Friday 12 September 2014


Well said, Bruce. They would use anything.
They have no problems who or what you are.

Cheap or what, pretending 12 year olds are your supporters
when they are NOT.
Oh...someone in the BBC who tells the truth?
Gee, now that's a rarity.
Eh Nick?
So it was all lies...
Even about Asda...
And Tesco
The pleasure will be enormous.

This is what Better Together means which is why we
should be supporting our foodbank, buying Caledonia
by the Libations and voting yes. There are no
food banks in Norway, Iceland, Denmark...
They trotted out Presser who had to write the words Better Together on his hand
lest looking around him he thought the organisation was Hell Together.
They always trot him out because he and Dennis Skinner are  their only working class
spokesmen. Pity Presser is now an aristocratic working class person.
... and the glory, but yeah, mostly the money which
starts rolling in with the books
and the after dinner talks and the boardroom jobs
and the house of lords allowance...
And they are Too Posh, I'd say.
Your next prime minister?
Oh look, I found something that's appealing
Clearly not a politician.
Middle window, top floor, left hand side bottom pane
Seems someone at the big hoose is a YES supporter.

They are not too poor or wee or stupid.
Lucky old them.
Why you say that Frankie?
...Oh yeah, I see what ya mean.
Edwardian may be a bit on the modern side.
Well there's one who will vote against Cameron's plans.
He simply doesn't see why they would waste good money on Jocks.


  1. Replies
    1. Has to be expected.

      I imagine the prime minister had them in promising lordhoods for the most scary stories.

  2. £ 1 Shops would be £ 10 shops in an Independent Scotland or the equivalent currency being used...............possibly Euros ............

    Tell me if you have a mortgage in pounds in Scotland at present what happens after Independence whatever currency is being used devalues against the pound and your mortgage payments rocket.

    more scaremongering later ....ha ha

    Cleaning up tazs poo up this morning saw two flys mating atop of turd most
    unusual could this be an Omen ????

    1. Mortgages are cheaper in the Isle of Man. Wonder why that is?

      You can't devalue the pound against the pound Niko, but if we did use another currency it would be as strong as the Norwegian Krona. I twould make mortgages cheaper in Scotland. On the other hand, without the massive exports of Scotland sterling would founder.

      You see all the supermarkets are saying that the never said anything about prices rising and were misquoted by the press.

      They may all wants seats in the house of lords but they also want to go on having a job.

      Really... eat your porridge.

    2. Crikey Niko thought you were away packing yer bags. Unfortunately yer still here.
      Seriously Niko, haiving been visiting all those Independent Countries in Europe, some independent for the first time in their history has revitalised me something great. Hungary, well as the guide there said, so many visitors who just never went home. Slovakia, Bratislava was once the Capital of Hungary did you know that. Not forgetting Austria, of the Eastern Kingdom, or Catholic Germany. Bavaria and Franconia, who they like to bicker but then they would still claim to be Germans. Cologne where they do not care for the folk on the other side of the Rhine, they were never invaded by the Romans either so they like us are Barbarian's. Our Guide there, son of a Lutheran minister, delighted in telling the story about how the Berlin Lutheran's finished the Cathedral for the Catholics, well actually so Germany could have something to be proud of, a monument not necessarily a Catholic Cathedral. A very different sort of discussion than the march by the Orange Order today.
      The Netherlands, the Low Country, fighting the battle to retain the land, and now all over the World.
      All those countries, proud of their heritage, some not much bigger than us. Then they do not have our neighbours. What can you say about people who denigrate you and me at every turn. Had the television on this morning, not my idea, and heard Rick Stein cracking a joke about Scotland, which they all laughed at. Well Niko I have lost my sense of humour son. So if you need a hand packing next week, away and bile yer heid.

  3. The BBC is finished no matter the vote of Yes or No they will never be trusted ever again.

    1. Agreed. Everyone knows now that they have twisted the news and held back stories that would be good for yes.

      They are no longer a reliable source of information.

      Mind you, were they ever, or were we just TOLD they were?

  4. Greetings, civilisation, sorry I've been neglecting you all. Anything interesting happening in Scotland this week?

    The less than impartial reporting by almost the entire media over the past week is disappointing and, frankly, quite worrying that in a democracy it appears to be state-controlled and it is coming from every direction. A head-line placard outside a local news-agent states "Big businesses reject independence" so the impression given is that ALL big businesses reject independence whereas the facts tell a different story.

    Gaelic radio was quite impartial until recently but now it is less so. I attended a referendum meeting and noted that Jo Lamont was spouting her usual "gobble the duke" as my uncle Matilda calls it. However, next day I caught a report on it on Radio nan Gael and the speaker claimed that she was sparkling, spontaneous and persuasive. I thought it was someone from BT but it turned out to be a reporter! I was so astonished that I nearly tail-gated a sheep that had wandered onto the road - I hasten to add that I was in the car at the time.

    As for the promises of "additional powers" to Holyrood I think we should bear in mind what Alex Neill said on the subject. He is by no means an independence supporter but in the course of his working day converses with senior party politicians and is probably the most influential political commentator in the UK.

    "Devolution, the Calman Commission, the Scotland Bill, the Edinburgh agreement, all this and more you have because Westminster parties are scared of the SNP.

    If you vote No you massively change the balance of power and they will not only give you nothing but will probably take powers away from the Scottish Parliament."

    If they are given a mandate to maintain the status quo and the message that Scotland are quite happy with alternately Tory/Labour UK Governments then the next objective from both the parties will be to attract the UKIP voters and we all know what that will entail.

    Apart from that, I'm quite cheerful! If "democracy" dictates that the No brigade triumph they will only have won a small victory and not a war.

    1. What can you say about the Democratic position of the No Campaign, Westminster et al. Methinks you that democracy has vanished like snaw aff the dyke with this campaign. I doubt that anybody will believe a word uttered in the future by these political parties.
      I sometimes feel sorry for those who are believing what these people say, because one way or another they are going to be found out as the liars they undoubtedly are. This will happen regardless of what the verdict is next Friday. If YES win and hell is not unleashed then NO has lied. If NO win and there are no extra and I mean good extra powers and given that if we vote NO we have lost the only bargaining chip we had. Then people who voted NO will realise they have again been duped.

    2. Nothing to see here John. Move along and mind that sheep.

      One of their big troubles is that now that they have offered this Devo max, or rather Gordon Brown has, seemingly with the backing of the two party leaders, if they win, what are they going to do.

      The probable reason that it was not on the ballot paper was that it is almost impossible to deliver unless whatever it is is advantageous to England.

      What on earth that is good for us, will be good for them?

      They can't just do it. They have to get it through Westminster, and whilst some people may agree at the moment, the minute that there is a no vote, individual constituency Mps will vote against anything that transfers power and money away from London.

      Back bench Tories have already said that they will block any new legislation, and legislation will be needed to transfer new powers to Scotland that aren't covered under the 1707/8 acts.

      Short of the laws being put through the Privy Council and bypassing parliament, it is not going to happen.

      I'm disappointed in the gaelic stations. Surely they can see through that daft woman Lamont. You kinda expect a bit more sense from people up there.

      As you say, there is this elephant in the room. Ukip. It's knocking on the door of the Tories, and Labour too. To some Nigel is an appealing sort of ordinary bloke (although he used to be a banker).

      We better hope it is YES, because if it's no what will they do when they find they can give us the square root of diddly!?

  5. tris and the moaning minnies

    The BBC is a state(UK) organ made by and for the preservation of the state (UK)
    Why ?????are you all surprised ,shocked by the BBC standing by its remit.
    Is anyone really suggesting Alex Salmond and the always snp tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth,If so you need your heid examined.

    You all have an agenda a cause in which you are all more than happy to subvert, deny and distort any and all facts to gain the outcome of Independence.And there is almost nothing you would not do in aid of your cause.

    So we say about you lot


    Tough titty

    1. Seriously Niko, because once upon a time the BBC had a reputation for decent fair reporting no matter how contentious the subject.

      Now I suspect they are too much in hockl to whatever government is in Westminster to risk upsetting them.

      It does mean that you question everything else they say.