Friday 23 May 2014

Random Thoughts...

Leading economist and former Standard Life Chief Economic Adviser Professor David Simpson has said that we are “poorer together” as a result of Westminster’s failure to manage the economy properly and the handling of the UK financial crisis.

Prof Simpson’s evidence – which is published ahead of an appearance by Better Together at Holyrood - heavily criticises the debts run up under Labour at Westminster and lays blame for the financial crisis of 2007/08 firmly at the door of the Westminster establishment.

In a written submission to the Finance Committee ahead of his appearance tomorrow (Wednesday), Professor Simpson wrote: “Bank of England officials, Treasury civil servants and their political masters all share responsibility for having led the British economy into the financial crisis of 2007/8 and then allowing it to languish in recession for four more years.

He adds: “No politician or civil servant in the Treasury or the Bank of England has accepted responsibility for these mistakes. Instead, it is ordinary people who have been punished.”

He also states that as part of the UK in the last five years, average living standards in Scotland have fallen year on year, adding: “We have become poorer together.”
Fair, huh? And we have no representation at Commissioner level.

Holyrood Park has been defaced by a NO voter who spread
fertilizer on the grass to burn in his Vote No message.
Historic Scotland is stepping up patrols and police are taking the vandalism
seriously. Better Together could not be contacted for a comment.
I know people feel strongly about this, even at a European election.
But wanting to shoot independence voters is a bit steep.


  1. TBH Tris all I can think of is the fire at the Glasgow School of Art. To my immense shame I've never been inside though I've passed outside many times. The damage seems extensive from the little I've seen. (The TV is all about the English elections). It's a cultural symbol of Scotland. But that's it, all those places I've not been to for ages (Art gallery, Transport Museum etc), I'm going to visit.

    1. It's very very sad news, PP.

      Iconic building with a superlative reputation for turning out quality artists.

      The one good thing is that, although the building was full of students and staff at the time the fire broke out, there were no casualties. That's a mercy.

      My Gran would say "ye never miss the water till the well runs dry"... and we have all these places, museums and galleries that are just there and we never go near, until something happens to them... then we miss them.

  2. I know Margaret. I stay in Darvel, the next town, up from Newmilns. She has been a member of the SNP for a long time. I'm truly shocked at this, as the valley towns have a large nationalist vote. Very disturbing.

    1. It is disturbing JnA.

      It's not the sort of thing you'd ever expect to hear of happening in a Scottish election.

      I do hope they aren't going to start getting violet. Up till recently they've been good, but recently we've had people beaten up, cars with indy stickers scratched, vandalism and threats of death.

      I hope the experience hasn't scarred your friend.

  3. Political masters........Umm just the sort of metaphor any self respecting snp/cybernat
    malcontent would use. Hardly a unbiased source of information probably a snp plant

    1. And that assertion would be based on what exactly, Niko?

      Have you been on the beer?

  4. Loved the video and will show it to all and sundry.

    As for the violence , its a ploy to cause division, There will be idiots out there but i see YES badges and stickers everywhere and the scum who threaten people to vote will be caught and name and shamed. Call the police right away and get the bas*"*s charged. We are not a minority , they are. I only wish i was there when it happened. the mouthpiece would have been sorted out there and then.
    We are at war now folks. READ the news listen and watch the telly, they are using words like destroy, attack and bayonet the wounded every day. We know this and are prepared.
    Cracking site this and a big thanks to all for keeping us all informed

    YEGUY ........ (cybernat and proud)