Thursday 25 September 2014


So, let’s see…

That’s nearly a week since the referendum and so far:

The vow or pledge or whatever it was, has been put on hold by Labour because they have discovered that the poor are poor and they need to do something about that all over the UK. 

The Tories have said that they stick by the promise, but they have to include England, Wales and NI in the devo plans, however, don't worry, they will stick to the timetable of it being ready for the General Election in the UK in May next year. So clearly they think it's going to be a fairly easy job.
Massive Fail. Again.
Just as well he's incredibly rich and doesn't need the job

No one cares what Nick Clegg thinks because Willie Hague has been given his job...and in any case, he is insignificant.

Labour has announced a raft of policies, like increasing the already pathetically low and utterly unlikeable minimum wage by 25p a year, freezing child benefit, taking away the pensions’ winter payments and coming down like several tonnes of bricks on the sick, the skivers and the dispossessed so that they will learn to think back to Iain Duncan Smith and the McVile creature as some sort of very ugly fairy god mothers.
They seem to have no comment on the fact that the retirement pension is the lowest (bar Mexico's) in the developed world, and a good £80 a week less than that in Eire, Guernsey or Jersey.

The Tories, for their part, have promised England that they will reduce the amount of money that Scotland gets under the Barnet Formula, leaving out that that is what they have been doing year on year.

Someone found a massive amount of oil in Scottish waters and oil is going to last a lot longer than 2017 as Alistair Darling once suggested.. 

Ah, that makes it all clear then
We are about to go to war in Iraq for no particular reason. In these matters it is always a good idea to read Craig Murray. I suspect there is always money to be made from wars when your biggest export is weapons, and you sell them to everyone.

The Bank of England says that it is likely that interest rates will have to go up rather sooner than they had thought, so the more expensive mortgages that they warned you would come in an independent Scotland, are on the way in the UK.

I'm hearing that the prime minister has been forced to apologise to the queen for breaking the convention that their conversations are private, and for showing that she did hold a political view on the future of Scotland. 
You tell her, Dave....
I understand too that the queen has issued a statement saying that she hopes that Scotland will come together again. I would respectfully suggest that the queen sends for his bunch of vowers and tells them that when they make a promise they bloody well keep it.
Nothing to worry about. We're in good hands
And Ineos has secured a licence to frack Scotland. Comforting to know that they are such a well managed and responsible company.


  1. Their house of cards, is falling like dominoes, bang! Checkmate. I really have the strong urge, to rub the noses of no voters in the shit, they have got us into. However, being a grown up, I'll try to resist, only in the cases of the terminally unionist, my willpower may fail.

    1. In the end I think we need to remember that we all have to live together in the little country somehow.

      The people who voted No, in many cases did so because Gordon Brown or Jim Murphy or one of their other goons, scared the living daylights out of them about pensions, or healthcare or borders.

      And then of course they promised us devo max.

      And it hasn't come. I think a lot of No voters are angry too.

      Apart from the nut job ones like the EDL and Ukip and the OO and the BNP and the Red Hand of Ulster, of course. They are batty. You can rub thier noses in whatever shit you want to.

  2. You're no different to the English, Welsh or Northern Irish - just pawns in their political game. Our system of governance has to change.

    1. Long long long time no see, Vienna. Nice to see you again. :)

      You're right of course. We are only as important as they let us be every five years. The rest of the time we are but dirt on their shoes.

  3. Clear as mud sums up the UK political numpties that they have brought everything on themselves and the rest of the world will not mourn Westminster's eventual demise.

    1. We did well on Thursday I reckon.

  4. It makes me angry and I can't look at any of those politicos without wanting to puke. Grrrrrrr. Read a good post on keiser this morning, jeez imminent now means ' they have(IS) the CAPABILITY of being able to attack US not that they have threatened to. I mean we have the capability of starting a nuclear war ..... for gawds sake nobody in their right mind would take that seriously!

    1. We've heard all this crap before.

      Saddam could hit British troops in Cyprus within 30 minutes with weapons he didn't have ...we have to assume that he was a good aim with rocks and had a throw that a West Indian cricket would die for.

      They need a war. They still think that when they go to war, we forget all the rest of the garbage that they throw at is.

      Oh we can't look for constitutional change because our boys are out there fighting for us...

      Except they are not. They are being used to try to distract us from constitutional change, and the need make us forget the deviant members of the establishment.

  5. Gawd sakes they make me wanna puke. I wrote another comment about max keiser post this morning he said imminent now means the so called terrorists now have the CAPABILITY of carrying out an attack on US not that they have threatened to. Jeez just make up stuff as well as laws to suit whatever you wanna do! I despair

    1. What I fail to understand is that there is surprise that terrorists would want to attack the Uk.

      But time after time we go to war and bomb them to pieces killing hundreds and thousands of them. Without wishing in any way to condone their actions, I'd damned if I can say that they surprise me.

    2. Something that is bothering me:

      We *know* the BBC will lie to our faces about things we can check easily.

      Why are we trusting them to tell us the truth about the situation in the middle-east?

      For all we know, IS might be happy tree huggers who just want to use their nation's resources for the benefit of their nation, rather than letting the USA take it all.

    3. Just started watching Question Time on this, and something jumped out at me:

      John Swiney: "Our interventions have made no discernable profgress towards making the area more peaceful, since we started intervening"

      I'm going to point out that we started "intervening" in the area over 2,000 years ago.

      That area of the world has been the subject of more invasions, massacres, "military interventions", "police actions" and every other euphamism for "We're going to send our troops in because you've got something we want, and we want to take it for ourselves" than any other area of the planet.

      They aren't going to stop fighting back for their land and lives. And sending more troops in will just make them all the more determined, and all the more vicious. IS's actions now are a direct consequence of the invasion.

      The best thing we can do for the region in the long term is *BACK OFF* and let them calm down. Given how long we've been abusing them, it *will* take a while, but it's the only way things are going to get better there.

  6. Let us keep making David Cameron's stomach ulcers a nuisance to him.

    1. Ma'am may I humbly suggest that you serve him a pint of freshly squeezed lemon juice and tell him it's your special recipe... with that look that tells him he's in the tower if he doesn't drink every last drop...

  7. Me too, did my bit. Oh for some decent talk radio too, but Derek hopefully has got something planned

  8. Something I've said to them (and over on the Wings article):

    Since the initial £10,000 was to give you time to go and find additional funding, how much would it take to skip that step, and go straight into production *now*?

    Because if they ask for it, they'll probably get it.

  9. Hopefully Derek will do something. maybe in tandem with these guys.

    They are at nearly £25,000 now.

    They could probably get a lot more. People could stop paying for the BBC and fund this instead.

  10. DevoMax means absolutely everything (including full control of all taxes raised in Scotland, income tax, oil, VAT, business taxes, etc.) except foreign affairs and defence, though recent events make me want to include defence as well. Without a considerable amount of arm twisting (that's an euphemism for kicking them in the goolies), we'll get bugger all from WM, so we need to keep shouting long and loud about every single step WM takes away from that.

    On the subject of HM Queenie, I used to think that the main (or only) reason for retaining the royal spongers was that, if the UK became a republic, WM would introduce a US style of presidential election (you know how WM loves everything American), and that would be more expensive than the spongers. However, the thought of HM imitating a tortoiseshell tabby has put me right off. If she supports No, then hell mend her.

    1. I'm ok with joint defence desicions, as long as we get to say how much we spend on defence.

      Personally, if the UK actually wants to go federal, then I'd suggest 8 regions, each with full autonomy in everything except defence, foreign policy and banking policy, and each with a *single* vote on those matters.

      The 8 regions I'd go for would be:
      Central Belt and Borders
      Highlands and Islands
      Northern Island
      London and the South-East

      With the Isle of Mann chosing between N.I., RoI, Wales or Northumberland, and Gurnsey and Jersey choosing between France, London, or Wessex.

      They'd never go for it, of course, but it's about the only thing I can see that would stop the UK breaking up.

    2. Gordon Brown promised the federal system. He said he would be the guarantor of it. He obviously thinks he has the clout to do that.

      Then he disappeared off to New York, and left it to Cameron who is putting it off, and Miliband who0 seems to have forgotten it altogether.

      I don't want devo max because that leaves Scotland's foreign relations and defence in the hands of WM, which effectively means America.

      It means that Scotland will have to continue with the ridiculous foreign policy of pretending it really really matters, and going to war on a semi permanent basis. And that it won't be free to develop proper relations with countries in its geographical area with which it has common interests.

      I think if they were to federalise the UK they can do what they want with England, but I'd like to see our country stay as one. The alternative would be that everyone would move to the high;lands and islands which will be incredibly rich...

      The IOM, Jersey and Guernsey are already outside the UK (and the EU in the case of the Channel Islands). Although the UK administered most of their foreign affairs and defense for free. Can't see them wanting to have to pay for it.

    3. Well, they're never going to go for it, so this is all theoretical, but do you really think the North of England want's to be America's bitch?

      Or Wales? N. Ireland?

      The reason for doing the breakdown like that:
      Even number of UK-wide votes, so deadlocks are easier, so discussions have to happen more often.
      Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland get equal votes with England, so England can actually be stopped from doing something stupid that effects the rest of the UK.
      London/South-England can be out-voted 3-1, rather than the current system where they can out-vote the rest of the country.
      High population areas having small natural resources is by design, nothing wrong with adding some discouragement for people packing in as tightly as possible.

      Personally, I think just working with some English, Welsh and N.Ireland groups to get something like this on the table would get "The Vow" hounoured *really* fast, just to stop us *completely* destroying their gravey train.

      But maybe my tactical assessment is off. Not certain.

    4. It is so complex. The trouble is that you simply cannot give the same powers to a region of England, as you can to a parliament of Scotland, a nation with it's own legal system entirely separate from the UK's.

      But no, they won;t go for it.

      They will try to fudge it, but in the end they will have to do something or we will al most surely leave.

  11. Afraid Devo Max is not going to make any difference to the people of Scotland any more than independence would if the people had voted that way because it is the system that has to change and it need to change in every country. These was NO independence on offer in this referendum that is why I did not vote in it - Salmond and the SNP were going to take us straight into the EU so the Elites would have won either way. Now they are pushing for regional government for England - Surprise! Surprise! - exactly the same 9 regions in the EU that I and others have warning everyone about for years now with Scotland, Wales etc being regions of the EU as well. 85% of out laws come from the EU at present from unelected commissioners and in a months time they will be signing a treaty to take away the rest - then we will be subsumed into the United States of Europe and Euro and there will be bugger all anyone can do about it. They just like to keep everyone distracted while they carry out their agenda like the TTIP Treaty being signed just now as well.

    Salmond and the SNP would have won this referendum by a mile if they had used the info in the following link which they are very aware of but they didn't because they are controlled by masons just like all of the other political parties on behalf of the Elite Bankers, Royalty and Vatican etc:

    1. What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Talking. About?


      All we want to do is stop anyone dying of starvation or exposure in our "rich and important nation". Which Westminster seems singularly uninterested in doing.

      And I'm sorry, but you sound like UKIP.

      If we get control of Social Security (I refuse to call it "Welfare") and tax incomes, and we can do that.

    2. He is UKIP when they spout this mince 85% of out laws come from the EU at present which seems to keep going up above inflation.

  12. Totally agree.

    The Eu doesn't make us pay low pensions. In fact if the Eu set out pensions out old people would be many times better off.

    The Eu doesn't force us to go to war in the Middle East every few years, alwyas leaving the situation infinitely worse than when we got there... but arms manufacturers much better off.

    The Eu doesn't make us have nuclear weapons.

    The Eu doesn't make us foree sick people with only days left to live to go out looking for work that doesn't exist.

    It has many faults, mainly to do with corruption and over staffing like a lot of governments, including, I might add, Westminster.

    It lacks democratic credentials, but then a country with an hereditary head of state and a house of nobles and churchmen can hardly complain much about that.

    Yes, You do sound like Ukip, Billy.

    Watch the UK come out of Europe and expect America to make up the trading...

    Watch the USA laugh and say no.

    Watch all the jobs in manufacturing from Japan and korea disappear to Hungary or Bulgaria, Czech Republic or Slovenia.

  13. Dear! Dear! UKIP are just as controlled as the SNP and ALL of the other political parties - even Margo McDonald and others were going on about SNP being riddled with MI5 - but it is not just MI5 you have to worry about it is the Freemasons - Scotland being riddled with them more than any other country and them being controlled by the Vatican through the Knights of Malta.

    I was in the SNP for 15 years fighting for independence before I found out how corrupt they were as well - setting up FAKE companies to scam the honest tax-payers of Scotland out of hundreds of thousands of pounds - the reason Salmond quit the first time because he was threatened with this being exposed - plus lots more crooked goings on shows how much they think of the poor and sick in this country.

    They have also set up a police state with the single force in readiness for being a region of the EU and they have already used this to illegally arrest and jail two pensioners - Robert Green and Timothy Rustige - with lies to try and silence them from exposing the huge paedophilia problem in this country. Mustn't forget the FACT that the SNP are refusing to have an independent inquiry into the MASSIVE paedophile problem here in Scotland because it involves the masons that control all of the parties, police, judiciary etc in this rotten country.

    The joke is with you people on both sides of the argument is that you haven't got a clue about personal sovereignty - the fact that you are a bonded slave being traded on the Stock Exchange via your Birth Certificate and that it does not matter what political party or country rules over you there is going to be NO difference to your lives - all of the political parties want to keep control over you and will not change this system especially as they are all controlled by the Elites for this purpose - and actually things are going to be much worst for you all - fatal in fact - too lazy to go and see what UN Agenda 21 is all about but happy to sit and listen to any shite that your wee cult political party puts out - all who have signed up to UN Agenda 21 by the way. You are also talking shite about having to be in the EU or some other Vatican set up and controlled union to be able to trade - you sound like a unionst by using their crappy argument.

    They are not coming out with all of these fake "terrorist" attacks since 9/11 for nothing you know and the FAKE beheadings shit that they are using as another excuse to try and bomb Syria - It is all to do with their New World Order - One World Government which the EU was the first part of and now they are openly talking about the United States of Europe. The Rothschilds, Royal Families and the Vatican are behind all of this and Santos Bonacci in his two videos explains how they control everything and actually OWN you you will never realise that even if we voted to get away from the UK we will still be in the same position trading one set of corrupt controlled politicians for another controlling us with the EXACT same corrupt system. I have said what we need to do to gain real independence over at the link above but you will not get any political party doing this - the SNP had the chance in this referendum as Professor Lees gave them the info and they did not use it because they like the other parties have no intention of giving you real independence.

    1. Bollocks, I've been in the SNP for many years and they are not corrupt. Stop peddling your pish and troll somewhere else, maybe your UKIP chums will enjoy your ramblings, do sod off old chap.

  14. Actually Tris sent this email to every single Scottish MP and MSP and every councillor here on Renfrewshire Council a couple of days ago so we will see if they bother to act on it because unless they do we are not going to see any difference for the people of this country or world for that matter:

    Dear SNP MP's, MSP's

    If you really want to make a difference for the people of this country and be an inspiration to the rest of the world to do the same then use the information about the massive corruption and cover up by the Elites and the Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem parties exposed by Professor George Lees, George Bowden etc that is causing the collapse of the pension funds, banks and countries etc because of the £trillions being laundered out of them into the off-shore accounts of the people involved in these huge scams.

    By using this information no one will want to know any of these corrupt political parties when they realise how much these corrupt scum have been conning and robbing them. Get the entire party behind this as you have nothing to lose and this will get you a mandate to declare independence at the next election - You will get the full support of everyone who is aware of this fraud and fraudulent system. This system is coming down anyway if they do not manage to get their New World Order in first.

    This corrupt Tory/Lib-Dem government have created the fake ISIS - also exposed by Professor George Lees etc - as a part of this massive fraud exposed above and also in an attempt to start WW3 because this massive fraud being carried out by those mentioned above is going viral all over the world - this is why William Hague and the others involved including Michael Moore have resigned from the government and why Cameron and Hammond who are involved are desperate for war. Time to put a stop to this and bring these people to justice and every one of you in the SNP can kill both birds with one stone.

    All the info and links here

    Billy Carlin