Sunday 21 June 2015


He should join the progressives on that bench.
He's so out of place in Labour.
Hold the front page. Jackie Baillie lied.
Pretty much sums up the London Government
Hi there Dave.
THIS is the BIG SOCIETY and we want a word with you.
"Man" might be a bit flattering in this case.
Well, OK, a lot flattering.
Remind me, why is he the secretary of state?
Oh yeah... Duh.
Back to their old tricks.
English Labour is hiring staff for Scottish Labour.
How fraternal.
Well, at least one part of their government listens.
Like that's gonna happen. Give up a seat in the big boys' club?
There'd be no point in being a politician unless you could shmoose Obama and be seen in the White House.
Talking of which...d'you remember how proud Dougie Alexander was
when he was there with Miliband. Awwww.
They have Michael. They just can't contemplate obscurity
Well, old boy, they're British. It's quite different from being foreign
don't you know. What!

 If you can't work that out you dumbass,
I'm not sure you should be let out alone.
Isn't that place falling down? Wouldn't it be dreadful if it slid into the Thames with all these fine people in it?
Thank goodness that these great minds are pouring over the legislation, picking out all the flawzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Just shows what a meritocracy the UK is though.
Even oinks like this long haired beardy rebel
can get his fat butt on a red bench
for being a greasy 
establishment lick-spittle .

Got it.
Move parliament to Buckingham Palace
and find a council house for the Windsors.

That pretty much sums it up.
So yeah, Francis, Scotland is on it.

Yep, of course you will, but no one believes anything you lot say
any more, so take your millions and sod off.
Thank goodness you're nothing to do with our policing. It's in enough of a mess without your interference.


  1. Right where to start, Denis Skinner may have had no beef with the MP's who allegedly pinched his seat ( his seat surely not) but I have a beef with him on his voting record for our first referendum on Devolution in 1979, is he eally anti Scots or he has mellowed over the years? Thought that was a fair comment on Labour joining the anti Austerity March, the party who says, what the hell is austerity.
    Loved the T-shirt which said GCHQ the only part of the Government listening, so true.
    Liked the bit about the auld woman and the pack of dogs with the family who do no work.
    Someone should tell Pope Francis that the Unions have done nothing for a very long time about protecting not only their membership but society as a whole.
    Theresa May, now we really want nothing to do with her, our Police Force is better than what is being allowed in England.

    1. Dennis made that point in an interview. it's not his seat. As he said, there is seating for 350 people and there are 650 people. Who would organise something that way?

      Certainly unions here have done very little for people for quite a while, specially since they were hobbled by the Tahtcher woman. But they have done in the past, and in Scotland with a government prepared to listen to them, they may do in the future.

    2. Well I hope so as long as they can get passed the SNP are not the Labour Party bit. Used to be first in Nalgo then Unison, got sick to death of having to fight other Shop Stewards with regard to my membership, I had office staff and supervisory staff and the latter were always in trouble with someone. Gave up in the end when I could not get any support for a member who was actually being fitted up by a labourer who was shocked when the member gave in, he thought he was in for a fight and loads of money, the little git ended up the worst for it, the girlfriend who I am sure had more brains than he did shoved him out when she got the money. I gave up on Unions then and never went back even when I was in the NHS, the shop steward there wanted me to take over, there wasn't a chance. I still believe that if the Unions get away from Labour, they stand a chance of doing some good.

    3. I'm not always a huge union fan either, Helena, but there is no doubt that had there not been unions... and the Labour Party... we'd never have had the period in our history when working people had a voice. It came and it's declining now, but that we had it at all is down to Labour adn the unions.

      Pity they have come to where they are. Let's hope there is a revival in Scotland.

    4. I have a huge problem forgiving anyone who voted to deny the legitimacy of the 1979 referendum result. If the 51.3% majority vote had been respected, Scotland would already be independent, and indeed would have been independent for decades by now.

  2. As yes IDS. I don't care if his parents were married, he's still an utter bastard!

    Says he could live on £53 per week but on a salary of c£134k (Cabinet members get twice an MP's salary), he charged the taxpayer £39 for a BREAKFAST! Never mind a full English, that's sounds like a full Europeon. Didn't he also charge the taxpayer for his underpants?

    Furthermore he took 6 months paid leave as an MP after a cancer diagnosis. Not his diagnosis mind you, his wife had breast cancer. A worrying time for them both I've no doubt. But at least they didn't need to worry about money. His taxpayer funded salary kept rolling in.

    And given she used to work for his office, no doubt her taxpayer funded salary kept rolling in too. Quite rightly in her case, all sick people should get paid sick leave. Their spouese not so much and particularly not those who remove benefits from others.

    I'll end as I started, bastard.

    1. Too right Panda Paws, other people had to continue to work whilst their spouses attended hospital etc. The biggest critics are those who are two faced bastards.

    2. Calling him a bastard is an utter insult to bastards.

      I actually can;t think of anything that he could be compared to without causing wide offence to whatever it was...slugs, worms, snakes...

      He seems to be a compulsive liar and, despite failing at, and lying about, everything he has ever done, he still seems to get on. What does he know about important people?

    3. Sick pay, what is that? I have to use my holidays for hospital visits and such like. I live in constant fear of an illness that would stop me working for a few months.

    4. Jeez Jutie...where do you work?

    5. In a firm with no sick pay scheme and no pension plan. I'll be working till i drop. I've upped my smoking to try and die of a heart attack rather than lose my house and live in poverty. :-)

    6. I feel you're pain Juteman, I'm self employed, no: holidays, sick pay or pension. Every £ a prisoner but, feck it. I still look after my family and try to help others, I don't matter they do.
      It's still a saire fecht though.

    7. It's not right in 2015... never mind a sair fecht.

  3. Tris

    I must admit I have never found Dennis Skinner to be anything more than a champaign socialist in many ways. He has enjoyed a life that many would die for but when did he ever take a real stand for anything. I just don't care what he has to say about anything anymore, as I do Labour. Westminster will be rebuilt and it will cost a fortune, I would move it north, Birmingham or something but it won't happen . They will have their London at whatever cost, what's another 7 billion in cuts to pay for it. Makes a person sick. As we have agreed before, we live in a disgusting horrid country.


    1. I've read his book. He had a hard start, but was a really clever man. He won a scholarship, and although they tried to persuade him not to go to the posh school, he went.

      I don;t think he's really in the champagne socialist stakes Bruce...that's the Blairs and Kinnocks, etc...

      I think he was so wrong over Scotland, but in other ways he's worth a hundren Browns, and 10 billion Blairs.

    2. I don;t actually give a stuff where they build their stupid parliament. I'd just let them stay where they are until it falls in on them and slides into the river.

      But you can rest assured that nothing but the best will be put there for them.

      I expect it will cost 15 to 20 billion in the end.

      And I imagine that they will have to virtually stop all benefits to pay for it.

  4. Was going to comment on all the pics, but IDS is going to get both barrels.

    My wife went through breast cancer treatment. Things are better but we are in a waiting game as it has a high chance of recurrence as there are no drug treatments for her type. I have no option for six months paid leave, so why did this patronising bastard get it? The Government cannot provide for everyone, of that I am well aware. But those most able to support themselves are the ones who seem to be getting the support.

    1. I think he just took it.

      They have no employers. No one can sack them. it was despicable. In fact i thought it was nearer a year he took. it's ok for him, but h'll sanction someone for being 2 minutes late at jobcentre. 'Bastard' praises him.

      I'm really sorry to hear about your wife. I sincerely hope there will be no recurrence.

    2. Tris,

      I fully support the decision he took to look after his wife, but not at the expense of the taxpayer, particularly as he's not short of a bob or two.

      I can think of a much shorter word to describe him.

    3. If everyone could do that, then I would support it fully. He took advantage of a system that paid them both while they did nothing.

      So can I, but I'll not use it here.

  5. Do you think, Mr Darling remembers that march? Did he believe in it, or was he just a scheming bastert all along?

    1. Who knows what he remembers. It seems to me that when they have that transfusion to replace their red blood with blue stuff, they seem to wipe their memories too.