Thursday 29 May 2014



I don't know (or much care) what makes Baillie tick. She can't seriously expect to go to the House of Lords herself. I mean they've let some nomarks in, but there is a limit. So that's not the motivation for all the lies. And surely someone from her party in Scotland shouldn't be the gung ho Brit Empire type of Tory caricatures. So I give up. I expect it must be a blind loyalty to Gordon or Tony or whatshisname.

Further, I don't know what she considers to be a prosperous looking town. But from what I can see Helensburgh certainly isn't that! Closed and boarded up shops, charity shops, businesses gone to the wall or gone elsewhere.

The fact that the hotel (The Imperial) has closed is not surprising. With great respect to the inhabitants, the rundown state of the place is hardly very inviting to holidaymakers. Las Vegas it is not... Even Benidorm it is not.

And who wants to take their kids on holiday to place where there are leaky old submarines belching radioactive material, some lunatic shot off a missile by mistake a few weeks ago, the ships have faults and they don't bother with Health and Safety checks (which should at least please Mr Coburn)?

The video is good. Baillie shakes her head when the man from the audience challenges her, quoting figures from the site manager about people who live on base 4 days a week, then go home to their houses in England for the weekend; don't spend their money in local businesses and don't buy houses in Scotland; in fact are of no economic value to the area whatsoever.

She does this head shaking and smiling as if the man who runs the place doesn't know what he's talking about. Lord help us. She thinks the man in charge of the site where the nukes are kept doesn't know what he's talking about. And she's happy with that!!

I just wonder if Ms Baillie has ever wondered if these jobs, which aren't Scottish jobs at all, are actually worth the money they cost us. Would we not be better setting up some industry there. The kind that isn't involved in mass slaughter?

If this is what New Labour, One Nation Labour or whatever they are this week, considers to be prosperity, and sound economic sense... then heaven knows what they think poverty looks like, and no wonder they drove the economy into the tank last time people were daft enough to let them get their silly hands on power..


  1. She seems to be the archetypal u-koker, thick as mince and with an unswerving disdain for the electorate and the Scottish people.

    1. She does, with a breathtaking arrogance.

  2. Does Faslane benefit the area? In my very limited experience of the situation, certainly not.

    An intelligent, informed and left-wing couple I know retired recently after working internationally and in England for many years. They went ahead with their plan to return home to the Clyde area and with the equity wealth that owning a modest house in SE England provides, they could afford to be fussy.

    They looked at potential homes in areas they remembered from their younger days as attractive places to live. Helensburgh was one of these but one of the first to be rejected. The thought of living close to the abominations at Faslane was the clincher.

    They now live on the Ayrshire coast near Largs and spend their grey pounds on goods and services there. Helensburgh's loss, Largs' gain.

    1. Thanks for that story Barney.

      I can imagine that situation.

      Even if you were right wing and a great believer in nuclear weapons and in Britain having (or sort of having) them, you'd not want to live there, or to bring up your kids there. There's a good reason that these things are not on the south cost of England.

      Over the years there have been many leaks, all of them totally unimportant.

      Or at least that is what the MoD tells us.

      But I'd not want to live there.

      So the town has to be dependent on the nuclear workers from the MoD or Babcock. But 80% of them aren't local and don't live there. And we know that on these bases there are shops and bars and "messes".

      So the Monday to Thursday lot don't even want to bring their kids up there.

      Who fancies starting up a business in in the area?

  3. Poor Jackie Baillie doesn't have the intelligence to be fazed by facts. It's that condition where you are too dim to realise how dim you are. I still find it unsettling that a Labour MSP would hanker after the glory days of the US military forces based in Cowal. How on earth did Labour drag themselves down and rightwards so completely?

    I remember Helensburgh, not all that long ago, as being a desirable, prosperous, pleasant town in a fantastic location. I was shocked to see the state of it recently when I was going the long way round to visit friends in Arrochar. The benefits of union, pooling and sharing with broad shoulders, presumably.

    1. It's a beautiful location. It's handy for Glasgow.

      What's not to like about it?

      Oh yeah... I just remembered.

      I don't know if she's thick or if she is just a liar, Iain.

      It beats me.

    2. Tris, I would say that your last comment was the correct one, and it is both. She and Lamont should have very long noses by now.

  4. Off Topic. I don't know how many of you follow Political Scrapbook (on the side bar =>). Basically it's a Labour supporting English blog, so maybe you don't.

    So in case you missed it, this one is about Mr Alexander, the most senior Scot in the Westminster government (he tells us).

    Apparently Mark Pack did some investigation and found out that the methodology used in the good lord's polls was somewhat suspect, compared to normal polling weightings. (Don't ask; it's all Urdu to me.)

    The investigations found that had normal weighting been applied Clegg would still have kept his seat.

    Beaker immediately tweeted the good news....

    But must have read on and discovered that even with the revised weightings, he himself would still have lost heavily to the SNP.

    So he deleted his tweet.

    What a pathetic little amateur.


      Beaker's latest desperate attempt to make it look as if he isn't a gonner.

      This is really funny to watch an amateuir politicain make a complete mess of things.

      Yes, Debate between Danny Alexander and Ms Sturgeon. Bring it on.

  5. Jackie Baillie is not thick, she is attending to her interests, just as so many Unionists politicians.She is well aware of the " on assignment" status of the bulk of the workers at Faslane and it is not in her interest to recognise this.She is deliberately misleading the people who elected her for her own self interest.

    .Remove Trident and two benefits are available to an independent Scotland. Faslane becomes the main naval base for Scotland. The Clyde basin hydrocarbon resources can be accessed. Both of these benefits will create substantial employment for the local population.

    1. Hi Velofello... Nice to see you.

      Bang on too. Of course she isn't that thick. Of course she is a liar.

      Add to your benefits, the bonus of not having to spend all that money to kill people (although you never will use it to do that) and the removal of these leaky old things to somewhere that isn't 20 odd miles from the middle of Glasgow.

      Win win win win win win... (except for jackie Baillie who loses her seat to someone a bit smarter from London Labour, and has to wait for a local council seat at £15,000 a year. Just like an ordinary person.

  6. I may have said this before but in case any one missed it - I detest Baillie with a fervour. Her politics suck balls big time but its her attitude that most riles, that patronising tone, the oily voice.

    Eeeuurrgh. She's an awful creature.

    I was recently in Helensburgh for a work thing. It just looks run down, (like so many small Scottish towns.) It has the potential to be a really nice seaside destination too.

    Baillie in and of herself is a reason to vote yes, essentially, if the horrid slimy creature is trying to persuade you to a course of action, the polar opposite, by default, is probably the right thing to do.

    1. Hmmm. Yes. Can't say I disagree with a word of that.

      She is sickening. She probably fitted in well at the Tory Ladies' lunch club.

      It would be good to see this area prosper as we start looking for oil and gas and people move in to actually live there and spend money there on houses, furniture, local services, gardens, plumbers, joiners, etc etc... and good money too.

      If I were in the area I know what I'd be voting.

  7. I can not abide that horrible woman. She is a LIAR to her core and she has openly admitted that when she was interviewed by the Herald over her deceitful lies about hospital beds. Hell she was even proud of doing that!

    Every time I see a picture of her or see her on the T.V. she turns my stomach. What an odious obnoxious disgusting woman she is. What is really disturbing though is that people actually voted for her in 2011. How on earth did that happen? I mean I have always believed in the idea that we Scots are an intelligent bunch but when things like this happen I begin to have serious doubts. When outright LIARS like her get voted into Hollyrood then I do begin to ask the question "are we really too stupid after all?"

  8. Update!

    I've just sent Baillie a tweet asking her if she is proud of all the business Faslane workers do in Helensburgh to make Helesnburgh so prosperous with a link to the video included of course. LOL

  9. Maybe she will feel that she wants to comment to defend herself.

    Well, Jackie, I'm happy for you to post here if you want to.

    I've run you down a fair bit in the last few days over your affection for this abomination (and the American one too).

    You are more that welcome to write a reply here, or post it to me at and I'll put it up as a post.

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    1. That's the article that Stu had up isn;t it?