Friday 2 May 2014


After months of not bothering to answer a letter from Deputy First Minister, the nobleman in the DWP, Baron Fraud, has passed down instructions to the junior minister in the Scottish Office to reply to the Scottish government. Well, it wouldn't do for a Baron to be writing to Scotland's deputy first minister, what with her not having any kind of aristocratic title.

In a letter to Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland Office Junior Minister, David Mundell said that the UK Government would finally listen to the Scottish Government’s call to transfer the reserved powers needed to lift the cap on Discretionary Housing Payments.
The board in the H of L apparently frequently misnames the noble baron
 as 'Fraud' instead of 'Freud'. Freudian slip perhaps?
So finally, after ignoring Scotland for months, Westminster has confirmed that they will stop obstructing the Scottish Government’s will to provide help to 72,000 households affected by Bedroom Tax. Hopefully they will transfer the powers needed to lift the cap are transferred to the Scottish Parliament as a matter of urgency.

Credit goes, too, to Iain Gray who worked alongside Nicola Sturgeon to get this concession from the evil London government. The coalition must realise that it is made up of one junior Scottish opposition party and one minuscule Scottish opposition party. The Government and the main opposition party working together with support from the Greens and the independents must have been hard to ignore in referendum year… although the ignorant aristocrat did his best to do it for a long time.
Freud: All round useless waste of space 
His Lordship the Noble Baron Freud of Eastry in the County of Essex used to work in the City and was ennobled by the Queen in 2009. What he knows about people at the bottom end of the scale, their problems with poverty and unemployment could be written in a very large type font on the back of a small stamp. Indeed he admitted this much on being appointed to look into welfare by Blair, and yet came up with a report 3 weeks later!!

The sad thing is that he doesn't know much about banking either, or so it would seem.

For Wikipedia tells us that 'One reviewer of Freud's book on his City career wrote that he will be remembered in the City as one of the key players in several of the most embarrassing and badly managed deals in investment banking history” '.

And now he also will be remembered for Cameron's version of the Poll Tax, equally embarrassing and badly managed!

Altogether a bit of a dick, would you not say?


  1. You do realise Tris that yon junior of juniors, Mundell the Blundell, had to make a grand tour of all of Scotland's local authorities before he could make his mind up that the bedroom tax was wrong and evil and that the Scottish government were correct in their assessment of the situation. He therefore came to the only conclusion that was possible to come to and that was to remove the cap on the limit of finance the Scots gov could use to mitigate the damage his government were placing on the people of Scotland.

    What I found absolutely amazing was that Mundell felt the need to visit all of Scotland's council's to get his information updated on how well the bedroom tax was working. Surely only a visit to ONE council, Glasgow or Edinburgh would have sufficed!

    There are only a few problems with this announcement. Firstly any further assistance must come out of the existing Scottish government's budget no extra help from Westminster, well no surprise there.

    Secondly, what powers, currently held in Edinburgh will Westminster be dragging back down South, remember they have previous on this issue.

    1. I think the thing is that they have to find the wee soul something to do to keep him out of the a wee tour of the local authorities in Scotland had to be on the cards...

      Next they will send him to count the shells on the beaches of Shetland...

      Yes, seriously you are right. We have to take the money out of roads to stop poor vulnerable people starve, because we can't sort our own money out. And I have the feeling of being a school child with a limited amount of pocket money from me dad every week, and not allowed to get a Saturday job to supplement it.

      I have to choose between having something for myself or giving my dog enough to eat since my parents stopped feeding him.

  2. Tris

    There will come a time when the Scottish government might just have to say to he'll with westminster come what may. We might just have to create a constitutional crisis and go the European courts of human rights. Iain grey assisting does nothing for me, I would never thank him for anything, if it wasn't for labour we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.


    1. Well, I hope it would never come to that, because I have a lot of connections with people in other countries in the islands and I'd not like for us to all be at odds.

      As for Gray, I think that where credit is due it should be given. Labour has usually gone out of its way to obstruct everything that the Scottish government has tried to do. On this occasion, for whatever reason, they lent their support to this and I can't help feeling that their known support helped things along.

      If you add all the people who voted SNP, Green and Labour together, the London government was up against a HUGE number of people who wanted this.

  3. All praise to the Scottish Labour party for pursuing and winning
    on the bedroom tax Mind full of the FACT the snp chose to do nothing
    so as to maximise (they hoped ) the hatred for the English Torys
    and attempt to gain more votes for Independence

    A despicable use of political influence against the most
    vulnerable in Scottish the snpContrasting with the snp continuing to bankroll wealthy scots with the council tax avoidance scam.

    Further the Scottish Labour party have shown(dragging the snp seperationists with them) how devolved governance can work within
    the current UK.

    And i might add which a Independent snp Scotland would not be able
    to achieve with a currency union to the UK and the loss of sovereignty that would bring. And the required snp absolute subservience to Westminster rule with no ability to change or amend only blind obedience....

    1. Have another funny cigarette Niko.

      They obviously make you go red, white and blue and sing Rule Britannia and God save the King.

  4. Your correspondent, Niko, should share out the substances he seems to be on, so that we could all float along in an alternative reality. He seems to be living in a very different Scotland from the rest of us.

    1. He is Ronnie. Actually, it's another planet he lives on!

  5. wonnie

    .here it is come an djoin us you know it makes sense....or it will after you try this..

  6. Ha ha ... As I thought.

    Btw, I think it's really funny that you accuse the SNP government of trying to stir up hatred against the English Tories.

    Labour's plea to people at the last union election was vote Labour to keep the Tories out... and you, yourself are well known for the calling the English Tories, "scum".

    Pot, kettle, black.

  7. tris

    all for stirring up hatred for English torys or more accurately there neo con/snp policies. Anyway my point waz the snp are loathe to use new or even existing powers to counter Tory policies if they believe that by letting Scots be abused and attacked will aid the snp/nats independence agenda..

  8. tris

    Still one wonders is after Labour win the next Election in the continuing
    union. If they will keep lord fraud in office wouldnt rule it out meself.
    You ever read his wiki entry its very revealing and explains his some what bizarre beliefs of people and society.

    What i find amusing is he like his grandfather is a cheating liar.
    many seem unaware Sigmund admitted inventing some of his most famous case studies..............

  9. tris

    pot kettle and u used that word bxxxxx oh dear
    final written warning for u