Thursday 16 October 2014

Fotos for Friday

You certainly did, Gordon.
Still Slab wants you to follow on in the footsteps of such
luminaries as Iain Gray and Johann Lamont.
They're not really representing us any more.
I see no reason to fund them, or watch them
Just don't break the law people; don't watch live tv.
Pooling and sharing misery.
Lord Fraud said:
 "We can't have people loafing about doing nothing
expecting the public to pay for them.

Poor old Ed...
Good of you to own up mate?
I didn't know you'd done that...
You really look like you're enjoying that...
Did you pay one of your underlings to actually bite it?

Don't seem to be able to give it away these days.
Ahhh nice... rewards for  telling Jockland that you'd put prices up
if we weren't pooling and sharing with the UK?


  1. Labour employed Freud in 2006 red Tories.

    1. Yes. It was he who came up with their policies on Atos.

      He's a merchant banker too, so he knows a lot about that kind of thing... living on the breadline as they do.

      Evil poisonous toad of a man (with apologies to poisonous toads).

    2. Not just poisonous, but lacking in even a rudimentary understanding of economics or social policy if he think forcing disabled people to work for £2 an hour is sensible.

    3. Well exactly. You pay good money, people have money to spend, people spend, that creates more work.

      All the Scandinavian countries seem to understand that.

      Lord Fraud is obviously not descended from Viking stock!

  2. Daily Record

    Free copies


    1. Well, who's going to buy it?

    2. Tris it seems very few, down 14.5% in a month, and they only managed to give away a little over 4 thousand, which considering how many metro's are read in a day. Seems that their little con trick might have worked in the short term. Then of course Gordon (no relation) well seems he is not as clever as he likes to think. Most people commenting could see the tank trap that he and his party were walking into. The Tories may be the stupid party but what does it say when the Lib Dems have been grasped in a death embrace since 2010 and Labour couldn't see that by selling out their constituents for placement and money for the Tories wouldn't do them harm. Stupid man him and his equally silly friend Darling.

    3. Wow... that's a big drop in sales, Helena.

      In the meantime I read on Twitter that the Sunday Herald sales are booming over the last month.

      of course as a broadsheet the Herald sells far fewer copies than the tabloid Record, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them get close in the future.

      I don't think the Tories are stupid. They seem to have innate cunning and guile. They haven't, however, most of them, the slightest idea what life is about if you don't have a servants' wing in your house!

    4. It would be interesting to see the average sales for the second half of the month compared to the first half.

    5. Yes, Id love to see the breakdown. I still find that I often can;t get a copy in the first shop I go to.

      There are always loads of Scotland on Sunday lying about. Have to admit I never look at the comics.

  3. 'Scrounger Card'.

    You really had me laughing there!

    But seriously, all the evidence from the USA where many states operate welfare voucher schemes etc indicate they don't serve their intended purpose. We'd be foolish in the extreme to implement a failing US rightwing policy here in the UK.

    1. I thought Westminster had been doing that for years.

    2. In fairness, I can see that it might even help people with problems if they actually bought food with their social security money instead of cigarettes or drink, or illegal drugs.

      But firstly, when you take away someone's ability to buy what they want to buy with money that is theirs, you dehumanise them. Imagine the indignity of presenting the cashier with a "scrounger card".

      Secondly of course, it is open to such abuses as to make it unworkable. And of course the people who lose out are the ones right at the bottom.

      When I worked with people with drug or drink problems, what the majority of them wanted above all was the chance to give up, but of course there were never enough places on detox programmes.

      We need to spend money on getting people who want off drunks and booze... off drugs and booze. It would be a big outlay initially, but it would pay back big time.

      LOL Jim... there is that!