Monday 26 May 2014


Here he is, your new representative in Brussels. Fit, huh?
If you need to contact him he lives in Kensington, England
Does that make him an immigrant here?
I dunno, damned kippers coming up here taking our jobs.
Anyway the fun thing is that he wants to debate
 immigration with Alex Salmond.
 Bring it on. It will make the dispatching of Carbuncle
look like a Sunday school outing
Well, it's a miserable day for Scotland that far right racists from London
have won a seat to represent us, but every cloud has a silver lining.
This result is likely replicated all over the country.
So this is where the shame can be apportioned
Remember this bloke. He apparently was Scottish,
although he didn't sound or look like it, but he didn't half hate us.
No National Collective. He's a Tory.
He probably is happy to have them on board
The perfect pair
You'll only get .25 of a litre in there Nigel... oh sorry
1/2  pint.
And finally...the two have become one.
I wonder if he'll keep his pint in his handbag!


  1. From various comments I've read today I think our Nige's representative in Scotland will actually end up doing our fight for independence a world of good. I don't think our Nige thought that would happen. Vote UKIP in European elections and set Scotland free! :-)

    1. Seems like a complete muppet.

      Interview this morning where he couldnt think of one thing that he would do for Scotland... then he rattled on about H and S and couldn't actually find one specific thing that he was going to challenge... as if it would make any difference.

      Then he said it was early and he'd been up all night and he was tired.

      Just like Nigel when he implied that every single Romanian was a thief.

      Still, mustn't fall into that trap myself. It's quite probable that not every UKIP MEP is a racist, homophobic, woman hating, right wing Scotland loathing neanderthal.

  2. Coburn looks a 'nice' fellow, I'm sure we'll all fall victim to his charm in the course of the next few months...

    1. Keep taking the meds Conan, right meds WRONG dose though. LOL

    2. Probably pulled in the women's votes on his sex appeal, Conan. He reminds me a bit of Alistair Carbuncle (only obviously, he's not such a dying breed).

      A propos of nothing....have you tried Specsavers?

  3. Didn't the ukip get around 13,000 votes in Glasgow?

    1. Not according to the Scotsman, Anon.

      But they have been known to get things wrong. After all they only have one journalist and the tea boy these days in a couple of rooms in a run down back street of Edinburgh!

  4. I doubt that those who voted for UKIP knew anything about their policies but rather voted for Mr Bloke who likes a pie, a puff and a pint - a man of the peopole, just like them. That is the image aided and abetted by the media and could not be further from the truth. Hope a similar party in Cyprus don't put an end to immigration?

    1. No, you're probably right, although this country has it's share of racists, John.

      I have a neighbour whose first assumption whenever anything happens in the area, is that it was 'the Poles'. It's quite amusing the sincerity with which he feels this dislike of people who fought shoulder to shoulder in the war he talks about so much.

      There was an incident not long ago in the middle of the Saturday night ... a bit of a drunken affray!. The next morning he came to tell me about it (as if I cared) and according to his story it was two Poles who had caused the problem. The truth was of course that it was two Scots aff thier heids!

      Someone left an empty can of Polish lager on his window ledge one day and the "the Poles" got the blame, despite the fact that it's what they sell at Lidl, and everyone, including me AND HIM, buys it. I pointed out to him that you don't have to be French to like a glass of Chateau Neuf du Pape, but it was lost on him.

      His son in law has an hotel in England's lake district, and he employes eastern European workers and complains bitterly that the EU DEMANDS that the hotel give them accommodation while they are here. Nonsense of course, but you probably prefer your summer waiting staff to not live on the streets.

      After he complained for at least 5 minutes about the iniquity of this imposition from Brussels, I gently suggested to him that it was possible that there were one of two young English people in the vicinity of his hotel that his son in law might consider employing. The EU doesn't force you to employ Poles!!!!

      He sees none of this. He's simply consumed with hate for people who aren't British.

      He probably voted BNP.

      Yeah... imagine if Niko ended up living next door to someone who hated immigrants. We'd have to go over and sort them out for him. (Two weeks in the sun being looked after by Mrs N and Taz.)

  5. Scotland has it's share of racist biggots (I have unfortunately met a few in my time) and UKip offers them a vehicle to express their views.
    However,for British Nationalist supporters to celebrate UKip success in Scotland,they tar themselves with the same brush and by so doing alienate themselves from the vast majority of Scottish voters who detest UKip and all it stands for.
    The BT mob have now made a rod for their own back which will cost them dear over the next few months.

    1. Me too Bringiton.

      There's something utterly sickening about racism. Such an idiotic emotion.

      But you are right. They have even unwittingly associated themselves with the far right... That they voted UKIP in an effort to keep the SNP out is almost unbelievable.

      This is not the referendum. It's a tiny voice in a massive parliament.

      Better Together with Fascists.

      Well, one thing to the good. The weather should clear up soon.

  6. There is a money making opportunity here for STV as top billing Farage versus Salmond debate.

    Al Jazeera to film Yes Kirkcaldy referendum talk

    A public discussion on the Scottish referendum organised by Yes Kirkcaldy is to be filmed by Al Jazeera, the Arabic TV channel.

    The event, the latest in a series of conversations about what independence could mean for Scotland, is being held in St Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy, on Wednesday and will feature guest speakers including musician and journalist Pat Kane and the director of Business for Scotland Ivan McKee.

    Organiser Marie Penman said: “Apparently, Al Jazeera are sending a film crew to spend a week in Scotland, reporting on the build-up to the referendum, and they were keen to attend a live discussion on the topic.

    “They thought of Kirkcaldy, because it’s Gordon Brown’s constituency, and were delighted to learn that our Yes event is being held in the church where Mr Brown’s father was once minister.”

    The event on Wednesday begins at 7pm and is free and open to all.

    Sorry for posting whole script but some people don't always follow links.

    1. Ha ha ... I wonder how many Nokia's the ex politician smashed when he heard that news. Thank goodness some broadcasters aren't in the hands of the right wing British establishment.

      Maybe Ukok will do to them what has happened to the BBC in places like Zimbabwe. Ban them!

  7. Replies
    1. LOL... If I were a politician I'd never tweet.

      Far to easy to make a fool of yourself in a few letters when you're "tired" or drunk of whatever.

  8. Another excellent post Tris, well looking at the results this morning I am simply not that bothered, How nice Scotland is exactly like England, Auntie doing her best to make us feel at home, and all the tame Jocks, apologies to all the less tame. Well they all came out the woodwork to give Scotland a bashing. Well looking at those results, seemed to me that the stupid voted in droves for Ukip, all the ones who will normally vote Labour in the Labour wards and Tory in the Tory wards, then we have the brainwashed and for that we can thank Auntie Unbiased and her nephews and nieces of the Fourth Estate. I don't think one person could articulate the reason for voting Ukip other than they don't want all these foreigners. Well here is the rub, neither Ukip, Labour or Conservative or even alicsammin will be on the paper they have to complete in September, only Scotland and if you like the renaming to Greater England, you have your choice folks
    Where is Niko, could he be worried he will be a foreigner?

    1. It's OK Helena. Don't worry.

      He has Taz to look after him, and if he gets any stick from foreigners when he goes to live in British Cyprus, John and I will go over for a fortnight and set things straight.

      Maybe you'd like to come too. I've heard that Mrs Niko does a lovely mince and tatties!

    2. She does the tatties, Niko provides the mince.

    3. Brilliant....

  9. tris and the snp malcontents..(Helena whatever )
    Scotland has many many racists from the snp ,Labour. Conservatives ,lib Dems well in fact in all the partys/parties and not of any party or political affiliation.
    to pretend otherwise is total nonsense just like the snp bull about how
    all the Scots love all the other Scots and non scots as well.

    now the overwhelming majority are more tolerant i agree but in life there are bad people and the Scottish nation harbors a fair few as well.

  10. Niko,

    Racism is based on ignorance and you are quite correct. There are ignorant elements in our society but I like to think that they are a tiny minority.

    1. I think there are a fair number, John, particularly in the poorer areas.

      I remember one group of long term unemployed people I worked with in which to a man (and they were nearly all men; very few women registered LTU) blamed their situation on "the Pakis".

      I asked them (remember that this is Dundee; small immigrant population) to tell me where they had seen Pakistanis doing work that they could do. None of them could think of anywhere, until one decided that it was in corner shops.

      So, I got a bloke in to talk to them about starting up small businesses, and rexplain to them where they could raise money and how they could get all sots of grants and help from the council, government jobcentre etc...

      Strangely not one of them expressed any interest in actually doing this kind of work.

      Still it gave me a break from talking to them, and it bored them stiff for a whole afternoon. Serves them right for trying to blame people who had nothing to do with their situation.

      I think there are fewer here than in some parts of |England, although in honesty I think it's more likely to be because the immigration situation here is so drastically different from that in the Midlands and North of England, and London.

  11. Just some *ahem* light relief for you Tris.

    Think you'll love the third one Tris. 1 minute 15 seconds in our man from UKIP *cough* claims that 26% of people in Scotland want out of the E.U. and to remain part of the union. Now, as you know Tris, maths is not my strongest suit but I think even I can figure out that if 26% want out of the E.U. and to remain part of Broken Britain then that means 74% want to remain IN the E.U. and OUT of Broken Britain. Doesn't it? LOL

    1. LOL LOL LOL

      What a bloody idiot.

      Where do they get these people?

      They are even thicker than Labour!