Wednesday 10 September 2014


Munguin readers Alan, Nicky and Scott have written and recorded this song "Sunrise over Scotland",  to commemorate the launch of a "last week" website ( which will be launched tomorrow evening (Thursday). 

The website will bring together a wide variety of information designed to help people make the right choice next week.

It will include a download of the Wee Blue Book, for anyone who hasn't seen it, together with videos, and as they say, much much more. Check it out.

I'm sure that Alan will advise when the site is up and running.
It will break David Cameron's heart if Scotland decides to leave the union. Or so he told an audience of employees at Standard Life in Edinburgh. Not a single dissenting voice greeted him. It is probably worth noting that Standard Life is Tory through and through, as you can read here in Craig Murray's excellent piece on the makeup of the board of the company.

You have to wonder at the conceit of David Cameron that he thinks that for one split second anyone in Scotland gives a damn for whether or not HE will be heartbroken. I save my sympathies for the victims of his inhuman policies.

We might also like to reflect that his heartbreak will largely caused by his embarrassment at going down in history as the man who not only lost Scotland and possibly his job as prime minister, if his colleagues force him to resign as leader of the Conservative and Unionist party.
Another Munguin reader, BigAlan, has just sent me this picture of a remainder book sale at "Works" in Ayr High Street. It seems that even at this exciting time in our nation's history, Gordon's masterpiece "My Scotland, Our Britain" is proving hard to shift and is being flogged off with a 75% reduction... even at which no one seems at all interested.

I wonder he never called it "My North Britain, Our Britain".


  1. It is NOT HIS Scotland!

    Arrogant twat!

    1. He's got a damned cheek, considering he couldn't even tell Americans that he was Scottish. Gordon I'm from North Britain Brown and my moral compass is stuck up by backside.

  2. Will Cameron be the Lord North of the 21st C?

    Isn't the truth; if it's a yes vote; that Ed Miliband is the real guilty party who lost the union? After all he can't even convince a third of his Scottish vote base to join him in the #Nothanks lobby.

    As for Clegg...who cares about him? He doesn't matter. People in Scotland don't even have the time or energy to waste on hating the imbecile.

    1. Maybe, Dean, maybe.

      Cameron though, is most likely to suffer from his own backbenchers if there is a Yes vote. They don't seem to have a great deal of time for him. He blotted his Tory copybook with a lot of them for allowing this in the first place; his stance on the EU and on immigration is seen to be too weak for many of them; that he pandered to the gay lobby makes him unpopular with some. Ukip is snapping at Tory heels, and Boris is snapping at his.

      Until Boris said he was likely to be back in the Commons, breaking his promise to the Londoners who voted for him, there wasn't too much competition. Theresa, Gideon and Govey? I really can't see it. But Boris?

      Well, he's not everyone's cup of tea but there is a certain type who would find his eccentricities and slightly buffoonish behaviour appealing.

      An English gentleman's Englishman.

      I think if Cameron is the PM who lost Scotland it will be the final straw, because, especially if it is close, he will be forced to start offering something to Scots. And anything decent for us means that the rest of the kingdom will suffer...or if the Welsh and Irish get something too, under the idiotic system set up by Blair, England will suffer.

      The thing about Miliband is he's between a rock and a hard place.

      He has to keep the SE voters happy by saying he will match Tories on austerity. Labour voters are listening to the fact that iScotland will not have to be so austere. It can be fairer and far richer.

      It's not how long the oil will last; it's what you do with it while it's there that counts.

      It's hard to keep loyalty when what you are saying is... no real change... to people who are desperately unhappy with the status quo.

      It doesn't help that he is a useless leader and everyone thinks he's weird.

      As you say, more or less no one except Caron Lindsay gives a damn what Clegg thinks. I mean, we all know that what he thinks is: "what's in this for me?"

      I suppose it must be the House of Lords now, and a job in Europe/Nato/UN?


  3. I'm going to be cruel and post this song again: (Beatles: You're Gonna Lose That Girl)

    It's just so on-point :)

    1. You're gonna lose that Land!

    2. "The way you treat her, what else can I do?"

      Yeah, we have to win this.

  4. I see that RBS are threatening to move their headquarters out of Scotland. If there is a Yes vote, then I hope that, soon after independence, the Scottish Government will pass a law prohibiting the use of the words 'Scotland' or 'Scottish' in the name of any company which does business in Scotland but which does not have its headquarters in this country.

    1. Well, I've been thinking for a long time about moving my account, but my decision has been made today. Of course they are quick to point out that they won't close branches, they will simply move their HQ to London. They are, I suppose, terrified that a Scottish authority would point out that they as they are up to their necks in debt to the taxpayer, they can forget bonuses.

      They know that London would NEVER do that to them.

      I can see a bunch of people queueing up at Scottish banks to transfer their accounts.

      Yes, I agree; the Royal bank has a royal charter, but I don't see how they can be the Royal Bank of Scotland if they are an English bank. The Royal Bank of England I think.

  5. Well RBS just lost another two customers of 40 years this morning. Moving hopefully to Santander, better with a company who wants to trade here than one which is mired in sleeze and incompetence. We know they are incompetent we got £100 off them to prove it. This was the last straw.
    I want to see real tears falling out off David Cameron and Gordon (spit) Brown's eyes.

    1. Hear hear...

      I'm looking for a bank too.

      I know someone who recently moved from RBD to TSB... not the one owned by Lloyds HBoS in the corrupt deal that Brown set up, but the New Scottish TSB.

      She actually got a far better deal from them, so it looks like I will be moving too.

    2. Have you tried The Airdrie Savings Bank the only truly Scottish bank left.

    3. Well, I assure you I would, if Airdrie weren't quite so far from Dundee.

      I actually went to the TSB yesterday and was left standing in a queue for ages while one women on the counter dealt very loudly with a very old lady who had some complex banking business, but was deaf and a bit confused. She treated her appallingly; she was left standing a a counter where her personal business was shouted across the bank. She was told she needed to provide a driving licence or a passport. She was 95. She had neither.

      In the meantime 6 people at the back of the counter were doing whatever they were doing without a glance in my direction.

      I waited 5 minutes then walked out.

      One day I may be 95. I don't relish being treated like that. The woman behind the counter needs a course in human decency, never mind customer relations.

  6. The sunrise looks like a mushroom cloud was that deliberate or an accident?

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