Sunday 25 May 2014


Mark Coburn, who cycled from Rome to Scotland to raise money for the YES campaign arrived home last night. Munguin's intrepid reporter was on hand to catch a couple of photos of him. It's worth mentioning that he did the bike ride with a broken bone in his elbow and four cracked ribs.

Munguin's woman on the scene was none other than Arbroath to whom Munguin sends his sincere thanks for sharing the pictures. Expenses are paid, he reminds her, on the usual basis. (Anything over £500,000 is reimbursed fully.)
Mark, his bike and Arbroath's car!
Mark with Arbroath, her partner and a friend from YES.
More photos on Yes South Annandale Facebook page

The Euro part of the election results hasn't even been announced yet (counting can't begin till after the polls close in all countries... and even then Western Isles won't count on the Sabbath so we won't have the final results till tomorrow), but based on what, I'm sure UK politicians see as the more important elections (English local councils) the knives are out for all the party leaders.

It's been hilarious listening to them wriggle and squirm over the last few days.

The parties are turning on their leaders and factions are setting up. Conservatives like our old favourite Jacob Rees Mogg are urging a pact with UKIP; Labour MPs are calling Ed Miliband weird and there are widespread calls for Nick Clegg to stand down.

But fear not. None of them will go. It's far too near the UK elections and the Scottish referendum for that, so we will have all of them to laugh at for a while longer.

My favourite interview has been Gideot telling us he respects Nigel and the people who voted for him and that they/he must do more listening to and understanding "ordinary" people. (He'll have to meet some first.)

The phrase that keeps coming to mind is: "when thieves fall out, honest men come by their own".

Talking of which...
How useful this will be to the average person from Glasgow or Wick.
Will Londoners be helping to pay for new sewerage in Stornoway?
And isn't sewerage in England a matter from private companies?
How handy this train will be for people in Kirkcaldy, or  Keith.
Hop on and hop off.
Studies have shown that it has the potential to damage the economies of Eastern Scotland
and yet we will end up paying £& or £8 BILLION towards it.
Oh the benefits of the greatest union ever known to man or beast...
And, just a few months in they are starting to question whether
the will be able to sustain the universal delivery. Look out
fro massive price rises in all but the biggest cities in Scotland
It speaks for itself. Add in the BBC money taken from Scotland
to be spent in the UK. All the taxes from Tesco and its
 likes  that go to London. What a rip off.
This is what I just don't understand Labour.
What is their motivation?
Well, of course, there is this. Eh Robertson, ffoulkes, Martin,
Liddell, and Wee Jock (it's a kilt I tell ye) McConnell.
No daft Tory aristocratic titles in Scotland
Oh yeah... and that.
Doubt you'll do that in Edinburgh.
Actually, you have to travel every day. Tough!
Unless of course you like having the lowest pension
by comparison to average wage in the developed world, in
which case the UK is just superb.
In fact what you pay would buy a far far better set of public services
So, you read it in the Financial Times,
that well-known pro independence paper...?
They used our taxes to commission a report and when it didn't
 say what they wanted it to say they hid it.
Does that sound familiar?
Oh, I feel so safe with that big safety blanket of the UK's
broad shoulders and clout to keep me from harm.


  1. Invoice is in the mail. ;)

    It was great to meet Mark, along with around 20 or so other like minded supporters yesterday. We were able to sit down with him and have a good wee chat over a large cup of coffee, us not Mark he had a soft drink. He admitted to being completely taken aback by the support he received yesterday. I think he thought he had nothing better to do than just cycle on through Gretna onto Dumfries. :)

    In fact it wasn't just us but quite a few cars passing us were blowing their horns in support as well.

    I think the first poster you have is being a wee bit hopeful there. Let's face it Thames Water building a new super sewer for only £4.2 Billion, but it may go higher. I think there use of the word "may" is totally superfluous here because I can almost certainly guarantee the cost of this super sewer WILL cost more than the £4.2 Billion, after all we're talking about Thames Water here.

  2. Tell him congratulations from Munguin.

    Yes of course it will cost a lot more. That goes without saying. It may well double.

    The thing is, why are taxpayers building it?

    Didn't the shareholders know that they would have to do this. Did they think that the Victorian sewers would last forever?

  3. So Scotland can be a fairer Independent country ???? meanwhile the snp msps
    distort subvert alter adjust and spin any and all reports at Holyrood.
    to substantiate their flimsy assertions on any benefits to being a small independent
    nation.??????? what !!!!

    No under the snp one party one leader state what fairness can there ever be
    unless through the snp patronage, One thing is for sure the snps politicians share of Scotlands GDP has grown faster than any section of Scottish society.

    Much faster than the share of GDP the poorest children in Scotland receive
    tell me snp erse kissers why didnt the snp use the existing powers to raise
    more from income tax to help the poor Scottish children ?????
    Any answers then????

    obviously less the snps creaming off there share of our ££££££ cash


    How goes the yes vote in the opinion polls these days

  4. You're like an old frazzled alcoholic sitting in a pub muttering to himself.

    Quite sad really.

    1. Not quite that nice surely?

  5. Niko,
    Unable to comment without being abusive. Says it all really.

    1. Imagine anyone being abusive to Niko.

      Oh yeah...

      He only does it to wind people up.

  6. So that's what Arbroath 1320 looks like! Good to put a face to a name.

    1. I'm betting you wish you hadn't seen that photo now PP. LOL

      I think the phrase "armed and dangerous" comes to mind here. Armed as in walking stick always in hand and dangerous as I have a propensity to fall out of my chair when one of its wheels are off the kerb, as happened recently in Annan, but the less said about that the better. Still I did take one for the team that day. LOL

    2. Don't get on the wrong side of her... That stick could do serious damage PP!

      Still we're coming on...we've seen Arbroath and we've heard you on the radio.

      All we need is a video of Niko ...


  7. Oh well niko right again as usual

    1. In what way Niko.

      Actually you know the reason that no one uses the income tax thing. And never will.

      One tax or even two or three taxes is a hopeless weapon to ahve in your armory.

      What you need it total flexibility with taxes.

      And you need the money that is earned in your jurisdiction to have tax payments made to YOUR government not one in the next county that will waste it going to war with oil rich muslim countries with non-royal rulers.

      To simply put up one tax is impossible. You have to be able to balance.

      But you know that, because labour did exactly the same thing.

      Niko right?

      Please don't make me laugh.

      And don't believe what you read in the papers. They aren't by and large owned in Scotland, and almost all of them are Tory supporting. In short...they tell lies.