Thursday 1 May 2014



  1. There is no such thing as the bedroom tax, after making enquiries at HMRC ,I was assured I would receive no attachment to my pensions or salary , nor will I receive any communication from the local authority asking me to register for the collection of this rather mysterious tax,maybe it is just the subject of someones over active imagination.

    1. Really Anonymous? That’s interesting that you would bother to check up with the government, just in case you should owe them something. How patriotic.

      Well, you call it what you want, and I'll call it what the rest of the country is calling it.

      There's nothing much in a name if you are need an extra bedroom, or if there are no homes of a suitable size for you to move to. Or if, quite simply, the cost of moving, which can run to thousands of pounds, is completely beyond you.

      I could understand the support for this, at least just a little, if there were suitable homes for people to move to, although I would still consider it wrong that people HAVE to move from their HOME when their circumstances suddenly change and they find themselves with an extra room for whatever reason.

      What that says to them is that this is not a home and their neighbourhood is just a place to live. Don't look after it; don’t join anything; don’t get involved; don’t take on responsibilities; don’t make friends. You can be required to move within a week of someone leaving to go to university, or being taken into a long stay hospital, or dying. It's not yours; it’s not your home. You're only a poor person. You don’t deserve a home. You only get a place to live. That sends out a great message.

      It’s not even economically sound, never mind socially or morally.

      In most of the country there are few state owned houses thanks to incompetent government policy and an obsession with property ownership.

      And most of those which are still in public ownership are in seriously run down areas. People who do move often have to move to privately rented accommodation, rented from profit making landlords, who, as we all know, charge the maximum allowed for rent, usually higher, by a good way, than the council house rent and therefore costing more in relief.

      In some cases the only alternative to may be to move to a slum estate, change your child’s school (with the attendant costs), and accept the risks that living in a rundown estate brings

      Perhaps we should take the same attitude to the royals. Surely with only two of them now, the Queen and Philip no longer need Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyrood. And surely Charles and Mrs Parker Bowles no longer need that massive Clarence House with only the two of them knocking about in it.

    2. Let us change the benefit cut name to the Gordon Brown Tax. His administration started it.

  2. The problem with Cameron and his cronies is not incompetence, but the evil nature of their policies (make the rich richer and blame the poor) which they are all too successful at implementing.

    Les Cunningham

    PS Attempts to comment using my WordPress profile do not seem to work.

    1. Strangely Les I have had to revert to my Google profile as I seem to also have lost Wordpress. I just thought I had been moderated off because of a rather strongly worded comment the other day.

    2. I can't comment on Wordpress.

      Do you think there is some sort of competition with them?

      Yes, I'd agree that they are evil. The way they are making the very poorest people pay from the mess that the richest got the country into is quite literally diabolical.

      People like IDS, McVile, Grayling, Fox, Freud, et al are disgusting trash, but as well as that they are incompetent too.

      They get nothing right.

      LOL, Helena. I don't moderate people off. Well, unless they go really wild...

    3. I don't think it was you for a moment, I think something happened when I hit the return, who knows. Wordpress and I have not been best friends. I think I am not a good person with them.

    4. LOL Poor old Wordpress... It doesn't like me at all.

  3. Only someone entirely unaware of the reasons for people being housed as they are would have instigated this, but then we can call upon Dear Gordon and Tony for that. They instigated the first so called Bedroom Tax, for those in Private Sector Housing, a little known fact. Of course as we know we live in a wee bubble in London called Westminster and never thought for a minute that those equally nasty Tories would then use it against Labour's constituency.
    I remember writing in the Independent that we, my Hubby and I would have had a wheen to pay if we had not been lucky enough to buy our first house after six years in a house in Livingston. because we had a three bedroom maisonette. we only need one. That things are bad enough for those who are able bodied, for the disabled things get much much worse. They often need storage space. I used to work for the incontinence department and shall we say unless you had a room to keep all the stuff you get delivered just from them, you would not be able to move.
    David Cameron is incompetent but what can you expect of some insulated Public School Boy who was well looked after by the Family.

    1. Yes, exactly.

      You don't want to get sick, or be in a house that has a spare room, or be made redundant, or get into a legal situation where you need help to defend yourself.

      Housing is for the rich; and being unemployed is now tantamount to being convicted of rape; justice is only for those who can afford it. Pretty soon medicine will be for the rich too.

      A dentist friend of mine was telling me yesterday that he was on a course in Manchester, and he was talking to some ENHS dentists there. They said that each patient now has a limit in England, and if they go over that limit for the year, they either have to do the work for nothing (not likely) or they have to maltreat... ie temporary fillings until the new financial year.

      The Tories and their vile little helpers have turned the clock back to the days where there are those who own the country and those who are here to serve their betters.

      Disgusting place. Hope we can get out of it.

  4. Oh Dentists, I have a wee story about my NHS Dentist and sorry he worked in Scotland. Before we were forced into private dentistry we thought he was a good dentist. We went for our six monthly check ups and both of us had one tooth in which the filling just never stuck. So for a long while we were back constantly having said teeth filled sometimes on a two weekly schedule. When he retired we found a private dentist who discovered that said dentist was filling over filling and in my Husband's case cost him and his insurer a considerable amount whilst this was sorted out. In my own case my errant tooth has been fixed for the last three years now, I had every filling replaced. Now we were lucky, our Private Dentist did not go the whole hog, the replacement for our previous one was going to charge and arm and a leg, but I now wonder how bad the NHS Dentists really are. I am an ardent supporter of the NHS so it sits badly with me that I am using a non NHS Dentist.

    1. Helena

      Use private dentist but give out faux guilt over the not supporting the nhs . How wery New Labour/ snp behaviour
      im sure your feeling of guilt don't give you sleepless nights .


    2. I used to be with an NHS dentist, but when Labour/Liberals were in power in Scotland they dismantled the NHS dental service.

      I was advised by the practice that they were stopping doing NHS dentistry because it cost them more than they got in return.

      I was told I could try to get a dentist to take me in Dundee, but they were doubtful I would find one, and in any case, if I did, it would only be for a short time, before they too went private.

      So given all that, and that I am terrified of dentists and the one I had there was really good and put me totally at ease, I agreed, reluctantly, to go private and stump up for a private dental insurance on top of the money I pay for NHS treament.

      When the SNP government arrived they started slowly to reintroduce NHS dentistry, and eventually my practice started taking on NHS patients again, but my own dentist did not take them, so I decided to stay with him, because I trusted him.

      If it hadn’t been for the Lib/Lab making NHS dentistry unworkable I’d still be with an NHS dentist.

      I can assure you I’m not in the pay bracket that can afford private health care.

    3. Much the same with us, we used to have Tesco Dental Insurance which at the start was excellent, my Dentist said extremely generous and it was, so generous that it could not last. They got worse and worse and we eventually have taken on the plan they have in the Dentist which covers the cost of Hygienist and Dental inspections.
      Niko, in case you think I am a closet Tory let me disabuse you, my Dad worked all his life carrying coal for a living, my Mum worked in a whisky bond. We lived for the first sixteen years of my life in a Tenement room and kitchen till they decided, the day I left school for good to knock it down before it fell down, I have worked for forty four years and am now retired. My husband and I worked hard for what we have, the state has had no hand in it. I am a member of the SNP. Can I ask why if you are relocating are you bothering what we who will remain in Scotland does. Why do you not just b*gger off and be done with it.

      Apologies Tris.

    4. Don't apologise Helena...

  5. The worst thing about the bedroom tax is that:
    a) as a 'welfare' cost saving device, it only works if people ARE forced from their homes

    b) it doesn't work as a mechanism to get larger families into larger social homes anyway since there aren't enough smaller social homes for people to move into

    This is among the most unethical policies in the history of humankind. As ethically vile as the poll tax, only even worse since it is happening thanks to the LibDems propping up a Tory government with only 37% share of the vote. At least Thatcher had percentiles in the 40s and her own majority/mandate to empose her evil policies!

    There is no defence for the bedroom tax. None at all. It is ethically defunct.

    1. yep thats right Deano and the snp refused yes refused to help Scots quite happy to see Scots thrown into the gutter. just to hopefully gain a few votes out of peoples suffering.

      It was only when Johann Lamont forced the nats to back her that anything was done to stand against this attack on the vulnerable.

    2. Oh dear Niko... sounds like you're wanting Munguin to scratch that little patch behind your ears again?

    3. The present government has supported people as much as possible under the current UK ;legislation.

      With the support of Iain Gray, Nicola wrote to Lord Fraud asking him for permission to increase this amount. Despite reminders, as far as I am aware, the Noble Aristocrat has failed to reply.

      I thought Gray and Sturgeon worked well on this together, but it's sad to see you try to score political points out of it.

    4. Yeah Dean...Munguin says .... NO!

    5. Dean, yes it is quite indefensible to have the so called Bedroom Tax, and the Scottish Government with no control over Welfare have done what is in their power to mitigate it for those badly affected, Strange that your pal Niko should choose to castigate them whilst leaving alone those who had better thongs to do than present themselves at Westminster and vote for their own motions. Then Labour brought in the first Bedroom Tax for those unlucky enough to live in private lets, but then people like Niko would much prefer that forgotten. Come to think of it has anyone seen Niko and Johann Lamont in the same room?

    6. That's a scary thought... whichever way you look at it.

  6. Deano

    Just watching that Tom daley goes global.....cant let him be seen on his hols with a good looking boy oh no ! so they put a pretty young girl
    with homophobic is that ???

    1. Completely...

      I'm not sure why ITV think that it is necessary to do that in the 21st century.

      Sad really.

    2. Same situation with his boyfriend Lance Black. Somebody steals photos of his ex-lover and him having sex, and sells them for money (perpetrator convicted too!)... and years later his alma mater refuses to let him on campus because of them!

      I KNOW if those photos had been him making love with a lady, he'd be up there delivering the alma mater graduation speech on the day.

      Homophobia is rife, and it is thanks to vile parties like UKIP making it acceptable.

    3. To be fair.

      The pretty young girl is his best pal and its a travelogue program, not a gay pride documentary.

      The guy has only just come out, he doesn't have to dive straight in and be a 'warrior for the cause' - no one has to do that if they don't want to.

      Also, I rather suspect Niko is being disingenuous in his criticism.

      Not that I watch Tom's program right enough. Because I don't. I may have caught last night's episode but that was all... Because I don't watch it.

      At all...

      It goes without saying, the Tories and there extension of the bedroom tax is dire stuff, penalising the poor because of the mistakes of the rich.

      It and they are the antithesis of Tom Daley.


    4. Oh well, Tom and his programme pales into insignificance next to the people who are being charged for a room that, depending on their circumstances, either they desperately need, or don't want but can't afford to move from.

    5. As as a gay person... final contribution on Tom Daley, and his new life as an out and proud person is ...

      "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of male voices suddenly cried out in delight and were suddenly silenced. I fear something magnificent has happened."

    6. Three guesses which sci-fi movie (and character) I've twisted the quote from?

      Clue: it isn't star trek :P

      *there shall be a scratch behind the ears from munguin for the winner

    7. I would hazard a guess Dean that it is that other Star Pic, Star Wars, I am not a fan but something which says Force says that to me. Yoda and all that sort of stuff. I like Sci Fi and I am a fan of fantasy, gets you away from the real life rubbish.

    8. I'd say it was Star Wars too... Unless it's "Lost in Space".

      Munguin says he's very fussy whose ears he scratches...

      But for a fee...


    9. Star wars ... obi wan.

      Terrible programme mind. Star trek & babylon 5 much better!

    10. P.S would he scratch behind my new avatar picture ears? Look how cute they are! wiggling all over the place :P

    11. He'll do it for a tenner!!!!