Thursday 29 May 2014


Labour has been obliged by law to register for participation in the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Although we forever hear about 'Scottish Labour' and the 'Scottish Labour' leader, and how much power and authority she has (at least in theory), and how they are all very Scottish (just equally British, which may suggests that they can only be half Scottish), the truth of the matter (as DougtheDug or Dubbieside have pointed out on many occasions) is that Labour is a London organisation. It doesn't exist.  

They just don't want you to know that so they continue with the myth that they do.

However, when faced with registering for something like this, they are, as everyone is, obliged to do so by the letter of the law.

The result is that 'Scottish' Labour doesn't actually have the word 'Scottish' in its title and its address is in London SW1.

Saor Alba agus Albanach gu bràth agus thig ar latha.


  1. Well I always address them as they truly are, the Labour Party in Scotland.
    O/T I see the three stooges got another doing lunch time.

    1. Tell us more...

    2. I'm the same Helena. I initially fell for their LIES about being the Scottish Labour Party, as do most folks I think, but I eventually did, some time ago, what Tris has done and found absolutely NOTHING on the Electoral Commission web site about them. Obviously at that point I knew their stupid little lying game was up and, like you, have called them the Labour Party in Scotland or even just the Labour Party. I will NEVER call them the Scottish Labour Party. I refuse to further advertise their lies.

    3. It was Doug or the more I think about it maybe it was Dubbieside, that pointed it out to me Arbroath. I can't take the credit for the research. It was one of them...

    4. Aye but always remember as our great illustrious leader said on walking into Number 10..."We're all in it together!" If not this then there's always the alternative vision from our great leader in waiting "One Nation."

      So if one of us makes the great discovery then we ALL make the great discovery. LOL

    5. Ah right... so I invented the internet too then? And so did you? And so did Niko?

      Dunno about you Arbroath, but I wouldn't mind my cut of the money! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Gordon won't be p[leased, although I suspect he's probably in a 6* hotel somewhere abroad on expenses with his Mrs on his charitable foundation work.

  3. I read somewhere a wee while ago, that the SNP and the Greens, were the only major Scottish parties that are actually registered in Scotland, and that the others major parties in Scotland the Lib/Dems Tories and of course Labour, are all registered down south.

    1. Probably true.

      I'm wondering about the Scottish Socialists. They wouldn't appear to have an English sister party?

  4. niko batshit madMay 29, 2014 6:53 pm

    yeah well obviously.....they are ENGLISH SCUM AND THEY COME FROM LONDON THE SCUM !!!

    Still if you win a YES (all evidence from sane sources say you wont ) the
    snp can get any business registered outside Scotland and throw them out.
    If they are in scotland owned by Scots and employ Scots then shut them down and drive them across the border back to where they belong in England and anywhere else.

    noun: xenophobia

    intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.
    "racism and xenophobia are steadily growing in Europe"
    synonyms: racism, racialism, racial hatred, ethnocentrism, ethnocentricity;

    1. Niko Pet. We don;t have any problem with people being from England, or India or Germany or Brazil or Antarctica (one of Munguin's best pals is a penguin), what we take exception to they them saying that they are scottish when in fact they are not.

      A bit like we'd have a problem with the French making whisky and calling it Scotch!

  5. niko batshit madMay 29, 2014 8:54 pm


    thought you might like to read this

    Better Together vs the truth

    Who runs the No campaign and why are they trying to insult me?

    Yet, for some reason, the authors of the booklet - Better Together - decided to swamp sensible arguments such as these under a welter of misinformation

    1. This has been their problem all along.

      People would have to be moronic to think there were no risks in being independent. I can't believe for a second that any but the dimmest of the Yes support thinks it will be all cakes and ale.

      As the guy said, there are things that could cause problems.

      But instead of centring their arguments about stuff that has the potential to go wrong, they have made stupid arguments that have often been disproved, not by Yes, but by themselves.

      He''s right that you kinda feel insulted by their lies. Things like this Jackie Baillie story... Losing the WMD will mean 11,000 good salaries going out of the area. no it won't. These people spend almost nothing in the area. Their s;salaries are paid into banks in England and they come to Scotland for 4 days at a time. Easily disproved total lies.

      Same with the pound; same with the EU, Nato etc. In every case people on their own side have had to admit it was lies.

      I've never been for the UK, but if I had I would be starting to wonder if there is any truth in anything they say.

      It is tempting to think not, especially when they pick idiots like Danny Alexander to trot out this crap. You realise that osborne doesn't want to damage the Tory brand in England, but he doesn't much care if Beaker makes an ass of himself.

      Thanks for sharing.

    2. Niko, wonder if you could spare the time and pop over to Wings over Scotland, I know you will have to have a bath afterwards but there is a letter from a Gentleman in the US Government which you might, just might find interesting.


  6. New doubt cast over Alex Salmond's claims of Scottish wealth

    Study of firms owned abroad raises questions over SNP’s figures on independent economy


    Britain's economic prospects brightest in more than a decade, survey finds
    Forecasts raised after research finds UK economy growing at its fastest pace since 2003, and consumer optimism surging

    Britain's economic prospects are the brightest they have been in more than a decade and optimism among consumers has surged to its best level in nine years, according to separate reports published on Friday.

    Business lobby group the CBI said its May survey of manufacturers, retailers and firms across the service sector showed the economy growing at its fastest pace since its records began in 2003

    1. Funny that they think that inward investment is good when it comes to Britain and bad and unsustainable when it comes to Scotland.

      Mind, if the housing bubble bursts again, or if interest rates have to go up, the whole thing will go B A N G!

    2. Lovely letter in Wings from a Gentleman in the US government, an ex pat if you want to include the 250 years his family have been in the US, that would be nearly to the American War of Independence. His last paragraph was that we were a wealthy country, even now, all we had to do was get OUR hands on it.

    3. I saw it Helena. It's really brilliant and very encouraging.

  7. I really and truly believe the UK Government and the CBI. History shows that they always tell the truth!

    1. No one surely would question the veracity of a government of a country with so much clout that won the war, nor surely a CBI with so much clout that also won the war.

      Stands to reason. They are respected and feared in equal measure all over the world and have been ever since the dawn of time.

      Veracity, thy name is Britannia.