Thursday 4 September 2014

For this country is yours; this country is mine

For this country is yours 

This country is mine 
Our future decide 
By the strength of your mind 
Oh come let's rejoice 
That we have a choice

To be a nation
Scotland's voice

It never ceases to amaze me just how much talent we have. And in these days of excellent small recording studios, Youtube, iTunes and Amazon, everyone of us can make our own music and have a hit, with no help from EMI or Virgin. Fortunately we don't (imagine Munguin in a recording studio), but there are some talented people who might never have had a chance in the old days of recording contracts, who have the ability and the drive to do it themselves.

The guy in this video is a neighbour of John Brownlie. Hopefully John will fill us in a bit more about him.

The lines quoted above: "Oh come let's rejoice that we have a choice to be a nation", remind me of a Sunday morning not so long ago, sitting in a peace garden in Dublin, reading about the number of people who died in the fighting the Irish had to endure in their struggle to leave the UK. 

For all I dislike Cameron, I have to say that at least he didn't force us to use guns or bombs to achieve our freedom. He agreed to a referendum which would have the force of the law of the sovereign parliament. The one in London. 

We'd be mad not to take that choice.

The song is on sale on iTunes.


  1. Every country in this world has amazing talent. Countries choose to encourage that or stifle it.

    1. I was listening to actress Libby McArthur the other day.

      She was saying that fewer and fewer shows are being made here for tv... no more Taggar , Hamish McBeth, Monarch of the Glen...

      Even the big shows are no longer produced in Scotland. They come from London, complete with cast.

      If you want that kind of work, you have to go to England. To her huge credit, she hasn''t.

      We've not done enough to encourage this in Scotland.

    2. If you read Grouse Beater's blog you will see why there are no programmes made in Scotland. We are not considered a big enough market and if it has any Scottish theme the English are not interested. Listening to Michele Gayle this morning, we seem to be pets who have got a bit uppity, this from the woman who says she hands back Scots Pound notes in M&S. Tris, I finally got my copy of Caledonia. Brilliant.

    3. Yes, it puts the English off if it is something "ordinary" based in Scotland. OK for wee twee things, but they don;t really respond to soap operas or ordinary drama dealing with ordinary lives in ordinary Scotland.

      yes, Manchester Corrie), London (Eastenders) and wherever they tape Emmerdale seems to be Ok for the whole UK.

      Fortunately I've never heard of Michelle Gayle, sort sort of radio superstar? Is she Scottish?

      If I were MandS I'd tell her to.... well, you can guess.

  2. Replies
    1. As my Granny would say, if you keep a thing long enough you'll find a use for it....


      Wondering about Niko though...

    2. Well, he feeds Taz and ... takes him for walks - no - hang on, it's Taz that takes Niko for walks...

    3. Yes, he probably feeds him too...

      Just seen that Murphy is in trouble for letting out his home in London and claiming rent on expenses for another flat.

      What a bloody cheat.

    4. Was not that something that came up a while ago, did they not do Angus McNeill for something similar, or is this something new.
      Seems I may have to apologise for saying he did the egging himself, naw, hell will freeze over before I do that.

    5. As for the egging, I heard it was an ex Labour Party member disgusted with their neo-Liberal policies, but it was off Twitter so it could be rubbish,

      Have they found the fire bombers yet?

      The flat thing did come up again, but I think there was some Westminster Committee looking in to it, presumably trying to find some excuse for them. I read it briefly in the Herald; I think it was something to do with this committee reporting.

      What I say about the egg is:

      "Get over yourself, Jim. You'd think you'd been at Hiroshima from the fuss you're making. It was an egg. You could have been unlucky enough to be an Iraqi child when your boss sent over bombers to kill them. Or a Palestinian kid lying in bits thanks to an Israeli bomb. Then you'd have something to whine about. Did you hear Sillars whine when he got egged? You big bairn. When we were at school if someone had made a fuss like that they would have been called a sissy."

  3. Have you seen Sky tv's ref trailer? It's brilliant. I'd seen the Cameron bit but Great Baldo in Graun posted link to all of them. Well worth viewing!

    1. Good one PP. Thanks. I'll add it to today's post!