Saturday, 14 June 2014


Nice to know our studios are being used equitably for the licence payers
regardless of their political views
And we'll get this Sun readers tweet plastered all over the papers
and a big fuss will be made about cyberbrits
Ah, how well I remember David Cameron lying about independence
 being a matter for the Scots alone. But then he asked Putin to get involved,
then the President, and quite possibly the next president.
Was it Tony Blair that got God to tell the Pope to speak out?
We must be a very important little country.


  1. The BBC will no doubt claim that they hire their studios out to Production companies. Given the strange amount of airtime given to the No Border launch by the BBC I get the feeling they are going to find it difficult to brush this embarrassment off. I hope Yes campaigners bring this to the attention to the voting public about media bias.

    1. Yes, I thought that was what they would do. It would be interesting to see if they would be happy for Yes to film in their studios, or if they would be "booked up ".

      It would be interesting to find out how much it cost BT...

  2. I don't really care, about Hillary Clinton's comment, as long as; We do not lose Scotland.

    1. I wouldn't think that most people are terribly interested in what either Obama or Clinton have said.

      The fact that Mr Cameron asked at least Obama, to intervene (and possibly Clinton too) shows that he thinks that what the president says is important. But that just shows how detached he is form what life is like for Scots, or Brits for that matter. We know that the FO has briefed against Scotland in a number of countries. The laugh is that we are paying above our fair share to have our servants brief against us.

      The Pope's comments were very loose and largely about the Catalan issue.

      If he were against Scottish independence I imagine it might affect the views a a small number of very devout Catholics. Someone on Twitter pointed out that that's the Rangers vote in the bag!!

      Really what people think elsewhere is of no great import, be it Washington or Vatican City. It's what people in Scotland think that matters. The people who are haing to live with the effects of right wing neo-liberal governments.

  3. Salmond and the boody nose is one of of the reasons LFF blocked me as they desperately try to shore up their slipping support.

    The US will be worried that free and unchallenged access through Scottish waters could affect how they continue to shape the world in their capitalist image ruled by the oil dollar.

    1. So what did you say about it to upset them...?

  4. Seems we are more important than any of us thought. Loved the thought that England was going to lose Scotland as if we were some province of theirs. They may see it like that, we see a very different picture. We were sold to them by a bunch of Lords who got broke with an adventure arranged by the man who started the Bank of England and which the English negotiated with their then enemy the Spanish not to give them a hand. Then after bribing some Aristos they threatened others. Democracy did not enter into it, and some one should say to the Pope that he needs to read some history before entering into any discussion. I know he was dealing mostly with Spain and Catalonia and the Italian situation, but Scotland was a nation before and has the right to be one again. I take it ill out when people who live in Independent Countries some who obtained it by the use of the gun, lecture us.

    1. You're being a wee bit unfair on the Pope. Better Together read into it something that wasn't there.

      Ordinarily I don't have time for theism.

    2. Yes, my mum was just explaining to me that BT/NT/UKOK or whatever they call themselves have taken the Pope's words and turned them around to make it seem like he's supporting BT.

      It's America I can't understand. They wanted rid of the Brits because they got a rough deal from them, so they had a war of independence.

      All we are doing is having a referendum, and at least the FM has said that he will accept the outcome of that referendum and that it is a once in a generation thing.

      Of course the first minister will be replaced in that 20 years that makes up that generation, so who knows what others will make of it.

  5. So according to the mass hysteria of the MSM the Pope has stuck his awe in and said Scotland must stay in the union has he?

    Here's the second paragraph from the Guardian.

    "Referring to independence movements in the Americas and the former Yugoslavia, and making a careful distinction between independence for emancipation and independence for secession, he went on: "You have to study each case individually. Scotland, La Padania [northern Italy], Catalonia. There will be cases that are just and others that are unjust, but the secession of a nation without a history of forced unity has to be handled with tweezers and analysed case by case.""

    The last sentence is particularly interesting in my view. Now remind here but can anyone think of a country that was forced in reality or by implication into a political and currency union that the people of that country did NOT want?

    Hmm, now let me see...GOT it. 1707 Scotland was FORCED into an unwanted union. Some scurrilous rogues masquerading as politicians and landlords took some money as bribes and signed away our rights as an independent country. Yes that was NOT forced on them per se but the idea that there were EIGHT regiments of English soldiers, foot regiments and Dragoons, on the border ready to invade if the deal was NOT done is, in my view, a prime example of FORCED unity.

    Oh and just for a wee bit of balance we have this from the dying Scotsman.

  6. Arbroath 1320

    Spot on well said.

    1. Thanks for that Richy.:-)

      Just as wee aside/update Tris have you read Stu's latest over on Wings yet?

      Apparently that very nice man Mr Brian Wilson (spit) has been having a go at Stu in the Scotsman today. I wonder what that sound is that I keep hearing...




    2. Yes, I agree with Richie Arbroath. A good post.

      Good news about oil workers. They seem to know that the oil isn't going to run on in 2017. Maybe they would like to inform Darling Alistair and Dan the Man from Inverness...

      Just going over to read Stuart's piece now.

      Wilson is a poor sort of socialist. He's up to his neck in money making like so many in New Labour. And nuclear too, if I remember rightly.

    3. Astounding.

      As Stuart says, the editor must be off today, and for what I can see, there's only him and the tea wifie and the cleaner and some work experience people in the office.

      It was probably the cat that edited Wilson's crap.

      They do themselves no favours, but whatever the polls say they are scared stiff, because a winning side doesn't need to sink this low.

      As for the actress of whom I've never heard, wow, I hope she acts better than she tweets.

      I wonder if she has any sort of evidence for what she is saying...

  7. Well well well, who'd have thunk it,that the BBC were biased in favour of the naesayers, call NATO get the UN in, contact WHO, get the RED CROSS or if you prefer the RED CRESCENT in, there must be a reckoning, the fact of the matter is the BBC will do whatever the bloody hell they want, and their lies the problem, the BBC have been an entity unto themselves for far too long.

    You don't need to go back far to see the evidence, just look at how they backed and pushed the war in Iraq, in effect the BBC when its needed is the states mouthpiece, and Scottish nationalists seeking independence will NEVER receive a fair crack of the whip.

    Only independence for Scotland will, see the back of the Whitehall controlled BBC remember broadcasting isn't devolved London TELLS YOU what you can and can't watch.

    1. The BBC is a disgrace.

      I've never been nuts about it. I've always thought it was a ridiculous construct spending VAST amounts of our money on trash.

      The BBC has been used by the government in the past to conceal news. I understand that it was during the war, when the Ministry of War had to approve its broadcasts.

      Petula Clark says that she thinks she was used to send encoded messages via the Empire Service, or at least she was told so some time after the war.

      You can say that that is fair enough during war.

      But this isn't war, is it... or is it?

    2. Oh but it is tris this is the Emipire striking back because we are financing their corruption on the world.

      Re BBC is anyone here going to the demo on the 29th?

    3. I was thinking of going, CH. Not sure if I'll be able to fit it in, but it's a worthwhile thing. Can't guarantee it (might be in Dublin) but there's a good chance I'll be there.

  8. The BBC, Better Together, The Labour Party, the Scotsman, the Daily Record, Jim Murphy, Gordon Brown, the Lib Dems, JK Rowling, UKIP, Gordon Brown, MI5, Stockbroker Andrew Fraser, the Daily Mail, the Tory Party; all are facets of the British State.

    Illegal wars, child poverty, Trident nuclear weapons outside Glasgow, the Bedroom Tax, homelessness, tax avoidance, are all consequences of the British State.

    1. The UK 's a pretty dreadful country.

      I was reading last night that British pensioners are now officially the poorest in Europe with the smallest percentage of income compared to the average wage. Apparently Hungary and Croatia are far better off.

      George Galloway was talking on the radio last night (I was told) about respect. Not the party, the attitude. He was pointing out that respect has to be earned... OK, I think Galloway is a bit of a nut job, but I agreed with this point

      When you think about it, who exactly in the British establishment has earned respect?

      Lords, Commons, Church, Press, Police, Councils, BBC, Councils?


  9. Willie Rennie: "If you vote for independence that's the end of more powers.

    LibDem logic!

    Moral of the story is you vote for all of the powers by voting Yes then there is no cat in hells chance of getting a dribble of powers via devolution.

    1. Aye poor Willie. Bless him, he's not really cut out for this kind of work.

    2. Sorry tris but he is as thick as mince if you said to him here are two boxes one contains a hundred grand and the other contains a promissory note up to a max of 50 grand, he would pick that one. His party is finished anyway thank goodness.

      A couple of polls coming out for tomorrow, fingers crossed that recent gains have been maintained.

    3. I was being kind CH...

      The polls have been looking good. Let's hope the momentum keeps up.