Saturday 10 May 2014


Queue Cilla Black: "Surprise Surprise"
Bet the CBI wishes they had that many members
Easy, huh?
Yes, well, erm... Britain has always had a strange way of looking at things.
"Broad shoulders Gunner Parkins, Show 'em off boy!"
I'd believe you... It's always been about money.
Ahhh now, pay attention Nobs. This is what a
 Grass Roots campaign looks like!
Must have been a big news day... The BBC never found time to report that.
Unlike the UK, which does not.
Oh, more good financial news for Scotland.
How odd. The BBC hasn't mentioned any of this.
Seems logical, Iain.
NO no no, never mind that Swedish blokey.
Thing of the money.
That is the million dollar question.
Well, nothing that makes any sense.
But, if in doubt, you can always say "clout" 1000 times.
There's a man with Scotland's his own interests at heart.
Dave chilling with the kids, like he was just an ordinary millionaire
Get stuck into them, Iain
Statement from Gary Wilson, ex strategist with Better Together.
Welcome aboard, Gary.
Well, be honest, how often will you use it?
When people ask, how will you afford ... whatever
We can always remind them that when we don't have to help
 pay for railways and sewers, wars and nuclear weapons, the House of Commons,
Lords and Windsor, embassies in places no-one has heard of
and punching above our weight , we'll be able to pay for a lot of things
 that most other western nations take for granted.
Spare me from the thought of this one getting emotional.
Lidl's hens have it...
Unlike everyone else, they will have a transitional period
so they  can still get their pensions early.
Thank goodness, the poor wee lambs, I hear you say.

Oooooops... I dunno, these Grass Roots organisations, huh!
He could send that along to debate with Eck.
Give Anas his due, apparently he knew he was doing this,
and did it with good grace.
Welcome back to a Scottish pub mr Farage...
Anyone elver seen this man sober?
Don't let Niko see that. He's a right stickler for spelling.
And, just to chill out with....
Pretty in Purple
Striking steps...


  1. Quite brilliant tonight & really shows why we must vote yes

    1. Thanks very much M...

      We must vote yes. The alternative is too horrible to imagine.

      Still, I suppose there are people who like the way things are at the moment.

      Mainly their names start with "lord" or "lady" or "sir" ...

      But, in fairness, not all of them. For some of them there is only the expectation of such glory (and the £300 a day tax free.)

  2. Replies
    1. For goodness sake, I can't even spell Tahtcher properly... You don't imagine for a second that I can count to 39, do you?

      As Niko.


    2. Tris,

      You left an 's' out of your last sentence there. Looking at that lot how can anyone still even think of voting No?.

      I see the Weirs are donating more money to the Yes campaign. Bloody fools,, do they not realise that for a fraction of that sum they could have dinner with the Prime Minister, influence government policy, either Labour or Tory, get themselves a seat in the House of Lords with all the associated benefits such as subsidised meals, expenses and being able to hob-nob with Lords Foulkes, Martin, Robertson,Watson and Niko..

    3. Ha ha I did!! I'm surprised Niko hasn't been on the phone complaining.

      Yes... mad fools. Imagine tiffin with the noble lords you mention.

      How elevated the conversation would be... how intellectually stimulating... then Downing Street and Eton boy and his good lady life.

      He could show them his jelly fish sting and discuss holidays in Tuscany, interrupted only by peasants revolting because the police shot one of them for being black.

      They would have so much in common with other people there, except of course they have more money, and neither of them donated to known terrorists...

      Instead they give it to the Yes campaign...

      What are they like....?

      (Munguin says they are heros... and he would give some of his fortune to the cause too, but then he'd have nothing left to count every night before he goes to sleep! He says he will do it next year!)

    4. On reflection and with all respect to the Weirs I think I would have gone for the wine, women and song bit. Sorry, Mrs N...!

    5. Don't think wine women and song were on the choice list... just dinner with nobles and the prime monster. But top marks for trying...

      The prize is a night on the town with Jackie Baillie.

      PS: Niko doesn't let Mrs N read this blog. He says it's a bit racy for her... and we can't spell Tahcerht!

  3. Thank you M for putting a wee smile on my face....... or maybe a grimace is fairer to say. YES YES YES YES

    Sending these beauties to everyone i can

  4. Congratulations, you manage to get the message out there and very few words are needed.
    I too consider the spelling of "that woman's" name an absolute irrelevance, as you say she will hardly be able to read it. When she could I doubt she understood how few people actually cared a toss for her once she was out of power.
    Apologies, I forgot h Blair Brown and Miliband seemed to.

    1. Thank you Helena...

      Normally I'd go back and correct it... but it seemed a better idea to have a laugh at the old witch's expense.

      Don't forget wee Osbourn, crying like a baby at her funeral... how sad.

      Hasn't shed a tear for all the people they have killed with their outrageous policies, though, has he?