Monday 12 May 2014


In a debate run by the Royal College of Nursing, with  Dr Ian McKee (former SNP MSP) for YES Neil Findlay MSP (Labour's Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing representing the NO side, Dr McKee pointed out that a Yes vote was NOT a vote for Alex Salmond nor was it a vote for the SNP. 

Fair enough. It's what we have all been saying. In 2016, in an independent country, we will chose for the first time, who taxes us, who runs our foreign policy, who takes care of defence and who pays our pensions, as well as running the domestic agenda. it may be Labour; it may be the SNP; it may be a coalition... indeed with the matter of independence out of the way, it could even be a coalition of labour and the SNP!

However, in his response Neil Findlay said that a Yes vote was a vote for the
SNP, as they would most likely win the 2016 Scottish Parliament election.

Amazing to find that a shadow cabinet member has conceded defeat, not at the count, not on the day of the election, not even during the campaign, but a total of two years before the vote takes place.

How dismayed with the leadership, the potential leadership, and the policies, must you be to have given up THAT far in advance, especially since, by the time the election comes along, the SNP will have been in government for 9 years?


  1. I said this a couple of times over on WoS.

    I think the BT lot are not really trying anymore and couldn't work out why, except for some internecine warfare goin on at their HQ; the silence of MacDougall and Flipper Darling.

    Up it pops, the Tories are taking over the BT campaign, by remote control, No Borders being one example of this. There may be more efforts but, I think they are too late as we are entering the start of the funding. So we can expect some dirty tricks and under the table financing?

    Anyhoos, Labour's erse is oot the windae and they know it.

    1. They keep on coming up with big schemes...

      They had Alistair Darling, the safe, very British, pair of hands, till they found he was boring people to death; they were going to use Charlie Kennedy and Annabel Goldie too, but they never showed up for anything. They had Michael Moore till they discovered that he was a tad on the lightweight side and replaced him with a bruiser who fell at the first hurdle when he ran crying to adjudicator that Nicola was bullying him.

      They tried threatening us with lords and ladies of aristocratic status, but the first one to open his mouth was met with ridicule, even by their own supporters... The end of civilisation as we know it. I know people who actually crossed the floor at that point.

      They have sent a variety of stuck up remote millionaire Tory cabinet ministers to talk to us, no, to to AT us, about how crap we are, from Philip Hammond, laughing at the idea that people would ever join a Scottish Army, to Osborne, telling us that what we had thought was a British pound, was, all the time an English pound, which they had let us use, and he wasn't going to let us have it any more. We had that dotty old woman Tessy May telling us that she'd put up borders, and Silly Willie Hague telling us they wouldn't let us in the EU, Nato, UN, or anything else.

      We even had the other daft Wee Willie telling up we'd have to renegotiate treaties hundreds of years old with countries that no longer exist. Come back Napoleon.

      Brown was supposed to come along with his clunking fist... which it seems he did. The man who destroyed British pensions (exceprt his own) and who left millions of people with a miserable and poor old age, came to lecture us on how our pensions would be crap, without a trace of irony, on the day that a report was issued saying just what kind of a mess UK pensions are.

      And then they were going to have some nonentity called Frank Roy sort us out for good. But the idiot MacDougal chose the day of his introduction to lambast Soutar's donation to Yes, calling him a homophone (which he is), but somehow forgetting that his new secret (or not so secret) weapon voted against his own party against equal marriage.

      They even tried to blacken the name of some perfectly decent ordinary people who had the fortune to win a vast amount of money and donate some to a cause they had always believed in, without any regard for the fact that they have been accepting money from organisations that supported terrorists.

      I mean, as a disaster, you don't get more efficient than the No campaign.

      As for Labour... seriously, who in their right mind would want lamont as first minister?

    2. That would be homophoBe!

    3. ?
      Like yer bums oot the windae?

      Not all, de mon part.

  2. Replies
    1. Och we knew that! :)

    2. You sub species Bugger CH.

      That was Japanese,

    3. Contraintes financières, soit en chinois soit en japonais!

  3. They're trying *really hard* to make this Labour vs the SNP.

    Shame that that means that they have to admit New Labour don't have a chance when they have some real competition.

    You'd think the capitalists would be happy, what with competition driving the marketplace and all that. There was a good post a while back that was a letter about us changing our supplyer for government functions, phrased like that.

    1. I noticed in particular that on the rare occasions that someone manages to talk to Lamont, all she wants to do is run down the SNP and mr Salmond. It's her only argument.

      She has made the whole thing a personal battle... and that seems a rather foolish thing to do when you are as inept and ill-fitted for the job as she is.

      No doubt Alex Salmond is a man who excited great hatred as well as great affection... but although most of my friends are probably Labour supporters, I've never yet heard one of them express any admiration for Lamont. Not a word.

    2. I've just seen Stu's post on Dougie Alexander, who appear to be the next great british hope...

      No comment needed. They go from bad to worse.

      Next... Maggie Curran! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...etc.

  4. Well Tris we now seem to have Dougie Alexander in charge in place of the hapless Darling, that should be such fun, silly man, I really want to call him a boy because he always seems that way to me. Well seems he is so inept that whenever they put him in charge they lose. So fingers crossed they cannot remove this one.
    Some think he has been removed from the Labour GE campaign as Miliband is going down in the polls already and the Campaign hasn't really got off the ground yet.

    1. Well, certainly, Helena, everything Dougie has ever touched sees to fall apart at the seams.

      It looks like replacing Darling with him will be a reincarnation of replacing moore with Carmichael... frying pans and fire come to mind.

  5. Replies
    1. So I see... Well, I note that Stu asked if he had a recording of it... thereafter followed silence.

    2. And that guy seems to make sense.

  6. Tris - further to your comment at 11.09 I have roughly calculated the composite number of Labour leaders (Holyrood),Westminster, SoS (Lib/Lab mix) and our current and past PMs at approximately 25 persons. I have for the sake of decency not included those variously at the helm of the BT No vessel or its hapless Cabinet boys and girls press-ganged into temporary service. This number of 25+ 'here today, gone tomorrow' compares interestingly with the stable integrity of the Yes Campaign, its many political and professional associate groups, and the SNP leadership over the same time-scale. Little wonder they are attempting to target Mr Salmond.

    1. LOL It's wouldn't be worth Yes targeting anyone in the No campaign. They'd have been replaced by the time the story was published!!!!

      Dougie Alexander will be gone by lunch time on Saturday!

  7. Next... Maggie Curran! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...etc, love it.
    I have always thought the SNP, would be the first post-indy government as; they are the only party geared up for such an eventuality.

    1. Well the others say that they haven't even entertained the idea of an independent country.

      Of course that means that if it happens they will presumably adopt all the policies of their English betters because they won;t have any of their own.

      So we can look forward to going to war when America tells the UK which tells Scotland, to paying the same benefits and raising the same taxes, from which, of course, people like Barry barlow will be exempted.

      In fairness Alex Salmond, when asks says that he refuses to contemplate defeat...

      The truth is that both sides will have contemplated losing. Only fools wouldn't.

      But I repeat, for no particular reason: Maggie Curren Bla ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...oh stop it Tris!

  8. Even you should know the drill by now, no matter what the subject or theme, Labour are 100% obsessed with the SNP, you know the kind of thing, asteroid hits the earth Labour it was the SNP's fault. Tidal wave hits south east Asia, it was the SNP's fault, Boko Harrem kidnap the Krankies,it was all the fault of the SNP.

    1. Yes. If you don;t have much of a ball to play, you play the man.

      How they hate Alex Salmond. Presumably this is because he stole their scone.

      As soon as Tony Blair set up the stupidly managed devolution systems, Labour reckoned that Scotland and Wales were theirs.

      Of course Eck came along to upset that, just as the Clunky Fist reached Downing Street... and we all know how that went down...


      It's Alex Salmond's fault that Brown went off the rails!

  9. Con Dems dish out £30k taxpayer-funded PR contract to the firm of a No campaign boss

    British idea of democracy is do as you are told as we want to keep at the top table to steal other people freedoms to fund our rulers in the city, or should that be shitty, of London financiers so that they can live in luxury forever.

    1. They really are a pile of low life bottom feeding pond life.

      Sooner we have no more to do with the corrupt bastards the better.