Monday 5 May 2014



  1. Thank you so much for that, I think that says so much for many of us involved with the YES campaign, we want a different Scotland we want a Scotland which will participate in the World peacefully as is our way.

    1. Two different political organisations... two people in agreement that we can only get a decent society if WE decide on it. not the warmongering, self important Westminster politicians.

  2. Onwards and upwards.

    The visceral hatred of Westminister politics

    Having just spent a week in first the Western Isles, and second in Glasgow, hatred of Westminster is by far the most dominant factor in people who told me they were voting yes to Scottish independence. The theme was constantly repeated to me. For some, voting Yes is a long deep seated desire for an independent Scotland. But for far more it seems to be a relatively recent desire to have nothing to do with what so many spoke of as “the sleaze, dishonesty, and self-serving London-centric politics of Westminster”.

    1. Good article.

      Westminster is so corrupt, so self serving, so pompous, unreachable, far away geographically and politically...

      I mean seriously, which one of us really cares about most of the crap they talk about?

      From minutes after they were found out stealing, they were back at it. Renting houses from each other, buying furniture for the homes and charging to their second home, employing their relatives, and screaming at staff who question them, like there were important, as opposed to being public servants.

      The Lord that was sent to prison for stealing, was, within a few months of getting out of prison early, back clocking in for 10 minutes to get his money.

      They make you utterly sick.

      And the things we care about, they don't.

      These are the people who berate social security claimants.
      We care about sick people being told to get a job a few weeks before they die; we care about people having to go beg from food; we care about pot holed roads... and on and on. They don;t give a stuff.

      I'm sure that it is the same in England.

      I imagine that the people that Mr Snow normally mixes with don't give much of a care about this... but then Westminster is as detached form Newcastle, Cardiff, Liverpool, Belfast as it is from Edinburgh and Inverness.

  3. Jon Snow on independence referendum: his conclusions reached are encouraging for the YES campaign!

    (In case Tris missed this one, it really is rather important I feel)

    1. Just read it Dean... thanks.

      Yes a good and encouraging article.

    2. Dean do you read other peoples posts? LoL

    3. LOL It doesn't matter... I'd rather be told twice than not at all... :)

    4. I make a point of enjoying Tris articles, then responding. What you say cynical, or Niko invariably never interests me.

    5. Thanks Dean...

      I'm chuffed.

      We should, I think, all remember Margo's words.

      Regardless of which side we favour, we are opponents, not enemies.

      I have to say that sometimes I don't live up to that much.

      But I'm redoubling my efforts...

  4. Tris

    I think momentum continues to be with the YES campaign but as usual the media are playing their unionist part by ensuring that the biggest grass roots campaign in the history of Scotland gets no coverage and that is shameful. The Sunday Herald is a start and fingers crossed it will lead to one or two others.

    John Snows article is pretty decent as he captures the state of affairs really well, esp regarding the fact this is not about England or English people but about Westminster and democracy and that scares the no camp.

    I must admit I just cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can ever support the no side unless they are being paid. I think they know they are losing now and while they will become increasingly desperate as we get closer to Sep, and no doubt the fear will be psuhed to the fore, I believe it will result in more people going to the yes side.

    I also hope that UKip do really well in England in the Euros, I don't care about the party at all, I don't think they are racsists to be honest as they have many members from ethnic minorities, but it is the fact that many in England are voting for them as a protest and disgust with Westmionster and the main parties. That is a movement that I want to see encouraged as it might just lead to something huge in England, and with YES in Scotland we are possibly on the brink of something historic and people led. That can only be good.


    1. On the basis that the Euro elections aren't that important, from the point of view of actually getting anything doe, I think that they can be used to express pleasure or disgust.

      Maybe a big Ukip vote wiollo concentrate minds.

      I dare say Farage isn't actually racist as in hating someone because they are foreign, but his party attracts a lot of nutters. who are.

      They also, many of hem hate women, Scots, gays, and disabled people...

      In fact even if it is not party policy, they are a hateful lot.

      They seem to think that being part of the Britiswh market is important, but not part of the far larger European one.

      For them it is ok to have our money spent on bombs and our youth off there fighting whoever is annoying America at the time, but we can't have a Polish plumber or a Dutch doctor (although we can have a German PA).

      Strange that!!!

  5. Tris

    I know people who are voting for them who are same as you and me. I think they will go through what the snp did in the 50s with the lunatic fringe. I don't agree with their politics at all but they are learning quick and that will impact on their vote.


    1. They want to get rid of the Scottish parliament; they want all conditions to be the same all over the UK... education, health... and we know they aren't going to want to bump them up to Scottish standards. They are scary, even the ones that aren't racist and hate filled.

      I've never met anyone who would admit to voting for them.

      You're right about the lunatic fringe, and I suspect that there are plenty of them who don;t go around telling black people to go and live in black countries (specially when they come from South Africa themselves!), or saying that Downs babies should be terminated...

      But they are still trying to shuit down half of the UK's industry.

      The point is that British jobs for British workers may be ok for some people, but if the EU goes, there will not be that many British jobs left for all these British workers.

      I think they need to figure out their policies and cost them properly... At the moment I can't see how they add up.


    Warning in advance...

    This could make you vomit.

  7. Ah - The Brooksbank Centre! "Oh dear me the warld's ill divided, them that wark the hardest are the least provided - - - -"

    1. I once did a jobs' fair there....


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