Monday 15 September 2014


There will be no new powers.
When leaders are as weak and hated as Cameron they
can't force people to vote for
stuff that will be unpopular with their constituents
This is the BBC photoshopping a No post on a Yes poster
You can ever see the YES underneath it.
This is the Sun
This is what we would save on day one
This was the 55 people that turned up for the Yes Scotland show
This is dedication. Better than Wisteria on your lum!
This is on the way to the Skye Bridge
And this is on the bridge itself
This is the couple of hundred people that were protesting at the BBC
And this is the trickle of folk that turned up for a rally in Glasgow
This is the BBC site with YES not quite fully in the picture
And this is Better Together Alone
And we all know who this is... don't we?
No eggs, please.Munguin abhors violence.
This is what we want to leave behind us
...and so is this.
And this is what we have in front of us
This is the Daily Mirror, while its Scottish
sister publication tells us there is no threat to the NHS
Do make up your mind...
Or do you simply print what the Local Branch of Labour tells you?
This is support tat Grassroots
And this is support at Murphy's level far far from the grassroots.
This is just a silly old man dressing up in fetish clothing to spend the afternoon with a queen
and other weird old men.
And this is a pretty sensible and relatively unarguable point.


  1. Replies
    1. I find him revolting.

      He's so into himself and how right he is.

  2. You and the snp keep photoshopping mobs of YES followers
    but you fail to point out its the same people over and over again.
    Another mystery is WHY aren't the snp miles ahead in the polls
    given you/the snp say the big mo is with them.........

    Ooops silly me its all a conspiracy by the dastardly Unionists
    aided and abetted by the lying BBC.

    Not so long ago I was at union meeting during which the shop steward
    asked for a hand vote on taking industrial action . Nearly every person in
    the hall raised their hands in support....Hooray !!!

    Us greybeard's said well we got a secret ballot to be carried out yet
    lets wait and see what the result is then....Fast forward secret postal ballot
    later......complete different outcome (as the greybeard's suspected )
    Nah ! I am not impressed with a load of people waving flags jumping up and down
    been there done that worn the t shirt.Its termed communal reinforcement

    There is more not waving flags shouting singing and then bullying BBC journalists lets wait and see what they think and vote come the 18th and a secret ballot ..

    I mean attacking Nick Robinson FFS wots a matter with you lot

    1. Well the two aren't quite the same.

      A union meeting where the union management want you to go on strike can be intimidating if you don;t want to go on strike.

      But who is it that goes around and gets these people out of bed to march in the street.

      Tory Boy Robinson lied on the BBC abo9ut Alex Salmond and his refusing to answer. He answered twice, with the same answer in case Robinson for all his Eton and Oxford education didn;t understand (what with the Scottish accent and all). He then said that he didn;t answer his question.

      As for photoshopping I'll add a new photo to the post showing the BBC having photoshopped a No banner on top of a YES one.

    2. Niko,

      Your second paragraph is the only sensible post I can ever recall from you. You must be proud of Labour's invention of ATOS which was gleefully accepted by your tory allies. As for Darling being paid by those who wish to privatise the NHS, are you really surprised?

    3. You might add to that the bedroom tax.

      They like to think it is a bad thing now, but they thought it was a good thing when they brought it in for private landlords' renters.

      I read about Darling doing two of these "speaking" engagements in a day and getting £30,000.

      That's the annual income of 5 old age pensioners in Britain, or 3 in the Channel Islands... in just one day!


  3. Scottish referendum: Markets put chance of 'No' vote at 81pc

    1. Are you watching the cow jumping over the moon?

    2. That's interesting.

      I don't think the bookies are reckoning on that.

      But once again I say. What will you expect people to do if they believe Cameron and then he can't deliver... or what he delivers makes life worse for Scotland?

      I'd say massive victory for SNP/Green/Scottish Socialists in 2016 and another referendum.

    3. Oh lord love us. Nick University Tuition Fees Clegg has just signed another pledge.

      The biggest liar since Pinocchio has promised a whole pile of meaningless crap, and so have David We Won't Put Up VAT Cameron and David Miliband.

      They have done this illegally, of course, as we are in purdah and no new policies are allowed to be promised by either side, but what the hell do rules mean to the millionaires who went to good schools and have connections.

      In Britain if you are rich laws don't apply to you.

      That's one of the reasons I dislike it so strongly.

    4. Niko, you continue to believe that whole lot of rubbish, do not forget the whole tranche of people who have been signed up by RIC, you know the disenfranchised poor, those who have been left to rot by NEW Labour. No Poll has asked them how they are voting. Was speaking to a fellow Yesser yesterday, comes from the same background as us. He said he has had nobody but the SNP round the doors in one of the Labour Heartlands. Says it all.

  4. Yes, but we haven't been offered it... unless you take the word of david Cameron, Nick Whatshisname and David Miliband.

    They may be in power, but as has been pointed out over and over again, they can;t do it without the London parliament saying yes.

    The Tories have already said that there are enough of them against it to block it unless it is good for England and bad for Scotland.

    they can outvote us by 10 to 1.

  5. Never mind, Tris- only four sleeps to go and we're out of here!
    No more empty promises, no more Tory lies, no more privilege (it means private law, fact fans!)

  6. It's the only thing that keeps me going.

    We need to get out of this place, even if it breaks Cameron's heart... like he has one!

  7. Hi Niko

    Do you believe in Santa Claus also?

  8. Tris Watched David Cameron last night whilst making the tea, all yesterday this and that, no vision of the future and that is what is missing from NO. We know what happened in the past, we recognise the Future is a strange land but it is not devoid of hope. Ian McWhirter said yesterday that it did not matter to someone in Glasgow whose face was on the money they did not have, so very true.

    1. David Cameron is fighting for his job. David Cameron cares about that. He cares about David Cameron and more or less that is it.

      Empire; how we conquered a quarter of the world is a part of the history of these people. They are proud of it, because they made a fortune out of the pillaging. They should remember that as their kind grew rich on what they took for their empire, the poor of Glasgow lived hand to mouth on starvation wages in damp overcrowded houses with no sanitation, often dying because they couldn't afford medical treatment or couldn't work through illness.

      His proud past of Great Britain is only a proud past for those who had.

      Other people's great great grandparents didn't get much out of it other than tuberculosis.

  9. Alex Smith, As someone suffering from insomnia in a big way right now I promise to murder anyone who tells me how many sleeps till the referendum. I am spending the wee sma hours of the night deep in my Kindle which is turned down low not to annoy Husband. I doubt until Friday night I will sleep again.

  10. Strangely enough my Mum died of TB shortly after I was born, a good number of my contemporaries were not vaccinated because one or other of their parents had it. So not even as long as our Great, Greats, I am talking the late nineteen forties.

  11. Song for Wedensday:

    "My way is clear, and I know what I must do tomorrow"

  12. Panda... Niko is Santa Claus... St Niko