Sunday 18 May 2014


The words frying pan and fire come to mind...
The words door, hit and arse come to mind...
When and with whom WILL they debate?
Bravo, you greedy scroat
Still, we're all in it together, and the UK
has broad shoulders, you keep telling us
There you go, Jimmy.
If you want to get away with tax dodging,
Campaign for Cameron and slip him some dosh
Ooooops... too Big then?

Unfortunately. You could try cutting it off?
They  tell us they have an active Grass Roots campaign
Pity it's based in London and only has millionaire Tories in it
Well, you read it first on Munguin, who pinched it from the FT!
Now that would be a smart thing to do.
Way to start a revolution m'Lords
We ARE all in it together...
(Notice bottom right. Carney is warning about the bubble)
He's even more of a plonker than Darling Alistair
Just as well for some people in this picture
Big wheels within big wheels
You bet you are you greedy little scroat.
You stand to make a fortune, and so does you odious father in law
the 'Noble' Lord Howell
No matter what they tell you. There's not any point on basing your
decision on one man approaching retirement age. we can take it there will be no more powers
Oh dear... Did you try inviting all the neighbours, for free
and throwing in tea and biscuits? Gin?
Try gin next time (if there is a next time).
It usually brings them in
Did I hear someone say "Liars and cheats"
Did you see their Grand Fromage being fried on radio in England?
Fried Fromage Farage
Like I said, you're a greedy little scroat.
You don't have to go on proving it
And so are you, you foul little man. Silk cushions?
What's your arse made of? Bone China?
It's the way of the Tories and their little helpers
(what are they called again?)
Come to that, it's the way of Labour too


  1. Sickening isn't it. Anway if you're not doing anything at 13.32pm, try Radio Scotland for a piece on disabled people and the referendum. Depending on the edit you might even hear the dulcet tones of a certain Ms Paws of this parish.

    1. Ahhh Ms P, at that particular time I was delivering Yes Magazines through the doors of the good burgers of Broughty Ferry... so I miss yer ducet et decorous tones...

      Do tell us more though...

    2. Never fear, its on iplayer for 7 days.

      HOWEVER, my group was majority yes and they've mainly used the 2 undecided's quotes. There is a blink and you miss it bit of me at the very beginning saying I'm a yes voter. But none of me mentioning 1979, McCrone and the gross inequality of UK. Now i'm not saying the BBC is biased but....

    3. Thanks PP...

      BBC Biased....?


      Actually I thought it was the Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

  2. Summed up so well in with pictures to go with the words. Now we only have to convince people to use their computer for other than FaceBook.

    1. Well Munguin's readership has increased by a huge amount... so hopefully that is happening.

  3. Selfservatives, brilliant, nail squarely hit.

    1. Someone was rather clever with that...

  4. Wow - these images are being plastered everywhere. huge thanks for these. A picture says a thousand words

    If i bring up the referendum and folks say "i've no got time ...." then a glance of these gets the word through anyway. Brilliant thanks again.

    Hi ho , hi ho, ots off to post i go..............


    1. I think you're right.

      A page of text can be pretty off putting for people who have lots to get on with, so pics are often most accessible... and funnier.

      I'm really glad you're enjoying them.

  5. I forgot, to say, the map's a cracker too. Not so small, at all.

    1. Yes, I was impressed with that...we are actually quite large. Who knows what's in all that water.

    2. An awful lot of radioactivity something one can't see.

      Pictures often say more than script alone which is why some cartoons can have a good impact.on the reader. I must also say that your theme groupings tell a story in themselves which is always good keep it up.

      Self stick.

    3. Ha ha ...yes, there is that certainly.

      Thanks for the kind words... and the STAR!!!!

      I can't remember the last time I got one of these!

  6. I have got two No voters in my local Asda, seriously thinking the next time I am in buying a paper I will take the Kindle with your Blog on it, and showing them the map because they think we are too wee, and they also think we are too poor, so I am going to show them Mr Jappy to prove we are not. Mind I tend to go with the too stupid for them, but well try and try.

    1. Well done... Mr Jappy can show figures and he REALLY knows what he is talking about. So brilliant.

      As Margo said... if we all just convince ONE person...we've won.

      You'll be more than doing your bit if you get the two ASDA people.