Monday 8 June 2015




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    1. Hard to imagine that we were so half witted, but I suspect we won't be again.

      You certainly know you've not got the most powerful devolved government in the world when you have to get permission from Fluffy Muddle and an unelected aristocrat for any changes you wish to enact.

    2. "Hard to imagine that we were so half witted, but I suspect we won't be again."

      I wish I could agree with that Tris, I thought that of the people of Scotland prior to the referendum that they wouldn't be fooled again after the siren call of Alex Douglas Hume telling us in 1979 to vote no and the toadies will give us something better, in spite of that being a palpable lie the clowns STILL believed the next lie that Scotland would get "the nearest thing to home rule"

      No Tris it doesn't matter how many times we warn them, they'll still insist on sticking that knitting pin in the power socket,

      people have the memory of a goldfish
      once round the bowl hmm nice wallpaper
      second time round the bowl hmm nice wallpaper
      third time round the bowl hmm nice wallpaper,

      nope the only way we're ever going to break the groundhog day cycle is devolved control over broadcasting and have a wild stab at how likely that is to happen anytime this side of hell freezing over?

      you might have guessed from my post I'm more than a little bit peeved at the

  2. That dog's face says it all, we have a tendency to grab defeat from the jaws of victory, do it in everything, seems the only way we learn. Maybe the next time will not be so easy for the Union, who have they to fight in their corner now, some English MP's, Fluffy and his Labour sidekick the opp Sec of State for Scotland,, aye that would work.

    1. We surely won;t be taken in again. If we are we deserve everything we end up with for being a set of thickos!

  3. What a picture Tris.

    Laughing but it;s a bitter sweet laugh. We know we have fallen for it before.

    Still it's a cracking expression from the pooch. Cheered me up along with Nicola in the USA .

    And the sun is trying to shine so hope there too. How good does it get eh ??

    1. Aye Richy. It is indeed bitter-sweet...

      Outr Nicola is putting Scotland on the American map. I can only imagine she is doing immeasurable good over there.

      I just drove back home in the sunshine there adn the temperature was reading 19 C...

      First time this year...


  4. I didn't fall for it, I voted YES. And will do so again and again and again, till such a time comes when the majority of the people of Scotland join me. It's only a matter of time, I just wish we made it the first time.

    1. Och Jimnarlene, we know we did not fall for it, but some did. I like you, am sure sooner rather than later we will be independent, I told someone that on the Guardian this morning and said that their behaviour will drive it through.

  5. Just watched the remainder of the Daily Show on Wings,our girl done more than good, she is cool and unflappable and best of all likeable and normal which in a politician is almost unheard of. On my doggy front, routine visit to the Vet for a check up on his previous cataract op had unforeseen consequences, high pressure in his other eye. More drops and more worry. Ah well, we will have them.

  6. When a politician says "I promise"....... , well, we know what they mean.

    It's like that favourite expression used by Heads of Government and football club owners:

    "They have my full confidence", a comment as welcome as someone telling you it is your lucky day.

    1. True. Whee I hear "I have full confidence", I always wonder what they are going to do in retirement!

  7. tris and the other nat fantasists

    No they didnt fall for it they thought about it mulled it over and then freely decided
    to stick with the Union...............And I'll tell you this they will do it all again I dont care
    how much support the snp get when it comes to a yes no ending the Union many of those
    who vote for the snp will vote no and then come out of the ballot and scream we wuz robbed'

    Cos being honest a lot of so called nat support is only a slimy cowardly way of
    attempting to have the best of both worlds..Stay in the Glorious Union and at the same time
    get a bunch of muppets to try to get as much out of th Barnet formula as possible and then
    just as they did to Alex at the final hurdle vote against him.

    My fervent belief is in the so called nat surge there is a great big chunk of bandwagon
    riders who have no intention of ever joining the nats on the UKexit train and the truth
    is as much as consider the extremist views nats such as tris . conan..brownlie etc I
    accept their beliefs as deeply held and sincere if also wrong.

    But i absolutely hold in contempt the tossers in the pretendy yes camp of which there many.

    1. Just like the pretendy socialist tossers, in the Labour party; northern accounting unit included.

    2. So you admit that they believed something the Tories said?

  8. What we are seeing now is a direct result of the No vote in the referendum when we handed the Westminster establishment the right to continue deciding our future.
    We did this in the full knowledge that there was a probability that England would elect yet another Tory government to make these decisions on our behalf.
    How stupid was that?
    Scots must now,surely even the brain dead Labour voters,realise that when you allow England to decide how things are going to be in Scotland our interests and aspirations are completely ignored.
    What union?

    1. Exactly. They are never more confident of their superiority than when they have just been given a vote of confidence. It's our fault they got that.

  9. Going to get slaughtered here, but what the hell......

    It's a bit of an illusion to assume that the vow was the main reason that made the No voters decide which way to vote.

    I voted Yes, but only after months of indecision. My reason was it couldn't be any worse than the status quo, so why not grab the opportunity. Neither side made convincing enough arguments for me to make a decision early. Milliband suddenly being interested in Scotland made an impact however, towards Yes.

    The Vow was a panic reaction to a poll. But it probably only swung the undecided voters. There is now way that it made a huge impact.

    1. I think you're right about the vow, it was more about the years of lies and telling Scots that they are worthless, by omitting Scots history from School; it was England's history and glorious empire that generations were taught. Most of which doesn't show Scotland in a good light, but as second to our southern neighbour. This will take time to overcome.

    2. You wont get slaughtered. You need to go to Bella and argue for free market economics for that :) .

      I would tend to slightly agree that neither "side" made convincing arguments. No made no positive argument at all, and Yes were a little naive. However the argument for is convincing. It was the reading of lots of articles and blogs. Poring over statistics and analysis by people with no interest in the outcome. Articles about Panamanian banking still stick in my mind. In short doing my own homework which turned me from a heart Yes/ heid naw into an active Yes campaigner. It was not the participating "sides" who led me there at all. I had to get there on my own.

      There is now no doubt at all in my mind that independence is clearly in the interest of all of us. We have to continue to campaign, and keep up the fight. Many former colonies fought for decades to get out of the empire. We lost round 1. We kind of know that in the end that was down to demographics. But when the referendum was called ( for political reasons ) it was probably a dead duck - and even Eck knew that. Now we know its just a matter of time. I met - and know now - many people who have campaigned for 50 years for independence. They never gave up. We are going to be independent. Be in no doubt.

    3. Anon, as someone who has never doubted that Scotland had all the things required to be an independent country it bothers me that people here have so little confidence. For heavens sake there are people in the depths of Africa arguing to run their own bit of sand.
      Modern Countries such as ours should realise that to let another country run them is to see them languish at the back. Countries are businesses nowadays and have been since 1707. The English Government at that time managed to get hold of the Scottish Trade at a very cheap price, they have held onto it for their own benefit since. It is no mistake that Scottish Industry was being destroyed by Thatcher, if it does not serve the "British" State it can go to hell.
      You could say I am one who has argued for independence since I was 18, probably younger but by then I knew what I believed. This year I am 68. Please let me see my Country become a member of the World of Nations, we are an old state and it broke my heart to see that the people of Scotland should sell themselves and their country so cheap.

    4. Helena, I don't have a lack of confidence in the country as a whole to be independent. But I have serious concerns about some of our politicians. There are very few I trust. Added to that is the impact in jobs, and there will be an impact in the early stages. It's all well and good to say there would be some pain, but it is of no comfort if you are the one who is impacted. The Yes camp was naïve in these respects.

      I'm still keen on independence, but I don't want a charge at the gates in a couple of years, because it will fail.

      The SNP need to focus on government for a bit, especially with Education. Standards are falling and the Scottish Government cannot keep blaming Westminster.

      Anon, I know Bella and never post there!

    5. Really interesting arguments. Thanks.

      You don't get slaughtered here for genuine arguments.

      Id just say that I can;t think of one thing that we do here (and there is much that is not perfect) that is better done in England.

      Yes, our education is poor compared with most of Europe, and much of the world, but England's mess of schools and some of the things you read about attainment there are far worse than here.

      And health is the same. Heaven knows I wish we had a French style health service (the best in the world according toe WHO), but I'm bloody glad I don't have to live in England and put up with theirs.

      Privatised police and probation, removal of basic liberties...etc. Nope, I wouldn't want to live in England with nothing to protect me from teh Tories and no effective opposition in Labour, a bunch of complete turncoats if you ask me.

  10. I think age demographics had quite a lot to do with how and why Scotland disgraced itself before the world Sep 18 last year. I've read more than once that 68% of oap's or over 60's voted no.

    I know that most if not all of them are brainwashed but still can't quite get what gives them the idea that it's ok for them to hold everyone else back, including their children and especially grandchildren. Fuck em.