Monday 5 May 2014



Gordon Foot-in-Mouth Brown
Want to explain either of these illustrations, Nigel?
There's a change afoot.
Well, I think I should start paying for the Sunday Herald
and stop paying for the BBC
So, who's for good and who's just plain evil?
Starting at the top and working all the way down


  1. Sorry Tris I couldn't shut down my computer before making sure folks were aware that Stu has been at it again, with his adverts I mean. LOL

    I wonder if Stu's favourite complainant from Glasgow will be complaining about these ads. :-)

  2. absolute bollocks you only receive the state pension you are entitled to 'IF' Scotland separates it is not uprated it stays the same amount till you die. If you have paid only for x amounts of your working life you only get the (small ) pro rata payment.

    Further having asked for a pension from my private pension (Royal London ) and found just as all the share prices are going up mine and others has gone down not a major amount but still down.

    when i queried this anomaly was told two outcomes where to blame
    one possible Independence and uncertainty thereof two the probable end of annuity's after 2015.

    so dont give out blatant lies about peoples pension when the fact is you will lose some of your pension money and it could be a big amount.

    An Independent Scotland is not able to pay a decent level of pension and may not if ever be able for a long period of time.
    now if you want to struggle through that long hard road
    vote for the snp......

    But it will be struggle and no mistake you wont see Alex and his cronies putting there hands in there pockets to share out there Bawbees

    1. I think what the DWP was saying was that people who have paid into the UK system will get their UK pension.

      There is, as you say, a pro rata and you will get what you are entitled to from the UK and what you have paid into the Scottish pot.

      There is no pension fund in the UK. Pensions are paid for out of current taxation. And there isn't enough current taxation to pay for the ever growing number of long living pensioners. That is why UK is putting up and up its pension age.

      I can't for the life of me understand the point made by your pension company. If there is doubt caused by the referendum on independence, it should be reflected in downward trend of the stock market... but you are telling me that that is not what's happening.

      Certainly business is picking up in Scotland and more jobs are being created. I don;t know what's happening in the UK but form what I can see it's a similar trend.

      As the money for private pensions is generated on the stock market, I think your company is on the fiddle and telling you porkies.

      Much more important will be the in-out referendum. Where markets will be affected.

      If the Uk leaves Europe, hundreds of thousands of jobs, which are in the Uk because of the access to the biggest market in the world (and the biggest economy in the world, even outstripping America) will leave for places like Hungary, Poland, Czech republic, where wages are even lower than the UK.

      The stock market will go down. The earnings of the pension companies will go down. The pensions will go down.

      Why would Scotland not be able to pay for pensions. What's your reckoning behind that? Apart for the fact that Gordon "End to Boom" said it?

      Is he to be trusted?

      On pensions?

      Of all things?

      Come on Niko.

      Private pensions have been going down since he wrecked them.

      I was told in 1997 that to have a private pension of £16,000 a year when I retired I would need to have a pot of £100,000.

      But 2007 the pot had doubled to £200,000, and now it is even more.

      Don't quote Gordon Brown at me. The man is a fool.

    2. And no... I don;t suppose Eck will share his pension with me... do you think Tony Blair will share his with you?

      No. I thought not. He'd charge you to speak to him.

    3. Niko:

      Today's express had a front page story about how everyone's pensions are better because of a stock market boom... and there is this article too...

      If your pension company are trying to fob you off with something less, maybe you need to take your solicitor with you next time you go to see them...

    4. tris

      thats my point why did it go down as for the express never read it unionist rag !!!

    5. I know the Express in a pile of rubbish (Dirty Desmond, the Pornographer isn't that fussed about quality, or I'd think, veracity).

      (Imagine it being a unionist rag... who'd have thought it?)

      But the insurance companies are fly... and I wouldn't trust them either. The stock markets are doing well, because although Osborne is creating bust conditions again, folk are making money right now... and that's all good. They don;t think about next year. They have their eyes on this years bonus.

      Decisions made now have to last for the rest of your life... so no palming someone off with ... it's the referendum, or it's Europe, or the dog ate it...

    6. "I'll take these figures away with me and let my accountant look over them" might do the trick!

  3. Niko go and do something much more constructive with your time. Go pack up and get to Cyprus, they are welcome to you. By the way I am still waiting to here about you take on Cypriot Independence you know the one where they actually resorted to violence.
    I am in a better place to understand about pensions, I get one. There are people from Britain who live all over the world in receipt of a Government?state pension and it depends on where you live whether it is updated or not. I will gladly trust that Scotland will be able to pay better pensions than the pittance doled out by Westminster. Must be galling to no that we are at the bottom for all the good things in life and the top for all the bad.
    Now gang off with you ye have nothing to say which is worth while.

  4. To know, need an edit function or I should read it first.

  5. Oh and Niko are you the good unionist now calling the good people of the Department of Work and Pensions, aka Ian Duncan Smith a liar? Well that goes without saying doesn't it but a Unionist like you?

    1. To save money, Helena, (money they don;t have) I think they have stopped paying allowances to people who chose you live abroad.

      No matter where the pensioners are, no matter how cold it might be in the winter (or summer for that matter), I think the DWP has stopped the winter heating allowance. Something that has been paid for in taxation.

      So if you have retired to be near you family in Norway, you don;t get the money for that despite paying the same as someone who lives in the UK.

      IDS, a liar.... surely not!!!???

    2. I know, I should get an edit function... but I don;t think they have one on blogger! Sorry...

    3. Oh don't you worry I should read what I write before posting, something I should do even when writing to grrrrrr, Niko.

  6. Tris just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and you are now on the daily round.

    1. :)

      Thanks very much Helena. That means a lot.


    Another tale of Cameron's incompetence.