Wednesday 28 May 2014



Or are you far too busy trying to save your silly little party from the terrible mess that it has got itself into by taking the Camergoon's and Gidiot's shilling, dispensing with most of your principles and having Mr Oakenshott show you all up for what you are... 


I apologise to Munguin's readers, and indeed friends, for going over the same ground again...but this is an out and out joke.

What is the Treasury response to this? Are they going to try to discredit Professor Dunleavy and the LSE?


  1. In Holyrood it would be a resignation in Westminster dictatorship continues.

    1. Maybe BT will ask the Prof to resign for giving correct information that they inflated.

    2. He is such a liar.

      Still the Liberals have had enough resignations this week.

      How's the long game going, Nick?

    3. LOL Marcia, I wouldn't put it past them.

      Alex says that they managed to lie about another professor too...

      I reckon these people could lie about anything in the world.

      The question is, do they ever tell the truth?

  2. Think about it - we PAY them to lie to us. When we catch them out in a lie, we cannot sack them- that power is reserved to them!

    Who wrote these ridiculous rules - they did!

    Why didn't we spot the scope for naughtiness?


    1. Because when they wrote the rules, we had no idea what a shower of lying low life they were.

      Maybe a long time ago they weren't as bad. probably they were but we didn't ever get to know.

      One thing that never ceases to amaze me is that they simply have no idea about the fact that the plebs now have the interweb.

      There are more ways of hearing what's going on than reading in one of the papers with their own strange affiliations; or to the BBC.

      We can create the news... Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube,

      Wake up. You can't hide now.

    2. I've just seen Stuart's piece of Alexander...

      Proof. He is genetically incapable of telling the truth.

      Still. Things that were in the Liberal manifesto were hardly likely ever to be in law. PR, free education.... tra la la...

    3. Still, every time one of these Westminster wonks opens his lying gob, another don't know becomes a confirmed YES!

      Eck (where did that Google profile come from?)

    4. Don't seem to know that they are doing themselves such harm...


      Heaven knows... Eck, Alex....?

  3. Alex Salmond is right when he says this issue is a defining moment in the referendum campaign.

    For here we now have irrefutable evidence of a Westminster Government Minister presenting an anti-independence report that contains monumental lies to the people of Scotland which the BBC and most of the newspaper media are trying to ignore and whitewash out of existence.

    Westminster and its BBC and newspaper chums have just handed a perpetually loading gun to the pro-independence campaign.

    1. Let's hope that it works for us.

      This week we have had them tell us that there is no difference between us and England because we now have a UKIP MEP.

      never mind that in Scotland the popular vote went to the SNP.UKIP was fourth after the bloody Tories!!!!!!!, in England UKIP came first.

      Now we have this farrago.

      They are a pile of liars.

  4. Tris and or anyone else can I ask a favour since you have a way with words respond to this post, thanks.

    1. Yes. I've written a little something.

      My grandmother suffered like this. Not I think as badly, but you still lose them..

      Awful sad.

      We must spend more money on research for a cure.

    2. Not at all. Least I could do.

  5. Apparently the powers that be have found the reason for this *ahem* little discrepancy in Danny Alexander's *cough* figures.

    Whilst travelling on the over night train from London to Inverness an 85 year old woman found a piece of paper stuck down between her seat and the seat next to hers. On examining it she found some scribbled scrawlings that looked like figures. She eventually managed to decipher the figures and wouldn't you know it they were the exact same figures as she heard Danny Alexander quote later in the day.

    Oh you want to know about the piece of paper?

    Well it wasn't actually a piece a piece of paper per se more like a fag packet. That's right folks Danny Alexander worked out his figures on the costs of setting up an independent Scotland on the back of a fag packet!

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