Friday 26 September 2014


Let's lose him...
What the hell did he have done to his landlord's lavvy that cost
nearly £5,000?
We pay for his private accountants to do his tax returns?
Why? Do they not have PAYE in the House of Commons?
Well, what do you think?
Seems to me to have mistaken YES voters for
whatever the hell he's got on his top lip...
He looks like a candidate for Ukip.

Oh, and would you look at his avatar? What the hell?
Why not? It makes a LOT of money
and no one from parliament or the lords or the royal family
ever gets killed. It's a win win for them.
And it takes the Jocks' minds off this damned separation thingy.
I can reasonable vow that.
What a bloody insult to Pigs and Dogs.
Enjoy a wee bit of showing off, Dave?
Love to watch you eat humble pie when the old
girl gets her hands on you. To the Tower.
Hmmm... Labour are a bit confused about all this
NHS stuff. Probably too complicated for them.
Well, they can keep it.
Unless you starve all of us it's just not going to work.
It's Coco the Clown
Typifies the difference...
Worry Labour. You used to be able to count on this voting fodder
to ensure your gravy train lifestyles.
So, that didn't take very long.
I hope the queen cuts your head off


  1. Bloody good tris. That Labour councillor looks as though the thinks he's bond jeez... Did Connery ever have a caterpillar on his lip 8-) Connery still looks sexy this summer just looks....a Muppet.
    And as for liebour, well they make more than double their salary in expenses. I remember when the first expenses scandal happened some rag posted Margo' s which was about £30, I'm sure she dried out tea-bags to use again, or some such.

    1. Summer???? that should be Muppet

    2. He's a corker, huh?

      A mate of mine from London, a Labour man, was at the conference, and he kindly got me a copy of Dennis Skinner's autobiography.

      It's a great read. But I wonder how Dennis could stand to be in the same party as these people. Although they were in different parties I suspect margo and Dannis apply the same principles to their job.

  2. This is all very strange.

    I had a bottle of wine tonight and I am coming around to a David Ike point of view about these people.

    They really, really are all lizards from outer space, or summat!

    1. Nothing to do with the wine. They are!

  3. ASDA is owned by Walmart. Walmart's reputation as employers in the USA is just about the lowest of the low. They are best (or worst depending on your point of view) known for discriminating against women.

    1. Walmart absolutely stink as employers.

      I'll happily not shop there in the future.

  4. I hope Morningside and the street where Darling Jakey Rolling and that guy who fucked up the RBS all live disappears down a sink hole.

    Where Jim Murphy lives would be a bonus.

    1. Well... if you vote for fracking under your house in the hopes that of course it will only happen to the poor and then they find a great reserve right under your wine cellar... you really can blame no one but yourself.

      Don't tell me that they didn't realise that no meant, war, fracking and austerity?

      Nice of them to let Rolf Harris out of clink to make that film.

  5. A councillor insults 45% of the population and rightly there is outrage. A YES campaign group, states the bloody obvious, that teenagers were being misinformed and the ones doing the misinforming are outraged, eh?
    Asda, never be back through their doors.
    Labour politicians of all grades, councillor to MSP to MP, must be exposed for the numpties they, most definitely, are.
    Mass civil disobedience against the third installment of the Gulf war?

    1. Yes, I agree with you.

      But the government don;t listen when -it comes to the population objecting to their warmongering as they jostle for top place among America's bitches.

      Well over a million people marched in London last time and Tony just shrugged his shoulders and thought of the riches and the congressional medal. And bombed the living daylights of a country causing resentment against the West in general and Bramerica in particular.

      I suggest that as this was Tony's idea he should go with David and lead the troops from the front...and they can take Philip Hammond to cheer them up.

  6. Tactical voting needed for next GE methinks. To get rid of Murphy though depends on people holding their noses when voting because the only party with a hope in hell of beating him is the Tories. He has a c10,000 majority over them. No chance of a pro-Yes MP.

    Still reducing his majority would put the wind up him. And if Tories did win, it wouldn't be like we aren't used to having a right wing neo-liberal in post :-(

    1. Yes, that is the problem.

      The interesting thing about Murphy is that he's pretty much a Tory himself, a close adherent of Tony Blair (son of Thatcher and father of Cameron).

      It';s clear that the Labour leadership doesn't care much for him. He was originally included in the shadow cabinet as defense, quite a senior position, now he is overseas development, and rumours suggest he may be demoted to Scotland, which now has to be the most junior position in the cabinet, having virtually no responsibilities at all except keeping Dover House clean, and tidy.

      He's going nowhere. Even if Labour were to win, no Scot will ever hold a senior position again. He's history.

  7. Shouldn't someone in South Lanarkshire write to the CEO of SL and complain about Docherty bringing SL into disrepute? I'm sure that there are rules that Councillors must observe.

    1. Ha ha .... disrepute? I imagine that the CEO spends his life dealing with that kind of complaint.

  8. tris and the well sort of malcontents or is it the maladjusted

    From YES heroes to NO Zeros..Guess its going to take a we while to sink in
    a long painful adjustment i well know.everything you fought for and believed in
    hoped for wished for dreamed close you could almost touch it feel kiss it love it.

    Smashed and destroyed in one night its gonna take a long while and some more
    thrashings before it finally and terribly sinks right into your bones/soul.

    you have my commiserations on this long awful journey you are now undertaking
    been there worn the t shirt.

    ch if you are sneaking about in the republic.........

    well there you go.hurts dont it eh ???

    1. More energised than ever Niko as BBCLabour are blatant liars and people from around the world are seeing that and trust once lost is gone forever.

      Get your visa for Cyprus OK?

    2. Niko, pet.... You're back.

      How was Turkey?

      You'll be able to pop across there every weekend for your shopping soon.

      Yes, It hurts. But it's not too bad.

      Dave, Ed and whatshisname made a pledge, no, I lie, it was a vow (they had to kinda play down the 'pledge' thing because of the wee Liberal blokey, who has form on pledges, so they looked in the Thesaurus and they found a word that wasn't so tainted).

      And that vow promised a land of milk and honey. You were right all along to trust Britain. It won't let us down. It has made its promise.

      But much more important than that Gordon Brown, you remember him, he saved the world... a bit like Superman, but without the tights...well he promised to guarantee that if we voted no, then we would get as near to federalism as you could get without actually being federal.

      Well, once we get that, and make a far better job of it than the Tories, then it won't be long before people are wondering why we need these bombs at a hundred billion a shot. And they might wonder why, having already ruined Iraq we are going back to see if we can't damage it a bit more, kill a few more civilians, blow the legs off a few more children... encourage a few more people that the West is really plain wicked and should be destroyed.

      Then we will probably vote for total freedom for the wicked empire, and get rid of warmongering for ever.

      You got any snapshots of Turkey?

      Who did Taz look after while you were away...?

    3. Cyprus is in the EU, CH. No visa required. Just arrive and settle down.

      Just gotta hope that Nigel Farage doesn't manage to get the UK out of the EU.

    4. Nico, I wondered how long it would be, before you threw in your tuppence worth. Thanks for the kind words, but really there's no need. We aren't going away, in fact more enthused, informed and battle ready than ever. You're right, it was so close and the 45% that said yes were in the main the youngest section of the population, so the futures bright. It may take a little longer than we hoped, but Scotland will be independent, that is inevitable.

    5. Crikey I thought you would have buggered off to Cyprus by now, secure in the knowledge that there will be lots of off duty army and air force to drink themselves into a stupour in your wee bar. as we get involved in another bloody war.
      How does the fact that the SNP have now got more members than the entire UK liberals, hahaha.

  9. ch



    Turkey was very hot ...


    10% behind was a massive loss that why Alex your ex hero fell on his sword
    pronto ..splat !!! a little longer ??? yeah well i wont hold me breath


    Umm you can have a drink any time you like....cheer you up for losing when you said (loudly ) you was gonna win............Ya didnt though did ya........
    bet you cried like a baby ( tris did )

    At i pound a go...............thats the snp the nats poundshop party

    1. We may have lost, but going by the looks on the faces of the few No voters i know, somehow i rhink they feel worse.

    2. Jute

      Err! no they cant feel worse. you just know they cant
      look just let it out have good cry then the healing can begin.

    3. Here and Here they just keep coming from all walks of life strange behaviour from 'sad losers', Niko.

    4. Niko. All they have to do to make it go away (maybe) is honour their promises.

      Gordon said federalism.

      When that happens it will keep the noise down for a while.

      Although it doesn't help that within a week of it we are at war.

      Turkey is usually hot. How was it apart from that?

    5. Actually Niko I raged I never cry. I would happily punch you in the face and not have a moments problem but I realise you are just another dupe so I will restrain myself. Question, do you really like the way you won, that the side you took worked on people's fears. I have not time for people who considered terrifying people (n their own people) was the way to go. You know I am happy with the people who I stood beside, that the YES side has, note has principles and the No's lack even common decency.
      Turkey by the way can be hot, last October when I was there, it was definitely on the cool side, it went from 29C to 9C in two hours due to a weather system in Romania. Cyprus, I believe is naturally warmer, so you better get used to it.
      Oh and just in case you haven't noticed my other remark, the SNP are now over 60,000 members, we ain't going away.

  10. Most people just look at those expenses and think what they could do with that money but what it means is patronage. All those flights to london going through Fred's travel agency, the rent of the office going to the Miiners Welfare as they're not getting the people they used to, the office manager who's someones bidey-in and sister to Effie and the typist who's Jim's daughter. Everybody who's anybody in the CLP beholden to their MP, don't worry we'll get the Labour troops out for you Jim.

    Nice expenses if you can get them, What happens to Jim if they stop?


    1. LOL... Slow hand clapping?

    2. Considering they were busing in activists from down South, I thought they had precious few activists. Wonder how Jim will feel when there is no chance of preferment, no nice ministerial salary and perks. I wonder how it feels to have sold out your country. We do a nice line in Traitors, I see oor Gordie went back to the States, job done. I hope his constituents miss him, though somehow I doubt they will notice the difference. I hope he likes my curse, not being religious I cannot pray it will work but somehow, if there is some decent deity who does not work for the English, he will get his comeuppance.

    3. I wonder what kind of job Jim Murphy could do in real life...

    4. tris

      He would make a cracking undertaker ! ! !

    5. LOL Niko... You should be a recruitment consultant.

      He'd be perfect for that job...

      Actually I always thought that that bloke Hammond in the Tories would be good at that too.

      Maybe they could set up in business together.