Saturday 3 May 2014


Why, oh why, do these people not do their homework? I mean first of all she should have read the interview in question and she would have realised that the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, and of course the BBC had been, well let's be honest, economical with the truth in their reporting.

And why did this stupid girl not know that Cameron had, only a matter of months ago, been asking for Putin's help to win the referendum for the No side?

I knew about it and heaven knows I'm hardly in the loop. Surely it was her business to know about it too.

What I didn't know was that it had been confirmed by an official form their Scotland office, but she ought to have. It's her job.

And finally, knowing that the tv cameras would almost certainly be on her, why did she allow herself the luxury of a strop? Yes, it's frustrating to be made to look a fool, but dignity demands that one remains poker faced. Mrs Thatcher wouldn't have thrown her pen down.

Of course I know she's new; I know she'd only been in parliament a matter of weeks before Mr Cameron helped her to become leader. But surely to heavens, inexperienced, young and not too bright though she may be, she must have realised that she made herself look like an ill-informed amateur politician.

I understand that Ms Lamont's questions were on the same subject.

I wonder if anyone had pointed out to her that only a couple of weeks ago her erstwhile leader, Tony the Warmonger Blair made a speech calling on Britain and the West to bury the hatchet with Putin and join him in a fight against Islamists.

Mr Salmond's comments were, I think, made in an interview which pre-dates Putin's annexation of the Crimea. Mr Blair's were made in the full knowledge of all that is happening over there.

Lamont hasn't got the excuses that Davidson has. She is not young; she is not new. She's been in parliament since parliament opened and prior to her taking over leadership, she was, under Iain Gray, deputy leader. She should be a seasoned politician by now, if not a stateswoman.

Please will someone somewhere send us an opposition.

Every parliament should have one. It's vital for good governance.


  1. This whole pseudo outrage by Lamont, Davidson and Rennie over what the First Minister did NOT say is really quite hilarious. I mean he does an interview almost two months ago and the *ahem* outrage only happens NOW! what happened to showing their outrage two months ago, oh that's right there was nothing much going on two months ago that would allow these Muppets link the First Minister to anything untoward, no matter how tenuous the link.

    I watched FMQ's on Thursday and, as per usual I was underwhelmed by the gutter level of opposition leaders questions. They have absolutely NOTHING to question the First Minister on so they collectively gang up on him with pseudo rage about a NON event....absolutely pathetic and totally embarrassing. How on earth anyone can still be proud to have voted for any of these jokers is beyond me.

    What I have found totally hilarious about this whole event is that these Muppets obviously had no idea any of these events have ever happened.

    Let's face it Tris THREE of these links are about *ahem* world leaders meeting with or calling on Putin to have closer ties with the E.U. and NATO and yet not one of our Holyrood opposition leaders had any idea about these event!

    1. Yep...well said Arbroath.

      Faux outrage is really pathetic.

      Someone should have pointed out to them by now that they must do research. They aren't dealing with some tube here. The FM, like him or not, is a slick operator. He does his homework.

      But even if he were not, these muppets' arguments could be beaten to a pulp by anyone.

      The thing is that you must recognise the strength of your opponents. Putin is charismatic to Russian, he did give them back their pride after the disastrous rush to capitalism" overseen by Boris Yeltsin, who was drunk nearly all of the time and who turned the country into seething mass of crime, poverty and incredible riches. From being a superpower it became a basket case. OK, his views are repulsive in many ways, but you're a fool if you underestimate him or the affection many Russians feel for him.

      While we are on the subject of what Salmond said, it's farcical to say that he called Scots a nation of drunks.

      he pointed out quite rightly that we have issues with alcohol. OK, when you have kids of 1 and 14 in hospital with liver failure, and people dying in their 20s of cirrhosis of the liver, caused by drink... then it befits a government to recognise that there is a problem.

      When you see a park full of children getting drunk on cheap cider, you have to admit that something is wrong.

      Come on opposition. Pick holes in something that bears scrutiny.

  2. Ruthie isn't in the Loop, you know?

    1. Sure isn't... Dave must have left her off the email circulation for things to avoid bringing up...

  3. Far be it from me to imply that the good old BBC is in any way complicit in the deceit and misinformation of the masses here Tris but I can only guess that all our *ahem* beloved opposition leaders get ALL their information straight from the BBC and absolutely no where else. That said look out for this story being the centre of Lamont, Davidson and Rennie's concerted *ahem* attack next Thursday. LOL7

    1. No no, you would want to imply... nor would I wish to infer...

      But yeah... they don;t seem to do their jobs much.

      Mr Bateman is pretty hot on this subject.

      And it's not the first time that they have twisted something that the Scottish government has said and had someone from another country complain about their bias.

  4. Think I said it here already, why these three do not get together and admit they are just the same I do not know. Every week the same questions from them, okay maybe worded slightly differently but generally the same questions.
    May I say I agree with Arbroath, that it is the BBC and the rest of the MSM who do the damage. When you listen to Brian at the end you start to wonder if you are losing your sanity as he sees things which never happened. I also think it is time that all parties were held up to the light, never going to happen as long as we remain in this Union, but one can dream.

    1. The BBC is finished in Scotland no matter what the outcome of the referendum.

      They lied and lied and lied and covered up and distorted and removed stuff...

      AND LIED.

      Whatever way it goes, and it will probably be a close run thing, around half the population has lost faith in the London broadcaster. and yet has to fork out £140 a year for the garbage they churn out.

      That will have to change.

  5. snp revisionists

    Salmond said: "When I was talking about the pride issue, it was in the aftermath of the Sochi [winter] Olympics, which was obviously a restoration of Russian pride. Those are reasonably balanced remarks."

    He would reply to Ostapko in detail, he said, "showing the comments were made specifically on Russia and Ukraine, which were comprehensive and unambiguous".

    The transcript of the Campbell-Salmond interview released in advance by GQ's publisher Conde Nast shows no mention of Ukraine or the Sochi Olympics, nor does the full text of the interview being published on Thursday.

    no mention of Ukraine or the Sochi Olympics, nor does the full text of the interview being published on Thursday.

    Alex said what he said he wont say it again but the horse has bolted
    and you lot can bolt the stable door although its too late now.

    Problem with you lot is you slag off the loyal opposition leaders so as to distract from Alexs verbal cock up not noticing only half dozen people hear what you say.
    mean while her majesty's loyal news media covers the land with the
    FACTS of what Alex actually said .


    1. Not quite understanding that argument Niko

    2. But do tell me. Do you think that Ruth acted like an opposition leader there?

  6. Doesn't it say everything about, the Scottish puppet parties Lab/Tory/Lib/Dem of Westminster, that not once prior to FMQ's did anyone mention Putin and the Ukraine crisis. Only when Alex Salmond mentions, Putin, does the unionist machine start churning out the smear campaign, its politicking at its worst.

    I don't even recall Johann Lamont having a debate with Alex Salmond that has been constructive, and refers to a matter other than the character assassination,of Mr Salmond. Week in week out we know what will be on the unionist agenda at FMQ's, from Lamont, Davidson and Rennie, they're an embarrassment to Scotland, and to themselves.

    1. Totally agree.

      As leaders of major opposition parties it behoves Lamont and Davidson to come to the chamber with some sort of mature opposition.

      They never do. It's always personal; its's always anti independence; it's always puerile, and inevitably can be destroyed by Alex, leaving them shaking their silly empty heads.

  7. It may well be that the opposition leaders' performance is poor at FMQ but they won't be unhappy. Ad hominem attacks on Mr Salmond are the key - if not only - strategy in the Unionist campaign against independence. On their own terms they probably think they are doing well as it is their attacks which get reported in the MSM.
    How they look as politicians is another matter altogether

    1. I suppose they get their orders from London. London of course doesn't give a fig from what people think of them here. It has its agenda and people like Lamont and Davidson are expendable, not particularly valuable assets that can easiy be replace by some other puppet when they get thrown out.

      Wendy was used like that, so was Gray. Annabel Goldie was disliked by Cameron, and always left out of the loop) because she was far too bright and formidable to be treated the way the rest of them are. She'd have sent the little prat to his room with no supper!

      Rennie trots out what his turncoat leader says at every turn presumably in the hopes that he'll get back to Westminster... You'd have thought that he would have worked out by now that there aren't going to be many Westminster Liberal seats after 2015, even if Scotland is still with the UK.

  8. Replies
    1. WOO HOO!

      Who's next to jump aboard the Independence Express? :-)

    2. WOW INDEED.

      I mean, you could see it coming, but... WOW... I still doubted they would dare to come out for it.

  9. I'll buy it tomorrow, and I may well buy it every week from now on.

  10. I was just thinking... if its sales go up, will other papers come out for independence?

    1. I think the race must be on by now Tris for the next paper to come out of the closet. I have a sneaky feeling it might be the Scottish Sun. Let's face it the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday will definitely NOT be coming out in support any time soon!

    2. The Sun would be a good one...

      After all, it was the Sun wot won it!!!!

    3. Or so said the Sun!