Some people might think that the protocol is the least of our problems but I believe that they are heart of our problems, if we continue to accept the age old rule of the few in this country then nothing will ever really change. Yes we might be noisy in parliament but we will make no impact if we continue to accept the old ways. People need to continue to be informed and sometimes to do that we have to put our necks on the line and challenge everything that has the bad smell about it, and that includes the broken and corrupt system of Westminster Government and the state.

    Just my rants that few will take seriously but I know that I have had enough of this shit.

    Thanks as always and sorry for the language.


    1. I'm not a conspiracy theorist fan, but I have always understood that the royals would not have wanted the future kings mother to marry a Muslim, or for the kings half brother to be half Egyptian.

      I must admit I didn't realise Philip had Nazi connections, or that he had had "relations" with Maggie (although I suppose I should have guessed) or with Alexandra.

      I wouldn't put anything past that lot, or the establishment that doesn't want to rock the boat becasue there is serious power and money and position for them in sticking with being on message.

      The whole lot are corrupt beyond belief adn British fair play is a figment of people's febrile imaginations. They are about as fair as a rainy day in the Brazilian jungle.

      You're always good for a rant Bruce :)

    2. I think it's good that you can let off steam here. A lot of other blogs don't allow it, in case it detracts from whatever focus they have.

      I don't agree with everything you say Bruce. And I don't believe there was any conspiracy to kill Diana. The problem is that she was simply too high profile. 100 years ago, yes, very possible. But not even then when there are cameras everywhere. Too many people would need to be involved. And if she married Dodi it would not have affected the succession anyway.

      I agree that corruption runs through the so-called establishment. But Salmond himself can be economical with the truth (ie legal advice on Europe). It's not a hanging offence, and compared to some of the porkies we've seen in the past - most recently by a certain Mr Carmichael - it is very minor. The SNP are becoming the establishment in Scotland, and have to be bloody careful they don't fall into the trap of power and privilege. Remember, a politician's first loyalty is to their constituents, not the party, a fact that many Westminster residents forget.

      The unfortunate thing is that nowadays you need money to influence politicians. A few hundred years ago a big sword was far more effective. Wave a big cheque at any of the parties, and you become their friend.

      I'm ranting now!

    3. That's strange that you don't believe in the Diana conspiracy yet you believe on the smearing of Salmond based on a media vendetta whose inability to listen to what he actually said and would rather interpret them to suit there agenda. Nowt so strange as folk.

    4. Well, yeah ...anyone can have a rant here, whether I agree with them or not. And like you with Bruce, I don't agree with everything that you said. Just for example, all the cameras appear to have been "out of order" or switched off, which was convenient.

      I think too that money always was important... Ourt own hopeless situation in 1707 wouldn't have come about had the king not been able to bribe the lords with estates and money.

      Wings did an analysis of Salmond's EU information only in the last few days.It might be worth a read...

      Anyway, rant on on here all you like., The rants are invariably better than than the posts we put up!!!


      Anon...there's the piece from Wings.

    6. I've read Wing's (Wings'?? - hate punctuation) piece.

      I'll put my hands up - he didn't lie.

      But he could have answered it in a clearer way, since he knew how the media will misinterpet his answers.

      But I still don't believe Diana was killed by some conspiracy.Too many individuals to be involved, and the more people in on a secret, the more likely the facts will leak.

    7. LOL Wings', I suspect.

      I take that point about too many people having to know.

      But we didn't know that the Americans, French and English secret services were bugging her...

      On balance I still say there are too many unanswered questions; too many top people lied; no one from the royals was questioned; too many "fortunate coincidences" (stuff going missing, body pumped full of something that made further PM impossible, cameras not working,...

      And the facts that a Muslim brother to the king would have been a step too far, and the fact that the British state is utterly corrupt.

      We'll never know... just like we'll never know how many of the really top people are implicated in child scandals.

      If we did the whole stinking edifice would tumble down, and far to many important people would go with it. It won't be allowed. No matter what they have to do to keep it secret.

  2. Haven't watch the video yet but the aftermath stank of establishment corruption just like Locherbie.

    #LeftScotland 006: Is The UK Really a Democracy?

    1. It's worth a watch CH.

      I'm not sure that everything in it adds up. I watched it with a friend and we took it to pieces after, but there is a very great deal of the state's story that doesn't add up.

      And the Americans and the French seem to have been working the the UK secret services on tapping Diana's phone.

      A British monarch with a Muslim brother, albeit half brother was something they weren't wanting at all.

      Certainly there were a lot of lies and there were a lot of helpful coincidences of things not working etc...

      Stephen is always great. Thanks I liked that!

  3. Bruce,

    The outcome of the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4 are probably two things:

    That the system is not corrupt, and,

    That the death penalty would have fucked up any chance of justice.

    So, I am more relaxed about that than you are.

    However the attack on ECHR is ridiculous.

    There is a ratchet effect at work in the UK. Y'know, a ratchet can only tighten, it can never release. And that is where we are with the Theresa May's of this world. Sadly, mail readers believe it is all in their own best interests.

    It is also astonishing that something as good and wholesome, like freshly baked bread, is rubbished by the press and our beloved government. Someone once said that "the way we treat immigrants is the way the government would like to treat the rest of us.". And folk from firth these shores? Evil, unless billionaires who are saints come to save us all. Because you and I and tris have all got to slot into an appropriate little box so they can categorise us and assign us and decide whether we are good (box-sized) or evil (probably spherical). I believe that to be true. They wish to flatten any individuality or independence of thought whatsoever.

    The business of governance is to limit us for reasons that are opaque to me.

    They are frightened, perhaps rightly, that if people thought for themselves they would see the whole superstructure of mind control as just wrong. And, perhaps demolish it. It is classic Cui Bono is it not? If your mortgage depended on perpetuating a lie, how easily would you be persuaded that it wasa lie?

    But advertising works and the greatest advertisers are Coca-Cola and HMG are they not?

    Rant mode off.

    1. Douglas

      I used these examples as they were only released because the Police mistakenly gave evidence to their lawyers. Without those mistakes all would have died in jail. The corruption would never have been uncovered.


    2. Bruce,

      You give zero credit to Chris Mullin for investigating nor to Douglas Hurd for referring a case back, which suggests that not everyone is evil. Although the case was still lost the cause was not.

      The villain in the story is Dr Frank Skuse, the forensic scientist that went beyond the science to make damning statements in court. Without his evidence no conviction would have been possible.

      The problem with justice (or the lack of it) is that it grinds exceedingly slow.

  4. tris,

    You say in the second post:

    "I'm not a conspiracy theorist fan, but I have always understood that the royals would not have wanted the future kings mother to marry a Muslim, or for the kings half brother to be half Egyptian.

    I must admit I didn't realise Philip had Nazi connections, or that he had had "relations" with Maggie (although I suppose I should have guessed) or with Alexandra.

    You appear to be replying to a vacuum. Bruce has either edited his post or GCHQ are onto us!

    1. Oops, see where you were coming from now!

    2. LOL Douglas... that's probably more than I do.:)

  5. If you think you are going to have a car accident why would you travel without wearing your seatbelt? That bit does not add up and has never added up to me. The driver survived, with injuries, because he was the only one wearing a seatbelt.

    1. The body guard survived, and he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

      Having a seatbelt might not have done any good. High speed impacts have a tendency to cause aortic dissocation, seatbelt or not.

    2. Did they not say that the rear seatbelts weren't working?

    3. BTW... Muscle, time you were writing more. That';s a smart blog you have.