Monday 29 September 2014


Well, we Scots voted for Tory rule, so we should suck it up gratefully.
Ewww, Gids, you're looking rough.
You should get more expensive stuff.
George Osborne, bless him, has just announced that he will save the £3 billion cost of bombing Iraq, killing lots more people and stirring up even more hatred against the West, Britain, and therefore Scotland, but putting a two year freeze on working age benefits.

Benefits were set many years ago to be the lowest level of income you could reasonably live on and were, therefore, traditionally raised annually by the rate of inflation. As the published rate of inflation was always far less that actual inflation, particularly for the poor who have a far narrower band of purchases over which to spread the inflation…  rent, food, electricity and gas, bus fares, clothes…all of which seem to rise relentlessly, people generally got poorer and poorer.

Last year when inflation was laughingly quoted as 2%, working age benefits were allowed to rise at 1%, and now with a war to pay for to keep in America’s good books, George finds that the £3 billion cost can be met by cancelling even that megre rise in working age benefits. This of course will affect working people too, who depend upon top ups from the state to make their poverty wages stretch all week.

Doubtless Duncan Smith, McVile and Fraud, the SPIV aristo, will be rubbing their evil hands together in glee. That should get the unemployment numbers down when they start to die of malnutrition or the cold.

He also wants to build a powerhouse in the North… 

Oh Inverness I though… or maybe even Wick? 

Nope. Wrong. Manchester and Leeds! 

Oh well, I guess that Gideon didn't do geography at school and doesn't know his North from his armpit. 

Or maybe he knows in his, well I was going to say heart of hearts, but that’s clearly not likely, maybe he just feels in his water that Scotland won’t be in the UK by the time they build their railway. 
The Noble Digby
Ex Labour minister, Digby Jones, who introduced Gideon, says that “we” all want the low-paid to get more money. But it has to be earned. Otherwise inflation goes up. Presumably unlike when his type get massive pay rises and bonuses.

He says he wants an end to the situation where half of school leavers do not get grade C or above in maths and English, which is very interesting, because he doesn’t seem to know how to achieve that.

He says that you do not set “the poor” free by giving them money but by giving them an education. I wonder if he knows how many people working on minimum wage plus a few pence are working on tills in Tesco and Asda, and having to claim in work benefits.

Not only is not everyone capable of getting As and Bs in Maths and English (never have been; never will be) but, even if we all got  As in Nuclear Physics, Latin, Ancient Greek and Metaphysical Poetry , there aren’t enough jobs out there, that pay enough money for what he patronisingly calls “the poor” to be patronisingly “set free”. 
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau 
And John Redwood, says that companies should be penalised if they campaign for staying in the EU, which is also interesting. I mean if your company is dependent on the EU for most of its sales, or indeed is a company from Asia which has situated itself in the UK in order to access the 500,000,000 EU market, isn’t it a little unreasonable to stop them campaigning to stay in business?

Isn't in any case, the Tory Party itself, planning to campaign against leaving the EU?

And shouldn’t John Redwood go and join Nigel Farage in UKIP and stop pretending that he’s a Tory?

Oh, and I think, Mr Redwood, that people who become secretary of state for a country and don't bother to learn enough of its language to sing its national anthem, should also be penalised. Hard.

The party faced embarrassment after a memorandum sent to MPs reminding them of the price of groceries that ordinary people have to buy with their own money, including bread, milk and Mars Bars, was leaked. The list was designed as an aide-memoire in case members were quizzed about prices and the cost-of-living crisis. 

Back in the real world I was speaking to the manager of the food bank today. He is so grateful to so many people for their donations. Massive amounts form the local derby match and from the Churches' Harvest Festival.

They do, however, need more Long Life Milk and no matter how much they got last week, they will need more for next week.

Our fellow Scots voted  by 55- 45 for more food banks. The least we can do is to try to make sure that they have some food. 


  1. Bastards! Funny how when MPs were awarded 11% pay rise they weren't bothered about the taxpayers funding it who haven't received any pay rises at all.

    "I wonder if he knows how many people working on minimum wage plus a few pence are working on tills in Tesco and Asda, and having to claim in work benefits."

    I wonder if he knows how many working the tills have qualifications coming out of their ears and no opportunity for better paid work.

    Did I mention they are bastards?

    1. I think you did get that word in, PP

      I see too that IDS will be issuing cards to some people on benefits, meaning that they will be able only to buy what he says they can buy in which shops he specifies.

      What's the betting that, like everything else that useless prat touches, it will fall apart at the seams leaving some people with no money and no means of getting anything to eat.

      Here's a trades union point of view on the benefits freeze:
      Frances O’Grady, the TUC general secretary

      In today’s low-pay Britain, in-work benefits are a lifeline for millions of families. Working families have already been hit by three-quarters of the total cuts the government has made to welfare and now the plan is to put them in the frontline again.

      The chancellor’s new cuts would hurt working families with children most of all, pegging their tax credits and housing support behind rising prices and rents. This is yet more chipping away at the social safety net working families pay into, putting them in greater danger of destitution if they become sick or lose their job.

      It tells you everything you need to know that George Osborne has unveiled more harsh cuts for working families on the same day as tax breaks for the pension pots of the richest one per cent.

  2. Absolutely disgusting, what a right bastert. How he has the brass neck to give tax breaks to his pals then rip off honest workers is downright shameful. Grrrrr

    1. He's a Tory. It's what they do. In fairness it wasn't always like that, but Mrs Tahtcher seemed to encourage the very lowest of the low into her party.

      They now are a bunch of money grubbing spivvy toffs.

  3. tris

    Nobody said Democracy was nice especially if based on Athenian notions of Democracy (if you know what i mean ) but votes have been cast and a result

    Now you can go down the democratic road (loaded against the powerless as ever )
    or you can take another road not based on a flawed democracy????
    If the snp had won the referendum by a few thousand votes (and not the half a million they lost by )

    would you expect the losers to accept the result or do as you do and try to undermine the settled will of the Scottish peoples.

    Low pay the system is and always has been you work hard and earn your pay fairly then the digby plutocrats reorganise your work so as you do more for the same or less pay...............the question is how can you earn more pay when the harder you work the less you get paid.

    1. I accept that we lost Niko.

      Mind you, I think that we lost because Cameron, Clugg and Miliband , together with Gorgeous George the Queen imitator,(purrrrr) and most particularly the man who saved the world (and we're not talking Bowie here) promised something that I'm pretty sure they are not going to keep to.

      So all I will do is point out over and over again that we could have been shot of these people. We could have ensured that by the time the unemployed and the low waged are dropping from starvation, we would be living in a country that set its own taxes and unemployment benefits.

      You would expect no less of me.

      I agree that they always want more for less....except for themselves.

      I remember Mrs Thatcher telling us that we had to have a low wage economy to compete with Eastern Europe and the Far East. She obviously couldn't stand that thought that we might want to try to compete for the top end market with Germany.

      I remember within a few weeks she was telling us that people at the top end of management had to be paid the best rates, otherwise we would get poor management.

      So it seems that in her world you had to work well on low wages unless you were top management, in which case no one in their right minds would expect you to work we;ll unless you were paid top Euro.

      And so it was set. Greed for the people at the top. Hunger for those at the bottom.

    2. Tris,

      I accept we lost the first round. I expect that to be overturned pretty shortly.

      The utter inflow to SNP and Green and SSP membership has been astonishing. These are not people that see any of the Westminster Parties as 'the future'. Post referendum opinion polls place pro- independence parties as likely to win the next Westminster election in Scotland. Labour is in a commetary trajectory back to burn out.

      These are not just straws in a wind, nay a gale, nay a hurricane.

      I a more optimistic now that it took me to realise that 45 out of a hundred people already thought we were right. Haveand a grunt, either through a majority of 'independence ninded' MP's or through a further vote for a Scottish Parliament voted in on an 'independence mandate'?

      I think they lost and they just don't know it yet.

    3. They are counting on it going away, I think.

      It's a strategy which has worked well for them in the past.

      In Britain people tire of the struggle, come the winter and the cold nights, the pub or Coronation Street looks more appealing. Once the newspapers and the BBC stop carrying a story it dies... look at the inquiry into sexual perversions in government/establishment/royalty.

      After the resignation of Mrs Butler Schloss, what have we heard.... Nothing much? Exactly.

      It is up to us to ensure that the promise is maintained, Devo Max. Federalism.

    4. Niko, Well you won and how do you intend to see that pledges made to those Scots daft enough to believe them, are honoured?
      Cause Sonny that is going to be YOUR problem.

    5. Good question...

  4. ''Divorce me, untie, or break that knot again,
    Take me to you, imprison me, for I
    Except you enthral me, never shall be free,
    Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me.''

    You did mention metaphysical poetry...Donne could have written that for the Tories.

    1. Ah yes... well, erm, what can I say.

      I should have known that with a learned librarian about the place that would come back to bite me. :)

      Actually, of course, he must have been a seer. He wrote it for the modern Tory party (well except the bit about "intie"... I expect that he probably would have written "tie me up" for them, probably with an orange in my puth and a ligature round my neck..

  5. I voted Yes to get out of this nonsense which people knew was coming.

    No voters voted for Tory's don't ever forget that.

    1. Yes... and look at the record they voted for:

      Deficit up 6.2% ytd
      Debt up £510bn
      Wage Growth 130 year low
      Growth 25% slower than May '10
      Tax Evasion up £4bn

      Bravo Tories.

  6. tris and others (ch put yere heid up yor erse )

    New Labour gave birth to Gideon Osborne and made his attack
    on social security easy peasy............that much I will admit

    are the people going to vote for it we are gonna find out. in 2016

    (ch put yere heid up yor erse )

    1. Moving Forward

      I see your choice of FM that wasn't has been picked by Johann to join on further devolution plans. Has he sussed out how one creates an oil fund yet and does he even know where his own erse is?

    2. Great video.

      I'm sure mr Gray will, if he knows what side Labour's bread is buttered, bring a very considerable amount of pressure to work for what Gordon Brown and the Cat Suit Man promised us.

      If we don;t get it, he may very well not have any job at all in 2016. I seem to recall his coat was on a shoogly peg last time round... into recount territory, and his constituency voted YES.

      These people need to remember that all Glasgow's Holyrood constituencies voted for independence.

    3. Niko people are about to find out how much worse the United Kingdom is going to be and that an Independent Scotland would have been paradise. Look what happened in 1979, they got fundamentally screwed and they are about to again.
      Again as a winner, this time, how are YOU going to ensure that people do get what they voted for?

  7. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. And now stays faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. (1 Corinthians 13: 12-13)

    1. Thank you for that admission Niko.

      I see that Carer's Allowance is to be frozen too. I just saw a tweet from a guy reads:

      Oh wow, a two year freeze on my £61.35 a week Carer's Allowance? Thanks! Thanks ever so much. That will be really helpful. Thanks again.

      £61.35? That's all you get for keeping someone out of hospital or a nursing home or old folks home?

      I hope Gideon need this kind of help one day and can't get it. I'd love him to know what it feels like. Why Mr Duncan Smith couldnt even get two breakfasts out of what that man has to live on all week...

      Argh, get me out of this hole.

    2. Just as well there's plenty of Charity about Niko.

      You need it with this government.

    3. We need all the money ,about £55,000,000 each day for Brussels ,not to mention the overseas aid budget, fuck your carers allowence

    4. Well don't hold you breath for Charity. Wish my Gran was here, she would tell you about the country where Charity thought they had you by the sort and curlies. My Gran through out her cheating husband, there was more than just cheating in that marriage, there she was on her own, circa 1930's. She had four living children the youngest four years old. When she asked for help to just get onto her feet she was instructed she had to divorce the old b*gger. Shall we say that was something she would never do, he was going to be tied to her forever and so she did. So charity is something which sticks in my craw where telling people what they must do or not. That is why we had a Welfare State, people paid when they could and this gave them a safety net, since the beloved Thatcher, people have been forced to live on the margins. You make me sick to my stomach Niko, you and yours.

  8. Think you'll find that thg Westminster general election is in MAY 2015 Niko and Holyrood election is in MAY 2016. Just saying like.

    1. Won't matter to Niko. He'll be in Sunny Cyprus voting for Archbishop Makarios.

    2. Yup... it is. Full of Brits trying to escape this nightmare of a country.

    3. Does that make Niko a wannabe furriner?

    4. That's what it makes Niko BlP

    5. Do we have that as a written assurance? I think he will put it off considering that he won't want to go to somewhere as close to Syria and Iraq as Cyprus is.
      He was too much of a coward to take a leap into an independent Scotland, he will go into a War Zone, come on, don't make me laugh.

  9. Gideon is looking ropier by the day, The photo of him on Wings makes him look like a London gangster; not a real one like Michael Caine's Carter, a hinger on type, a walk one extra.

    I am wondering if he is under some heavy stress and is self medicating on Columbian marching powder?

    Maybe the economic situation is worse than even I thought.

    In which case we are well and truly fek'd and the necessity for Scotland to launch SS INDIESCOT is approaching faster than Gideon's iceberg.

    1. Well you never know what these posh boys do to relax Bugger.

      After all, they can afford all sorts of things that we couldnt.

      I wonder what that would go on expenses as?