Monday 5 May 2014


Warning: some sweary words....


  1. Excellent points, well made. Couldn't disagree with a single one. And it's so great thattheyvwere made by a youngster. I hope his parents are extremely proud of him. I would be.


    1. Agreed.

      All true... all how I feel. Particularly the one about "because I'm not a nationalist".

      It always annoys me that people like Iain Davidson want to classify us as "nationalist" in the mould of Hitler. Most people who support independence are not nationalists, even those who belong to the Scottish 'NATIONAL' Party (not 'nationalist')

      Iain Macwhirter wrote the other day about how ridiculous it was that people were comparing Farage and Salmond and finding them similar...: " I cannot think of any two politicians who are less alike than the UKIP leader and a First Minister who supports the European Union, unilateral nuclear disarmament, green energy, open borders, increased immigration etc.."... and that etc is quite a large one.


  2. Bravo and so well said with a guid strong Scots voice. Kieran your are an absolute joy.
    I have said this Referendum will be won by the thinkers, the folk who will listen and work out what is in their interests. Those who will not listen, who believe anything they are told will be dragged along screaming and kicking but they will be given a better future even if they do not realise it yet.
    As a member of the Scottish NATIONAL Party, if only those who formed it had called it something else, but it is the party for the NATION, not the nationality. I think our First Minister has said as much himself. We are not natural xenophobes in Scotland, we have always tried to get along with others.

    1. Yep. He's a total credit to himself and his folks and friends... and all of us.

      You're right about us. It is not about ethnicity or nationality. It's about a country which would like to have its own government as more and more it finds itself being run from far away by people with a very different agenda.


    2. Helena

      ' so well said with a guid strong Scots voice '

      Err !

      ' We are not natural xenophobes '

      But we like a guid strong Scots voice umm bit
      of a strange one there .lots of snp supporters have
      a distinctly non Scottish accent.
      but still Helena prefers a strong Scots voice

      oh well back to the drawing board for Helena

      “BRITANNUS (shocked).
      Caesar: this is not proper.

      THEODOTUS (outraged).

      CAESAR (recovering his self-possession).
      Pardon him. Theodotus: he is a barbarian, and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature.”
      ― George Bernard Shaw, Caesar and Cleopatra

    3. Considering that my generation became bilingual, Scots was not considered proper either at school or with many of our working class Mothers who wanted their children to "get on". So we spoke Scot out of school, away from our mothers. I was a rebel, I can be as proper as anything but I can also speak a bit of Scots, not enough. I would have enjoyed that speech in any accent, even if you had made it, but I forgot you are a Better Together person, who is running away to an Independent Country. Oh the irony.

    4. @Niko.
      Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds; cannot change anything.
      George Bernard Shaw.


    5. Niko... yer an auld blether...

    6. “HOSTESS. Oh, nonsense! She speaks English perfectly.

      NEPOMMUCK. Too perfectly. Can you shew me any English woman who speaks English as it should be spoken? Only foreigners who have been taught to speak it speak it well.”

  3. Actually on thinking about what I said about those who think and about those who do not, I have to say it is more about those who have been misinformed, who trust those they should not and who continue to vote against their own interest, This is happening on both sides of the Border. There are former Labour/Lib Dem and Tories voting in protest with Ukip, I wouldn't say they are voting for their own best interests. WE have those who believe every word uttered by BT and I do not mean the Telecoms co. I feel sorry most of all for them, because some of them will be in a terrible state should we win but we will be in a terrible and truly terrible state should they prevail.

    1. I honestly don't know what I'd do with my vote if I lived in England.

      I guess I'd vote Green, although I have a feeling that I'd not get on with most of the greens...

    2. Me, I would take the Monster Raving Loony Party over any of them. I think they probably have all the sense.

  4. Excellent Tris.

    I have only one itsy bitsy wee quibble with Kieran though, he could only come up with 25 reasons to vote YES? No seriously that is an excellent video. He makes the points very well indeed.

    We need to spread this video far and wide to every undecided voter as well as every NO voter then ask the NO voters to come up with their 25 reasons for staying in this broken union.

    1. abbie

      easy peasy just say Alex salmond times
      nuff said

    2. I bet Kieran could have found more reasons but they only had so much battery in their phone!!!

      Reasons to stay in the UK... hmmmm

      1. It would please Niko, who's going off to live In Independent Cyprus.

      (OK, I know it's a flimsy reason, but it was the only one I could come up with...

      except for...

      wait for it....

      C L O U T.

    3. Niko.... Belt up....

    4. Whatever you're on Niko it's right Meds WRONG dose!

      That post of yours makes absolutely NO sense at all. Still as you're obviously still trying to find reason number ONE of 25 then I can understand you slipping off the rails a wee bit there. LOL

  5. Great stuff. JimnArlene