Tuesday 20 May 2014


Mr. Kennedy represents Ross, Skye and Lochaber at Westminster and Mr Thompson Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch at Holyrood.

Charlie Kennedy

At the event billed as a Referendum Information Evening in Fort William students, staff and members of the public heard a friendly and good natured debate between the two elected representatives. After the opening remarks by Messrs. Thompson and Kennedy there was an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Although the MSP and MP agreed upon many things on the night they, of course, diverged on the question of independence.

Dave Thomson
At the end of the evening the college conducted a secret poll of attendees asking how they would vote in the referendum in September. The results were:

  • 63 Yes
  • 25 No
  • 2 undecided
This was a very convincing win for Yes which we hope will be replicated in the real referendum.
The only way to keep Farage out in Scotland, is to vote SNP. The polls show that the Greens won't make it and the Liberals are finished. The last seat could go either to Ukip or the SNP. Let's make sure it is not Ukip.
Munguin's mates, Shona Robison and Humza Yousaf
in Dundee last night
Are you trying to stir up trouble Mr Kelly?
Would this suit your ends? What exactly are your ends?
Do you know any Scottish people?
That's the Tories for you.. soiling their "strides"...
Jeez, who's called trousers "strides" in the last 80 years?
500+ in Galashiels last night for Nicola
Dear old Nick got involved, which was a bit of a mistake
Especially as he was promising to guarantee stuff.
Why don't you get out a pledge board, Nick, you know
like you did with the student fees...?
Well, it's a long afternoon with no one to talk to.
Much more... infact every fibre of his being
(except a debate with the First Minister)
Do jellyfish have "fibre"?
Hmm, you work for the BBC?
Hilarious. Imagine the daft bat doesn't know how to spell where she comes from...
Try again Karen and choose a place you know. West Kensington maybe?
So grassroots you could feed it to George Osborne's horses.

Where were the Labour MPs fighting against this?
Respecting the traditions of Westminster?
Why can they shout over every other speech and not that one?
This is important. It REALLY isn't about England. It's about SCOTLAND.


  1. Tris

    I totally agree that YES is winning on the ground and in the debates all over the place but you have to hand it to the British establishment and their propoganda machine, the msm, and their ability to brainwash people on a scale that the soviets must have envied.

    Been following a BT person called historywoman on Twitter, oh my God save us. They have the nerve to call YES supporters cybernats even though most like myself are not nationalists in the SNP sense and vote for them as a means to an end. This woman, if really a woman, is unreal and so funny. Her hatred for everything SNP, AS and YES is unreal. She hates Scotland and Scots and is happy to be ruled by Westminster even though she is not ruled at all. This has cheered me up no end and helps my resolve for a yes vote.

    I should save the tweets and post about them as it would put so called cybernats to shame.


    1. I know Bruce. They were always going to be nasty. They have lied about stuff they knew absolutely to be untrue. Pensions, interest rates, Europe, the Pound, and on and on and on..

      I have no doubt that as the time of the referendum comes up they will invent something else. I don't know what it will be, but they will almost certainly try to scare us, or shame us into voting no.

      Watch for a war, terrorists attacks, health of the royals...

      I suspect that there is nothing that Westminster won't sink to.

      Ask Dr David Kelly's family and friends.

  2. Love the pics and download copies to pass off to everyone. Pictures work when they cant be bothered talking or are in too much of a hurry.

    The Dumfries YES pic is a beauty and it will get the message over big time .

    Thanks for the hard work you put in. It does NOT go to waste.

    TRis , there are many "scots" like the one you mention , blind to everything. Even admitting we are right on one tiny point would mean they are wrong and they cant be wrong can they ? But thats ok because we are winning. We are united . We will get the Scotland we want.

    thanks again YESGUY

    1. Yesguy...

      Thanks again for your kind words.

      I agree that pictures are an excellent way to communicate.

      People are reading so much now that maybe the message goes across better with pictures.

      I liked the Dumfries picture. I know there are some people with issues about England and the English, but my problems are not with them, but with the UK.

      The poster said all I want to say.

      It's not you guys. I just don't want to be governed by you. No more than I want to be governed by the Hungarian government although I love Hungary and every Hungarian I've ever met.

      I have to admit though, I would be happier to have the Norway or Iceland government... but most of all, I want our own.

      I've just been watching Dougie Alexander talking to the Kirk's General Assembly, and yet again he had nothing of any consequence to say.

      The same tried and tested garbage about families, the greatest union of all time, blah blah blah... never mind the wars and nuclear weapons and food banks and poverty and bedroom taxes... Just the kind of things Jesus would have been really happy to endorse.... Not.

  3. I shall say this only once.

    Terry Kelly is mentally unwell.


    In a Wings poll 53% of Scots don't know/ think that the Scottish NHS is run from Westminster.

    The Scottish MSM should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. We were listening very carefully David...

      Yep. He's certainly strange, and in this case he is troublemaking, with the kind of consequences that I'm not sure that he's thought much about.

      Maybe he doesn't think much about anything. Certainly seems that way, from that poster.

  4. Comical as hell to see only one person browse the BT stall now thats funny, meanwhile David Cameron on a Radio 4 show today has intimated that if a no vote prevails, that's it they'll no more independence votes,period, so as Elvis sang "Its now or never.

    Also the Secretary of State for anywhere but Scotland Alistair Carmichael, said in yesterdays Daily Express newspaper, that the "Facebook Generation were staunchly opposed to independence.

    1. Well, of course, David Cameron has no right to say that there will not be another vote.

      I reckon he will be the PM for a while after the next election, but he will be replaced, almost undoubtedly, at some time soon after that, mainly because he's crap and even his own side don't like him.

      If the SNP put an independence referendum in their manifesto, which they are bound to, and they win, or are in a coalition with the Greens, then there will have to be a referendum. If someone like Cameron decides to refuse his permission, then up-on his own head be it. It would demonstrate to the whole world what he thinks of democracy.

      As for Godzilla Carmichael, he would definately know about the Facebook generation... It's funny how almost every time young people go to a debate, the Yes campaign wins.

      Typical Tory, he's not got a clue about people.. and the Daily Express is not really a newspaper, is it?

      But if that spurs more people on to vote yes, then fine, let's believe it.

  5. tris and the malcontents

    What surprised me wuz the fact 85% of cash for the YES separatist campaign
    came from one donor.........I mean if it wuz that popular why aint nobody donating
    hard cash.
    dont cost much to march about having mothers meeting for the malcontents snp
    followers. seems to me a bit of a straw in the wind. its not looking as good for the
    separatists under all the froth and bubble you aint making the inroads you need to win.......

    1. Apparently a million has been raised from "ordinary hard working families" " up and down the country", should probably have a "decent" in there.

      Given that it is mainly the rich that support staying in Britain, with the tax breaks and the clout, it is odd that most of their money has come from Tories in England, who want to hang on to the oil and not be broke.

      Of course there has been "ordinary" money for the No campaign too, but there was also a sizeable amount from someone who supported terrorism in the Balkans or somesuch thing... and I understand that Tony Blair made a donation, for his accumulated millions... you remember him; the war criminal whose correspondence with George Bush on the subject appears to have gone missing. (I wonder how that happened).

      Anyway, the Weirs are ordinary people, who came into a lot of money. As well as supporting both the SNP and the Yes campaign, they have given vast amounts of money to help people much less fortunate than themselves. Unlike the Nob Orders blokey who is a Tory millionaire, and who appears to have funded the grassroots campaign all by himself, from London.

      We shall see whether we shall win or not Niko, and as long as all has been done fairly and no one has lied or cheated or been found to have done anything else illegal, I will have to accept the result, even if I'm not lucky enough to be able (like some) to escape from the hell hole that is Britain off to Cyprus and a decent government that doesn't want to run the world with my taxes, while my neighbours starve

    2. Bravo Tris, the Weirs are decent people who as you said came into money. They were always SNP supporters in fact the husband stood as a candidate. I suggest Niko shuts his mouth before they donate another million just to annoy him.
      When is this reprobate off to Cyprus and give us all a break, surely there is somewhere cheap for him to live?

    3. I'll pay his fare!!

  6. 'I can topple the snp Government'

    1. You do realise Andrew Mitchell has probably never even been to Scotland???? (Well, we hope he hasn't and that he won'tcome in the future.)


  7. ' Cyprus and a decent government '

    Well thats not quite true but the fact is i dont care you trade one thing for another
    in my case a shite cypriot Government crap health service for some warm weather
    and a different life away from the UK.

    Just thought you should know i aint quite as old as you think it will be eleven years before i would qualify for a uk state pension.............but thanks to Gideon i can get my private pension early and all in cash. Its not gonna be coming up roses for me.
    but i its time for a change of life.

    1. Well Niko as a pensioner now, I will give you a bit of advice, if you spend it early it will not keep you into old age. I suggest you buy a good bit of land and use it to provide you with food.

    2. Yes, good advice. This move was probably made so that very ruich employees could take all their money out and put it in the BVI to avoid tax.

      But if you end up left with just the state pension and nothing else, you have the life of a pauper. It's subsistence money.

      Even if/when they increase it, it will still be £60 a week less than people in Guernsey get.

  8. Niko... don't tell me you have become a Tory?

    I'm very happy for you to be able to get out, seriously.

    The weather here is hardly conducive to a comfortable old age and the cost of heating is prohibited unless you're a banker. I'd leave in a second if I could afford to, but I can't.

    If the same Gideon has his way though, it looks like the heath service in Scotland will have to follow the heath service in England and be sold off to the Tories mates. So very soon it will be as efficient as the last things they sold off.... pensioners' homes, or railways... you know, the most expensive and slowest and least efficient ones in Europe!

    I didn't think you were that old Niko. But I'm too polite to ask about your financial affairs or your age. So even better, if you can take early retirement and enjoy it while you still have the energy for stuff.

    I'm sure you have taken into account the financial implications of early retirement.

    It seems that the state pension in the UK won;t be payable until you're too old to enjoy it, and even at that, it's the lowest in the Western world by comparison to wages.

    I don't really know about the Cypriot government, but they can't be any less able than this bunch of public school idiots.

    Anyway, Munguin and I will be coming out to visit you. I don't mind where I sleep, but Munguin likes the presidential suite wherever he goes.

  9. Just a youngster Niko, eh? So you're going to vote NO then bugger off leaving the rest of us to a Tory/UKIP coalition?

    Where's yer solidarity noo then...

    I swithered about taking early retirement this year, but decided to hang on, as I quite like my new job.

    1. Yeah, Niko will be alright Jack, I mean Conan.

      Sunning himself on the terrace, doing a few odd jobs for beer money, growing grapes and making Chateau Taz plonk, maybe he'll end up opening Niko's Taverna after all.

      And he'll vote no, although it won't make squat worth of difference to him.

      Think how proud Spook would be of him, if he voted YES.

      Anyway, on other matters, how are you keeping these days?

  10. A lot better thanks Tris. Around summer last year I started to get really painful reflux, and started treating it with 'Alka-Selltzer'.

    Bad move.

    It turned out I had no less than three ulcers and the aspirin in the medicine was causing them to bleed. My blood count went down to just under 5, although I didn't know it - I thought I had a stomach bug. Vomiting both ends, so to speak.

    A&E on Friday the 13th of December, transfusions in both arms, put in a side ward, as my GP later bluntly put it 'to live or die'.

    As I said, much better now...

    1. Horrific experience, Conan. I guess it demonstrates the problems you can run into when you self diagnose.

      And yet we all do it.

      Very glad to hear you're better though.

    2. Good Heavens Conan, glad you made it, you are much to precious to lose. Have caught many of your comments over the period and agreed with them all.
      I took early retirement, well it was that of go and work in a bit of the organisation I was certainly not suited for. Ended up in the NHS Scotland for the remaining time till I could retire and have been now for just about seven years. Never been busier.
      Tris Loved the pictures, every one told a story I also thought the vote YES Dumfries one encapsulated all we keep trying to tell those across the border but seems the ones on the comments pages do not choose to believe or are terribly rude, Spent an afternoon last week on the Torygraph, oooh, made me feel really dirty and then you tend to get rude even when you do not want to. There is only so much abuse a woman can take before loosing the rag.

    3. I agree. I have stopped reading the abusive pages in the Telegraph, Mail and such places.

      There are, as I said, Scots who don;t like the English, although most of us do, but there are some English who seem not to like us much...

      It's not their fault. It is because papers and some politicians have for so long made out that we are a pile of drunken, lazy gambling social security scroungers and that hard working Englishmen and women/s taxes are sent north to allow us to spend our lives flitting from the pub to the bookies.

      If they read it in the paper some people think it has to be gospel.

      Whereas some of us have a bit of savvy...

  11. Thanks Helena. (That really was my mother's name...)

    1. Now that is strange, so few of us Romanised Helens about. I come from a long line of variation's on a theme, Great Gran, a very strong woman was Ellen, my foster Mum who was also my Aunt was Nellie though much preferred Helen which she was meant to be and so I am Helena I have to say my Birth Mum was Grace and I was nearly that, not very graceful so probably as well I am not.

  12. I'll be voting yes or indy, sure. But I'm going to vote liberal in the EU parliamentary elections. I always have, as a good pro-EU type, that is the most pro-EU lot to opt for.

    Besides, hell will freeze over before I ever place any voters crosses beside the SNP. Not in my damn lifetime.

    I can vote yes to independence, I can vote to keep Scotland in the EU but I will not ever vote SNP. It isn't the done thing in Glasgow. This city and its fine folks are labour (or pretendie SNP proto-labour types)

    1. Poor choice as that gives UKIP a boost as Greens would suit your political stance IMO not that you listen your elders!

      Try this.

    2. Confirmation from UP Polling.

      @schofieldkevin – Scots breakdown of Sun/YouGov Euro poll:
      Lab 28%
      SNP 26%
      Con 15%
      UKIP 13%
      Green 11%
      Libs 6%.
      HEALTH WARNING: 533 sample weighted at GB level

      Vote LibDem or Labour get UKIP. We know who to blame if UKIP get a seat eh Dean.

    3. Obviously who you vote for is your business, Dean, and if you have an aversion to voting SNP, then you won't vote SNP.

      But I think that voting Liberal is a waste of time. The most important thing to do seems to me to keep Ukip and their unpleasant racist, homophobic, anti women, anti-ordinary people, anti-Scotland policies out.

      From what I've read Labour will get 2 seats, the Tories will get one seat, the SNP will bet 2 seats. That leaves one seat (a scandal we get so few).

      The last seat according to Scottish polls, will either go to Ukip or the SNP.

      [Although not according to that subsample of 533, with weightings for England (not weighting SNP at all)]

      If you can't force yourself to vote SNP, I would think that the Greens are more your kind of party, although I can't see why you wouldn't vote Labour. It's your party and they are not anti EU (at least as a party).

    4. Well Dean I have been a voted as I would normally do, I do not care who you vote for as long as you vote. I have always believed, a belief I got from my Grandmother who was old enough to remember how hard women had to fight to get the vote, that the only wasted one was the one not used.

    5. Actually it was Neil Kinnock (believe it or not) who did it for me. He said, that people had died in China for the right to vote and yet, people here were too lazy to go to a polling station just up the road...

      Can't be doing with Kinnock, but he was bang on the money there.

  13. So hell would freeze over before Dean would vote for the SNP but does not back his stane up with any reasons? Dean, you should be aware that quite a few of the SNP's policies are in line with the original Labour party's policy before Blair and co decided to make the arty a Tory clone.

    Whilst I do not agree with some of the SNP's policies they have been a breath of fresh air in this area. In my little corner of the world the SNP enable assisted travel on ferries and airlines which benefits the islanders and visitors. New schools are being built and the SNP have enabled a new distilery to be set up which apart from providing work for local building contractors will create full-time employment for around 30 individuals. There is no reason to believe that this is unique and I'm sure that similar schemes are being enabled all over Scotland. As far as I'm aware any 'imporovements' carried out by Labour in Scotland were funded in such a way that the rich got richer and the poor will pay for it for decades.

  14. PS: Good to see that you are on the mend, Conan, keep well, mate!

    1. Like you John, I don't like everything the SNP does, but your story of what theya re doing on the islands is, from what I see, typical all around Scotland.

      Whatever anyone thinks of them, or of Alex Salmond, they do things FOR Scotland. Unlike the other parties Scotland is the centre of their attention.

      And I agree they seem to have the policies that you would have expected from Labour, before Blair made them into Tory light.

  15. Might be a little late to say this "AGAIN" but i'll try.

    Scots are using the SNP as a vehicle to get where we wont to go.

    Most YES voters are NOT SNP voters.

    Alex Salmond is the most powerful politician out there. No one comes close to matching him and even his enemies agree.

    A third of Scots don't like A. Salmond

    But two thirds do and trust him far more than any of the others.

    Then again whats the point of stating the obvious when they wont listen.....