Tuesday 23 September 2014


Oh the vision...
the breathtaking progressiveness
 of the Labour Party of today.
This could be the prime minister in 6 months
Be afraid.
Imagine anyone trying to out-vile McVile?
No? Well here we have Rachel Reeves
The poor man's Lord Fraud.
And then we have someone
who is trying to out-idiot Gidiot?
Hard one.
Ah yes, Baillie!
The question would have to be, has she broken the habit
of a career, and told the truth about this?
How repugnant is Ian Davidson on a scale of 1 to 10
where 1 is mildly sickening and 10 is utterly vomit inducing?
No Munguin, you can't say three trillion.
Oh ok , you can.
It fills most of us with revulsion too, John. You're well out of it.
They are a pile of racists and elitist. And thats the nice ones.
Ah, but how many have left?
This may well be the funniest thing I ever saw in my life.
Save the world, change the world?
Nah, we'll just get our greedy snouts in the trough
like we always have.
Well, its probably over 20,000 by now.
Scottish speeches at the Labour party Conference in England.
In short no one appears to give a ...
What's new?
Still there is one business in Scotland doing well.
Fortunately in Dundee...
and in Glasgow... there are people who try to
meet the needs of the poor that
London cares not a stuff about...
...Because they are too busy dressing
up in fetish costumes and
 playing the part of perverted jackasses
at (£300 a day tax free) our expense.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm not sure why people can't see this. If I'm not mistaken when Labour was in power in both England and Scotland the block grant was somewhere in the region of £32 billion a year. It's alleged that at the end of the year Scotland (in the form of McConnell sent some of it back, because obviously everything in Scotland was wonderful and needed no more money... schools, hospital, roads, law and order, etc.

      However, when the SNP formed the government and Gordon Brown stormed off in one of his huffs, the block grant was reduced. It's now down at about £28 billion. The excuse being, of course, that we are all in this together, and as Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling wrecked the economy, we must take our share of the misery.

      If (and it's a big if) privatisation overall saves money, we will ge4t less money to spend.

      As I understand it, if the UK signs this TIPP deal, the health services will all be treated by law, as one and there will be nothing that the Scottish government can do to stop parts of the NHSS being sold off for profit.

      Maybe I';ve got that wrong, but I suspect that Labour are just lying about it.

  2. As I have said previously, Labour have no interest in the working class, except to keep them poor and uneducated; thus guaranteeing voting foder. They have now been discovered, by many for the first time, to be the shysters that they are. "Scotland shire" branch in particular are on the way out, we must keep up the pressure and expose every lie and underhand move or poisoned promise, that they make. Opening the eyes of the electorate, to a positive alternative. More and more people are joining the SNP, who must once and for all; cast of the lie of "tartan Tories". A tag conveniently given to them by Labour, following the collapse of the Labour government in 79', as a handful of SNP's voted along with some from Labour and every other party in Westminster, in a vote of no confidence. The vote came after Labour refused to set up the Scottish assembly, it was as Winnie Ewing said a " fag end" of a government.

    1. They aren't making much of a pretence about it now.

      Child Benefit to go; minimum wage to rise at 25p a year; tougher than the Tories on the sick....

      So I say to Labour voters who voted no.... Don;t complain. This is the softer, more gentle side of the country you voted for.

      It's also unlikely to make the government, so look out for the even nastier side to be in charge again... and remember Boris and Nigel loathe Scotland.

    2. I didn't think they made a pretence at all, the labour voting lumpenproletariat, just drank the medicine; no matter how bitter.
      Look at, our *cough* friend Nico, for proof.

  3. Plaid voted against the no confidence motion in order to wring compensation for lung damaged slate quarrymen out of the collapsing Labour Govt.

    1. Imagine, even back in the late 70s, you had to wring compensation for lung damaged workers out of a LABOUR Government. Seriously you'd have thought that that would have been a given.

      I wonder when exactly Labour ceased to be Labour.

    2. Probably around the time they started accepting peerages.

    3. Nothing is more hypocritical than a Labour Lord.

      I noticed the other day that that wee prat McConnell actually uses his title on his Twitter feed.

      What a monkey (with apologies to monkeys everywhere).

    4. The good news is that Stairheid wants to have a conversation with us, to persuade us all to vote Labour so that they can get rid of the Tories.

      She seems to be unaware that Labour has just proposed even worse conditions for the poor than the Tories.

      As if any decent person would vote for the abolition of the winter fuel payment, a minimum wage of £8 in 5 years' time, prescription charges... and fees for education...

      Mr Brown promised that he would be the guardian of a promise of
      “A system of government as close to federalism as you can have in a nation where one part forms 85% of the population.”

      Let's see if against the odds he can achieve that.

      Labour is a spent force in Scotland. It's become a Tory Party, and like them it is irrelevant to most of us here.

    5. "to persuade us all to vote Labour so that they can get rid of the Tories."

      Wierd, that the pink Tories are asking us to vote for them so we can get rid of the Tories.


      If anyone has seen the movie "Tank Girl", remember the bit at the end where Kessler is trying to get Rebecca to admit that he's won, and you get her parrotting his words back to him:

      Kessler: Go on, admit it, just say: 'I won'"
      Rebbeca: "I won"
      Kessler: "No! Say: 'I won!'"
      Rebbeca: "I won!"
      Kessler: (screams in impotent rage)

      For some reason I feel like that.

    6. It's hilarious.

      Ed doesn;t know what anything costs, because with income of £7,500 a week he doesn't care how much things cost.

      And now Rachel McVile Reeves doesn't know how much the pension is.

      Stupid stupid woman.

      And about as much a woman of the people as Princess Goofy.

    7. Round about the last date, probably:
      James Keir Hardie (15 August 1856 – 26 September 1915)

  4. Greetings from Malaysia...been supporting SNP since 2003 and independence a bit more longer.

    Just want to share a Malay proverb "retak menanti belah" in relation to the Union and Union politics. Literally it means cracked awaiting the break.

    We just need to figure out the hammer that will shatter the Union. Maybe soon maybe a bit later but it will break.

    I can see opportunities in the form of GE 2016 and Scottish elections 2016.

    1. Sorry GE 2015 ~ God I hate mobile

    2. Hello... Friend from Malaysia. (one of my closest mates is from Malaysia although he's working in China at the moment).

      Salam sejahtera dari Scotland

      Anyway, your proverb is absolutely perfect for the situation here.

      We may have failed to get independence on Thursday but we started the end of the UK as we know it.

      We have also got a politically aware generation that won;t give up.

      Thank heavens for that.

      We shall be free of them, as you are, soon.

  5. Ian Davidson makes my blood boil, now Johann Lamont has said that Labour will target Glasgow, Dundee and West Dumbartonshire in order to win disillusioned Labour voters back. In my opinion its way to late for Labour,the sight of them backslapping Tories at the vote count, will live with me forever, and I'll never vote for them again.

    1. I wish her joy...

      Fine words don't make any difference when you're putting up retirement age, cutting child allowance, hurting sick people, cutting benefits and removing the OAP winter fuel allowance.

      If you add in getting rid of free prescriptions and charging for education...


      Actually I hope they get in to compound the misery of the ordinary person.

  6. I have a question,
    Is that a dog sniffing Eds,er Balls?
    I'll just, eh, get my coats.