Saturday 17 May 2014


This is brilliant. It had me fooled when I was watching it... then I spotted the little YES sticker at the bottom right hand side, looked at the guy's handle (Laugh out Loud about the World) and thought... Genius. 

The thing is that it's not a kick in the butt away from the stuff that Nob Orders is coming up with, and before them Better Torygether.

This guy has a brilliant future as a satirist if he can do this at 16.


  1. Is that the video you meant to post? Good video about the Yes campaign, but it ain't satire.

  2. OK, the page just refreshed and there's a different video now, looks like the right one.

    1. Ohhhh... Wondered what happened there Rolfe?

  3. This was a Scottish "accent" I pretty much couldn't understand. But from about half the words I caught, I became worried about the fact that you'll never be able to visit England again. No more dining at the fine restaurants in London, for example. But then I realized that we're talking about England and the English, so no problem about the restaurants.

    1. Ha ha, Danny... There are some fine French and Italian, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Thai restaurants in England.

      You can eat well, as long as you eat foreign!!!

      But to be fair, Scotland is the same... although there are some fine Fish adn Chip shops.

      Edinburgh is a great town, but Paris it ain't!!

      He he,... His accent was quite strong. The Noo Joysee of Scotland I'd say.

      I can't make out a word they say!

      The worst British accent for understanding is probably Newcastle area or "Geordie" as they call it.

      They did a documentary at one time about out of control kids there for showing on English TV, and had to put up subtitles!!

    2. He..he... Subtitles! Amazing how Britain has such a huge diversity of accents and dialects. In the states, the so-called "Down East" accent of Maine and upper New England is strong and distinct, but not so different as to present a problem with understanding. Of course there are noticeable variations in the "Southern" accent in the broad swath from Texas, across the Dixie South over to the Carolinas. But it's all a "Southern Drawl." Understandable, but annoying beyond measure. ;-))

      As for fine food, thank God we were able to get McDonald's to you. I believe you said that there are even McDonald's joints in Paris.....a place that REALLY needed American "cuisine."

    3. Erm Yes. I actually had a McDonalds in Paris... with a nice glass of vin rouge...

      There is also, much more popular, a fast food chain of Belgian origins called "Quick", all over Paris.

      Moderately better stuff than McD's - in my opinion, if you are forced to manger a la pouce (eat off the thumb).

      I can understand most American accents, although I agree with you, the southern drawl is annoying, specially when they are talking Republican tripe. But the New Jersey one beats me... It might as well be Greek!

      I kinda liked the New England, Maine accent, reminiscent of Cabot Cove!

    4. Indeed, some of the actors playing the citizens of Cabot Cove did the "Down East" accent of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont really quit well. The New England accent is quite charming to listen to, even the variants from as far down as Boston.

      There's a story that General Eisenhower when in Europe was told about an interpreter. He was told that the guy spoke perfect English....that in fact, the guy was originally from New Jersey. IKE inquired how it was possible for a guy from New Jersey to speak English, perfectly or otherwise.

      I'd heard about the vin rouge at the French McDonald's. Perhaps a vintage? I've heard that May was a very good month. ;-))

    5. Yeah, I'm inclined to agree with Eisenhower on that one...

      The early days of May are particularly good... 3rd and 4th (morning only)!!