Monday 8 September 2014


So, let's see, if I understand this MEP right.
 He wants to burn effigies of the
 first minister and his team.
Is this entirely legal?
And if it is, are these the words of a responsible MEP
being paid a handsome salary out of the public purse
 to represent a part of Scotland?
We should remember that whatever Jim Murphy says
about Ukip not being a part of BT this man
 was standing talking to a member of the Uk government,
Danny Alexander, at a Better Together event.
Maybe Danny's got to bring the matches.
I wonder if Cock burn was sober when he wrote that and
I wonder what kind of unholy hell would be set loose if
Alex Salmond were stupid enough to tweet like that.
It looks like some muppet has built it under
the power lines. A Ukipper perchance?
Cleansed by fire, eh David, you stupid little kipper.


  1. Does the EU have any standards for MEP behaviour? Perhaps someone should fid out!

    1. Idunno. You'd think there would be some code of practice, but then they have something like that at Westminster and look at the way they behave.

      Rumour has it that some of them spend most of their time in the pubs, and don't bother turning up for either the chamber or the committees onto which they have been elected. Funnily enough Farage's name came up under that particular little scam.

      But I think that there are extreme views from some of the nut job parties around Europe, including Ukip and some of the far right.

      I just think this should be publicised widely.

      This is the sort of people that at least some of Better Together are in bed with.

      I'm pretty sure even CockBurn won't try to set the First Minister alight.

  2. Maybe Jim Murphy could spare some of his police protection (from quizzical old ladies and oval missiles laid by birds) to protect Team Scotland in the event of a "Yes" vote, from an irate, tubby, one man army charging up from his plush home in Chelsea to light the blue touch paper on behalf of the righteously indignant...erherm...minority! That would have been cheated out of the most successful union in the universe and in time...ever!! By the pesky process of democracy.

    1. Good lord no, Munguin.

      Otherwise he might be hit by an egg, and that would surely be out of the question for one of such import.

  3. I wonder why he's mentioning Alan Whicker, the BBC globetrotter from the 50s and 60s. Puzzled.

    1. You have a wee lie down Iain!!!!

  4. We now are hearing the death rattles of the UK.

  5. As I recall from the film, it wasn't an effigy that was burned. I think he's suggesting burning the cabinet, in reality, not in effigy.

    1. I've not seen the film... I presume he has.

      So, maybe it is an offence to threaten to burn the cabinet?

      Maybe he should be lifted?

      Sounds like a plan, but let's leave him for the next week. He's a huge asset!

    2. Well ok... He's huge!

  6. Am I right in thinking that I heard that the very nice Mr Cockburn was going to lock himself inside the first effigy to be burned to show everyone just how safe they are? LOL

    1. Well, hardly be my place or Munguin's to try to dissuade such an august presence from doing his public duty.

      Go on yesrel Davie boy!