Thursday 9 October 2014


That's what they promised after all...
BETTER Together... but...
But we still have this highwayman robber
taking from the poor to give to the rich.
And we still have this load of wastrels
Look at them sleeping all day on our money
for three times the money the average
pensioner gets in a week
We still have him, worst of all possible luck...
And we still have this one...
although not for much longer I suspect
Ah IDS. What more can we say?
No one in their right minds would want him,
except on November 5.
We still have the banksters
650 of them to keep!!!
Let's cut their allowance to £71.
Including this pond life...
And the so called "Labour Party"
And everything we say is being observed...
Hi Tessy, you old bat!
Back to the 1860s?
It may not have to be paid in Scotland, but we still have to
 find the money for it.
We had to plead with an Aristocrat prat to be allowed
to do that with our own money
Oooops... we still have her English branch
who want to do away with
human rights. Embarrassing Ruthie.
Well, we'll never be rid of her...
The world will never be rid of her
A bit like 
We still have this loonie. And we are probably
going to have more of him
... and these thieving bastards
Good question.
Only for use in Asda. They'd die on the spot.
Imagine people like them having to eat ASDA food.
Oh yes and we still have them.
They are even bigger scroungers than the MPs and lords
£30,000 for a return flight for two?
Who's taking the mickey?


  1. You know the thing that really tickles me about this smart card shite Tris? It's te idea that those on the least amount of money will have to go to ASDA or TESCO to use the bloody card to buy their messages. Now you can call me pedantic here if you like but how the hell is anyone supposed to get to ASDA or TESCO to use the bloody card if they can NOT afford the damned bus fare to get to the bloody stores in the first place?

    As you well know Tris, I am no intellectual but JEEZ even I could have worked out that in order to use this shite card the user is going to need to pay for their bloody bus fare! What the hell does this bastard think is going to happen here? Oh I'm just going down to ASDA dear to use my new smart card. Don't worry about getting there or coming back I'll ask that very nice bus driver just to put the fare on my tab! USELESS MUPPET!

    1. The only thing that 'orrible excuse of a human being IDS worries about Tris is what he can claim on his next fat expenses claim form. To call IDS human is immoral and a total misuse of the word human.

      I'd love to see that piss head Charley Farley and the back end of a horse try and live off of IDS's latest wheeze!

  2. I've always known the UK was a shithole, run by a bunch of fekin chancers; but these bastards really know how to fek the system. To enrich them selves and enslave the masses. Is this what the NAE sayers wanted, you fekin bet it was; only thing was the hoi polloi fell for it.

    1. Well, we as Scots, seemed to think that a bunch of thieving bastards, wars with selected middle eastern peoples and bombs so that our glorious thieving leaders can get to pretend that Britain is an imperial power was preferable to independence.

      I say they must be mad. And you're right. Unless you are titled, royal, Eton and Oxford, or a chiseling git, Britain is a cesspit.

  3. You lot are not in a good place ......its all a bit sad

    I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain. ~James Baldwin

    1. You like Cameron and what he's doing then, I take it, Niko, and all the evil he persists with?

      Hate is not a good emotion I'll grant you, but it is very difficult to love these people who are quite simply extracting the urine!

    2. Hatred is putting it mildly in my case, Niko, and, if you were being honest instead of provocatively trolling, you must feel the same. To be fair we expect nothing else from the Tories but it is the hypocritical Labour party that I reserve most of my hatred, disgust and contempt for. I cannot stomach the hypocrisy of the mealy-mouthed Lamont, Murphy, Brown and all the rest of the craven crew that masquerade as the party of the people. The sad fact is that the gullible, despite all the evidence to the contrary, still believe that to be the case.

      The very idea of "smart cards" is so ridiculous that, not having heard of it before, I thought that it was a piss-take by Tris and co.

    3. Niko, if you think you are in a good place boy what with Nigel winning his first seat and nearly winning one off Labour, I would be getting myself in order to fly the country, do you know how long it takes to get Cypriot Nationality. Cause if you are not careful you will be on your way home before the paint is dry on your bar. Careful as they say, what YOU wish for. These people do not have your best interests at heart!

    4. No John. I couldn't have come up with this scheme in my most dystopian nightmare.

      According to Duncan Smith people who are on the dole and have trouble managing their money... ie buy drink, drugs or cigarettes with it will be given a card that can be used in some shops to purchase a limited raft of items.

      Unlike, it seems politicians who can take their dole money and spend it on champagne.

      I agree with you about the Tories and Labour. The Tories, as presently constituted are a bunch of self serving spivs. Their pretense at anything else is laughable, but Labour are still pretending to be the working man's party and there are people who believe them.

      Helena, if the UK comes out of the EU, there will be a rush back home of about 3 million pensioners. The privatised NHS will be looking forward to raking in vast amounts for them from the government.

      I seriously wish Niko the very best in Cyprus. I wish I could afford to do it. It seems like a dream come true to get the hell away from this place and live in eternal sunshine. (The only downside is that you get a lot of nut case tourists who seem to think that showing their butts is a lot of fun.)

      But I do fear that if Britain leaves the EU as it probably will, there may be difficult times ahead there as well as here.

  4. I think i need a rest from politics, as i keep on having these dreams about kicking the shite out of certain politicians.

    1. Probably best take a break then. We don't want you arrested for battery of a VIP or Jim McGovern.

    2. If i kicked the shite out of McGovern, i would have to wear a balaclava and claim self defence. His employer is attacking my way of life.
      Do you think my legal aid defence could compete with the team he could use on his 1/4 of a million salary?

  5. £30 fukin grand for a flight to Balmoral

    In what, a Airbus 380 with an escort of the Red Arrows and eating caviar all the way?

    They live in a parallel World and we need to destroy the wormhole that lets them suck off our food reserves.

    1. I hope it had the same seating we experienced on our nine hour flight back from the Caribbean, I am four foot nout and even I was uncomfortable. I do hope they choked on the caviar and got indigestion on the champers, mind I doubt the Queen would eat it or pay for it, the whole lot are tight wads when it comes to their money.

    2. In fairness to the royals, Helena, you're right. The Queen travels on scheduled flights as a rule, although she may have the whole first class to herself. So does Phil. It's their revolting children who demand these ridiculous privileges belonging to a century ago.

      This moron thinks he's the King Emperor and has private flights arranged for himself and his concubine. But as he gets £16,000,000 a year from Kernow for his own personal spending, free accommodation, food and drink, and then all his expenses for everything, all the time, from the state, on top of that, he is a seriously rich old man.

      Part of me wants him to be king, because I can't think of a quicker way of getting rid of royalty than a disagreeable ugly old man and his disagreeable ugly old wife throwing their weight about, demanding this, that and the next from the state... (the title of Queen for the tart who slept with him while he was married, having made his marriage vows of fidelity as the deputy head of the Church of England, for example... Queen Mrs Parker Bowles!!!).

      On the other hand there is a certain satisfaction to the idea that he will die before his mother and never get to be king after waiting for it for song very very long.

    3. And, I should add, it is our money.

      They do nothing for it except exist. They are rich because in the mists of time they stole it from people. The king was only the king because he was richer and stronger than anyone else.

      In later days they managed to wangle a very good deal in payments, while their personal wealth gets bigger and bigger.

      There are all sorts of problems with presidents, I don't doubt, but as a rule you can eventually get rid of them, after 4, 5 or 7 years.

      You're lumbered with royals till they turn up their toes.... then you get their relatives. Ridiculous situation.

  6. After reading and looking at all of those poncing lying b*stards, I want to say to the no voters I hope you're all proud of the misery that you're set to bestow on folk, well done.

    1. Not something I'd like to live with...

  7. Talking about royals, my dad worked with a guy that claimed to have shagged Princess Margaret. He lived in Glamis, but worked in Dundee.

    1. Well they spent a lot of time at Glamis, and I fear that mags was, as they say in England, was "no better than she should be"... although I've never quite worked out what that meant.

  8. I've just realised that i posted a Sun exclusive about the royals.
    If i vanish from the internet, you'll know they have silenced me. :-)

    1. Munguin will send out his secret agents to find you.

      Murdoch may be a big fish in this media business, but he ain't got nothing on Munguin... or so Munguin tells me.

  9. What nasty bunch of folks you have for us today tris which, revolting bunch arrogant piss-artists. Mind to be honest if I had no job, no future and no money I'd want to get blotto and forget how crappy my life was,. It must be soul destroying.

    1. I think one of the reasons that the poor drink or take drugs is an escape for the awfulness of their lives. I have no idea why the rich do it. They have it within their power to change their lives. The poor rarely do.

  10. To be fair to the lords, most of them are pensioners and they're probably having a wee kip in the House to save money on their heating bills. You know that folk who are living off the state (pension) sometimes find it hard to make ends meet

    1. Fair enough. I've no problem with that as long as it is extended to every pensioner.... oh and the £300 a day too. That should help with the heating bills.


      I remember when Mrs Thatcher was taken ill in the house of lords dining room. They said she had suddenly become overheated. I remember thinking how many octogenarians have forgotten what that feels like!