Wednesday 28 May 2014


"Financial Times"


  1. The truth is out of the bag, BT can't shove it back in.

    How long before BT are so self-discredited that Scots voters cease listening to them?

    1. They have lied about every single issue; they have been found out, and either moved on to lie about something new, or (in the case of Jackie Baillie and some others), just gone on lying about the same thing regardless.

      Note to Jackie: You were ponce shadow health spokesman. You must know (unless you are REALLY thick) that the Scottish health Service is, and has always been, totally separate from the English, Welsh and Irish ones. Therefore it stands to reason that the countries becoming independent of each other will make no difference. We'll still help out English patients who need it, and they will still help us out.

      Yet Dean, people still believe them.

      Of course they are fed the lies by the BBC and most of the press, so I guess who can blame them for being taken in?

  2. Well in answer to your question, no, not ever. It seems that according to a person writing in to the Guardian about the fact that NOB Orders have had their adverts with drawn from the cinema, our so called Government, and remember they still are till we tell them to b*gger Off in September are continuing to lie to us and according to this person who styled himself Lithuanian Scot, said that after living under the Soviet Russian Regime he recognises all the signs, I reckon he is being kind. The British Government could have taught all of the great propagandists a trick or two. Question is do you feel you are wanted or do you think it is just the resources and the landmass they want.

    1. The dark arts of propaganda and lies have long been a skill mastered perfectly by the british Empire.

      They managed to persuade people that India was being run for the benefits of Indians, when it was effectively being run as a private company, interested only in profit for London.

      They told people living in the slums of places like Dundee and working in jute mills, that Jute was making the Empire rich. many of them didn't have enough money to feed themselves more than a few days a week, and no one could afford the doctor.

      They are and always have been a set of lying self satisfying bastards worth of nothing more or less than utter hatred.

      Tories like Osborne, Duncan Smith, May, Fox-Werrity, Clegg, Alexander and their Labour counterparts are contemptible trough swilling pigs interested only in their own self aggrandizement.

      It's the status and the money that they worry about.

      I wish them all not a bit of joy.

  3. Westminster have lying to Scots for over 3 centuries and old habits die hard.

    1. Westminster has been lying to every, ever since there was Westminster...

  4. Tris 11.43am.

    Why don't you tell us what you really think of them Tris? :-)

    1. Hmmm... probably because I don't want the blog taken down, John !!


  5. BBC rewriting furiously.

    Now LibDems are infighting over Oakshot resigning.

    1. HA ha ,,,, good one.

      Yeah they are incapable of running their little party, never mind the country.

      Where's Nick's "long game" now?

      In the bin, I'd venture to suggest.

  6. Tris

    It's all starting to unravel but has it come in time, maybe yes maybe no but if it gets some people to understand how they have been duped for years that could be a good thing. OT watched the replacement for Newsnight Scotland bit with John Smiths daughter, I can only assume she got the gig because she is John Smiths daughter and as we no BBC Scotland just hate the Labour Party. It was shocking, I even thought bring back Brewer, it was so bad it was scary. It can only get better as it could never be much worse, no challenge, rubbish format, rubbish presenter etc etc etc.


    1. That's the trouble Bruce.

      They are lying, but who knows about it?

      FT sells about half a dozen copies in Scotland and The I isn't exactly a big seller.

      Instead we have the Sun and the Record and the Hootsman which don;t seem to run with these stories.

      As for the BBC. About as useful as Nick Clegg, and only slightly less dependable.

      Good article on your blog about the Liberals by the way.

  7. niko...batshit madMay 28, 2014 6:40 pm

    tris and the malcontents.....or

    Nationalist scum i bring your words of wisdom and some succor
    although i fear it is like casting pearls before swine

    Friend in Ukraine has been difficult to contact but did email today
    this is a part of what she a Russian speaking Ukrainian wrote.

    ' As for the situation in our country, please, don't believe what you see on the screen. We live our ordinary life and nothing is going on. NOTHING - can you believe?It seems to me that there are mass media or someone else games. And people are tired to fallow the news and try to live as they had always lived before '

    Umm can you believe what you see or read the media ???

    the baby was a girl......

    1. Thanks for your pearls. That's interesting.

      The media, I suppose need stories to be stories to sell papaers.

      Not much news in "everything is more or less ok".

      I take everything in the media with a pinch of salt.

      What baby was a girl?

    2. she was in hospital in Odessa having a baby and thus unable to reply to me

    3. Ah ok
      Tell her Munguin says "Congratulations". She might want to name the baby Munguina after him....

  8. The past year has been a real eye-opener on the hideous state of the British newspaper media and BBC who have been exposed as nothing more than grubby charlatans doing the dirty work of Westminster - case in point above.

    Whatever happens in this referendum there is one thing I am certain of which is that the British media will never be trusted and believed again by the great majority of the people of Scotland.

    (By the way can anyone tell me whats happened to Derek Bateman's website as his link has not been working for me for several days?)

    1. Anon. Stuart did a piece on what the media has said, or rather not said, about Danny Alexander's lies.

      But the Daily Mail editor contacted him to point out that they had a page in the middle of the paper about it.

      Derek's blog went offline before. I can't remember why.

      I was just thinking that I hadn't seen anything from him recently.

      I hope all is OK.

      I don;t have a problem with the no side. It's to me a daft option for the future, but for those who feel British and love London and like the current regime... and some do... it is not unreasonable for them not to want change.

      But what angers me is the perfidy of their means of attack.

      It seems to me that if you take an academic's report and spin it like hell to say that it has said something it DID NOT SAY, you are a liar.

      Can't really argue that.

      If something is disproved and disproved, to continue to peddle it as fact makes you either a fool or a liar.

      To imagine that an academic won't take issue with you using his report to sell an argument that it doesn't prove, makes you out to be a fool too.

      These people aren't stupid Danny. They aren't chancers who have somehow by chance got themselves a high level job.

      They are intelligent intellectuals.

      No wonder the Liberals have fallen apart at the shewing!

  9. Your headline question - the answer is NO, NOT EVER. Something that needs to be yelled from the rooftops day after day after day.

    I'm 67. I grew up hearing that Scotland was subsidized year after year. I now understand that they LIED to me Year after Year after Year.

    1. Yes. All the time they were telling you that you should be grateful to hardworking English taxpayers, you were, in fact, subsidising them.

      Thanks Britain.