Friday 9 May 2014


The not-so-clever spin people in Labour have come up with a colourful looking poster complaining about how much VAT the ToryLiberal party have put on your shopping.

So far so good. Just like Tahtcher before them, they chose an unprogressive way of increasing their income, hitting the poorest hardest.

Cameron and Clegg are two peas in a pod, they say. They put an extra £450 VAT on your shopping.

I have no idea whether they have put £450 on my shopping or not, quite possibly they have. But certainly they didn't do so by increasing the VAT on most of the products in the poster...given that most food is zero rated.


Oh, and, note to politicians of all parties. Please do us all a favour. Whoever told you that us ordinary morons are impressed by the adjective "hard-working", was wrong. We just laugh at it, specially when you add "families" and "up and down the country". So stop it.


  1. Especially as most MP's have no idea what a hard days work is.
    Getting pished in the Strangers Bar on taxpayers money isn't work.

    1. I wonder if they know that Jutie?

  2. You are now famous all over the world, Tris.
    Craig Murray has credited your blog.
    The security services will be along later. :-)

    1. Yes, I noticed that. I am somewhat flattered that Craig reads these ramblings, at least sometimes.

      I'm a big fan of his.

    2. If I had a blog I'd mention you too. Are you are fan of me?

      Actually I've been mentioning your blog in dispatches. The more voices in the debate the better.

      Ps you spelt the wicked witch's name incorrectly. Just couldn't bear to type it could you :-)

    3. Of course I am... :)

      And thanks for putting Munguin about a bit... !!!

      Yes, I saw that, but I thought she actually wasn't worth the effort of a correction.

      She doesn't read the blog...

  3. tris

    If your gonna attempt to criticize/belittle/undermine an opponent
    poster dont put ' Tahtcher ' in it and make yerself look a right nob !!

    Anyway wot i want is a pic of the gates of Auschwitz but instead of
    Arbeit macht frei "work makes (you) free".

    ' Zero hours are enabling ' Esther McVey

    She is one of the few people who could talk to me and
    convince me Independence for Scotland is the best way
    forward. And mean you will never here a ( English ) Tory voice lording it over us ever again.

    I swear to God !!

    1. Hear ,hear , Nico...there's no excuse for bad spelling...certainly not on here.

    2. Anon
      Is that irony i hear ????

    3. Irony Lady maybe? Oh never mind.

      Well Niko, I saw her name misspelled when I posted and I thought... who cares?

      If you really think that makes me look like a right nob, I suppose I could change it...

      I'd double check all your posts now for spelling if I were you. I mean you wouldn't want to look a right nob too, would you?

      Anyway, I must get hold of the McVile creature and persuade her to come up here and lord it over you, a bit. Put you in your place.

      How's your Greek coming on, btw...

    4. Ooh tris has been hurt.....sorry

    5. No I wasn't hurt Niko. I'm used to you by now matey...

      All I have to say to you is that I'm trying to arrange for Fester McVile to get the house next to yours in Cyprus.

      Jolly neighbours, wouldn't you say.... :)

    6. But the least you could have done was congratulate me on the clever use of the words "irony" and "iron(lad)y".

      THAT hurt!

  4. You're almost there Niko.
    Rid yourself of those Union Jack underpants and you'll feel a lot better.

    1. For heaven's sake Jutie...don;'t encourage him. He'll be stripping for us next ...

  5. We've heard all the Labour lies before, recently Ed Miliband said he'd nationalise the rail network if Labour come to power in 2015, Mr Miliband will say, just about anything, between now and the 2015 General Election, in order to gain your vote, If Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, don't jog your memory as to how bad Labour really are, then unfortunately you must have been lobotomised, at some point.

    Meanwhile the Labour ran Glasgow City Council, under Gordon (Caught with his pants down) Matheson, had leaders from eight of England's largest cities in Glasgow yesterday, who were trying to persuade you to vote no. Mr Matheson, (Who came under investigation of missing monies over the George Square fiasco), said the leaders, were a powerful weapon against separatists, the Secretary of State for anywhere but Scotland Alistair Carmichael, said, it was a great idea,and lauded Mr Matheson.

    1. That was a really clever idea. What with the BT campaign maintaining that it was a matter for Scots alone, and then inviting a whole pile of English politicians up to lecture us.

      I bet they were on a good expenses junket too. staying at a good hotel and getting loads of booze and good food down their necks...

      Ahhhh so someone has heard from King Kong Godzilla recently? I though that since he was out to grass since Nicola swept up the studio with him, and he lost a debate on independence on Shetland!

  6. Oh dearie me, M.P.'s who receive £400 per month for *ahem* food allowance telling us via their pathetic poster that the YELLOW and BLUE Tories put £450 onto our shopping bills. Yet, as you point out Tris the vast majority of items on the *ahem* ordinary person's shopping bill do NOT have VAT.

    I wonder who thought the idea of using the phrase "hardf working families". Let's face it Labour haven't the slightest idea about what Hard working families have to endure. Let's face it when you're on £66,000 per year salary PLUS allowances including the infamous £400 per month food allowance just doesn't make it real for these idiots!

    1. True Arbroath. The people who write these things, and the ones who sign them off, couldn't really care less about how much stuff costs. They wouldn't know or care what VAT is charged on.

      Most of their food in any case is on expenses.

      and EXPENSE is a good work for them. I remember Mr Duncan Smith's breakfast the cost of which would have to feed a pensioner for a fortnight. Still, we paid for it.

      I hope it gave him the trots!

  7. Replies
    1. Shameful.

      How can it be legal for someone to be sanctioned for 11 weeks, and left with no money for food, electricity, sanitary items... ?

      How can that be right?

      Even if you murder someone you are fed and clothed and kept warm.

      Being 10 minutes late for an appointment or not having enough money on your phone, or any electricity in the house to charge it with, is hardly as serious... and yet people are left to starve.

      I don't want to live in a country like this.

      If for no other reason that, one day, it could be me.

    2. In the year leading up to September 2013 almost 900,000 benefit seekers were sanctioned and over 20,000 sick or disabled individuals faced sanctions. The year should see sanctions reach the 1,000,000 figure with more misery to come.

      Perhaps Niko could tell us who introduced these sanction in 2008? It would not have been the charing, sharing party of the people would it?

    3. Funnily enough... it would be yeah, John.

      Must have been a momentary aberration... which they came to regret and will change if they ever get in again...

      What's that you say? They have promised to be even harder on greedy scrounging lower class people?

      Surely not. It must be the rich they are going to come down hard on? No?


      Well I never.

  8. cH, "Dae people naw matter any mair?" It would appear not! That should be compulsive viewing to everybody on these islands. Christ, when are we going to wise up? Really depressed now.

    1. The real question "Where is our FREE press reporting this?"

      Answer sucking up to the City of London and their elected workers in Westminster doing their every bidding for financial greed. sic

    2. Well yes, Anon. People matter.

      After all, didn't princess Beatrice or Eugenie not get £5 million to spend on doing up apartments in St James's Palace?

      I mean, that was pretty generous ...

      And are MPs not going to get an 11% pay rise?

      Goodness me, yes, people matter.

      Well some people do.

    3. As for the free press... well, as someone pointed out, the press is owned by rich people, and most of it supports one of other of the right wing parties in the UK, or their subsidiary branches in Edinburgh.

      That is, I suppose, fair enough.

      But STV, Channels 4 and 5 and the BBC are news organs paid for by our taxes.

      There is the scandal.

      Of course they want to keep in the Westminster. The TV licence which pays for the news reporting on all these channels is the responsibility of the english minister for culture. It wouldn't do to upset him and find yourself getting no increase for the next 5 years...

      First class air fares don't grow on trees.

  9. What constitutes a hard working familiy?

    Anyone looked at the last census figures? Almost 70% of households are singles or two people. How many of them fall into that category in the politicians mind?

    1. Aye, and who judges if they are hard working or not. I mean, if you go to work and you do an average amount, without volunteering for more, or particularly slacking off... are you hard working?

      If you keep the house more or less clean without caring THAT much about it...are you hard working?

      If you wash the car once a fortnight...are you hard working?

      If you mow the lawn once a week from April to October ... are you hard working?

      If you sit in the House of Lords all day on your lazy fat arse snoring and pick up £300 ...are you hard working?

      If you only pop in for 20 minutes and sign in to puick up your £300 ...are you hard working?

      If you are prince William or Kate Middleton and you walk around pretending to be interested in ordinary people and showing off your bairn... are you hard working?

      Right... none of us knows...

    2. As a right lazy wee woman, well I did spend forty four years hard working, I feel that there must be some right lazy toerags out there benefiting from the hard working portion of our community. I would have to say that the laziest surely must be those who reside in the House of Commons, where they seem to spend as little time as possible having acquired directorships etc. Well that and forcing themselves on their research assistants, allegedly.

    3. Well, it's certainly true that they are people who play the system at the bottom end of the pile as well as at the top.

      I've worked for many years with people looking for work, with Jobcentre and a host of other organisations, and in my experience there are precious few who actually want to be on the dole, and be treated like effluent.

      Of course a lot of them have problems of some sort, health, education, addiction... or were the recipients of prison sentences when Michale Howard was Home Secretary and insisted that Prison Worked (even though he wasn't directly responsible for Scottish law, his friend at the Scottish office were happy to apply English policies here.

      The result is that they are largely unemployable, because people don;t want ex-cons!

  10. Indyposterboy must be feeling flattered.