Saturday 28 June 2014

Random Thoughts...

His Nobleness the Baron Young of Somewhere or Other, Who Cares,  has decided to put his 2p worth into the independence debate.

It might perhaps have been better had he not bothered.

He announced that Scotland was a misogynist country. This is why he reckons they have only one Tory MP. It is all because of Margaret, you see. She was a woman and we don't like women here so we decided not to vote for any Tories, even men, and even though she is dead... Are you following the man's logic here?

It seems to have escaped his graciousness's attention that Eton Dave's right hand man in Scotland is, in fact, a woman; the leader of the Labour Party's Scottish branch is also a woman, and the Deputy First Minister and Minister for the Constitution is a woman too. Not only that but our presiding officer is a woman. And moreover our Queen is a woman. We have a far larger proportion of women in our parliament than the UK does or than it Aritsocraticness's house does.

Still, this is the fossil who said in 2010 that "we had never had it so good", you know, despite the double dip recession which was starving people and driving them from their homes.

He must have forgotten for a brief monte, if he ever knew at all, that not everyone is a member of the House of Horrors... 

Doesn't seem the brightest of buttons, does he, despite his very smart tie?
Ed Balls apparently tweeted a picture of himself and Johann Lamont mentioning that it had been passed to him by "Anus" Sarwar... He has since corrected his mistake, but one wonders if it weren't Freudian....

What do too many tweets make, Ed?
Now, the Naysayers keep on telling us that Alex Salmond is the head of the YES campaign, so, by logic the head of the NO campaign must be Dave the Eton Boy. 

Dave has told us over and over again that there is no place for English people in this debate. They (and specifically him) must stay out of it. It is for Scots to decide. (Although I think he must be under the impression that Mr Obama and Mr Putin are Scots.)

Anyway, given his profound belief in the campaign being something for Scots alone, why, oh why does he allow people on some sort of government sponsored opportunities course for English and Northern Irish 15-17 year olds to be brought to Scotland, to campaign for the No camp?

It must be costing a lot of government money. I wonder if they have to be registered as a player in the NO campaign.

Of course these youngsters are very welcome to our country. (Enjoy yourselves and spend lots of money here in our excellent tourist facilities.) 

But I hope your tutors and course leaders have explained both side of the political argument to you, before hauling you north of the border to door knock because they can't find any grass roots activists here to do it for them.
That was a cruel trick to play on Mr Miliband. Poor man, he doesn't have much luck. However, we do, because Mr Miliband has promised that he will move to Scotland as the debate reaches its zenith and he will base himself here, so that he can ensure a No vote. He also promises that the Tories will not win the next general election. (Not that ordinary people will be able to tell the difference.)

I presume that this means that he doesn't have much faith in Alistair Darling Anas Sarwar and Jo Lamont, for which I would have to say I don;t much blame him. Still he's such a competent politician himself I'm sure that all will be well.


  1. Hang on a sec, Milliband will *ahem* base himself in Scotland as the referendum debate reaches its zenith! Oh he will will he? You'll excuse my ignorance here but does he NOT already have a job, something like leader of the *cough* opposition in Westminster, or something like that I heard.

    How on earth will this work?

    Is he planning to be jetting up and down to London every day?

    Who's picking up the bill for this long distance commute?
    (ach silly me the tax payer, silly me!)

    1. Well, I'm not sure. I suppose it will be during their 5 months holiday, Arbroath, form being in the Commons, and so he can spend a few weeks up here without being missed much.

      Mind you, in his absence I wouldn't mind betting there will be some plotting!!!

  2. That second pic 'Balls up' seems very apt.

    1. Yes, I bet that's what he calls him...

  3. Replies
    1. I'll be there in spirit on the live feed. Rattle their PQ cage boys, and girls.

    2. Yes, I'm going to be at the Dundee/Dundee United launch at the City Square in Dundee (1pm for those in the area...), but I'll be thinking about the BBC demo. I hope they get a good crowd.

      The reporting of Armed Services day was a joke.

  4. So we rejected Margaret Thatcher and her policies and that makes us misogynists?

    I think that makes us quite sensible and intelligent.

    Young should stick to snoozing on the H o L benches and collecting his stipend.

    Looking good that he will come off our payroll very soon.

    1. His logic is somewhat skewed by the fact he was one of her henchmen, or rather dribbling pursuivants, and his mind has been addled by too many years of fine port and brandy at taxpayers' expense in the House of Horrors

      He also works for the prime minister on top of his £300 a day:

      "In October, he was appointed Enterprise Adviser to the Prime Minister and asked to conduct a "brutal" review of the relationship of government to small firms.

      In November 2010, David Young was obliged to apologise for having told the Daily Telegraph that, "For the vast majority of people in the country today, they have never had it so good ever since this recession - this so-called recession - started..."[5] He resigned,[6] but was subsequently reappointed.[7]" (Wikipedia)

    2. Question, is he the same Lord Young whose wife was on the board of the Lottery?
      More power to his voice, we just love all these English Political People coming up and telling us we are too stupid to do anything for ourselves.

  5. The NCS in question is 'National Campaign Squad' who look like the labour 'truth team' to be honest. There was a lot of discussion on twitter last night about this and confusion with the other 'NCS' as well. See hashtag #ncsontour for more details.

  6. Just come here from Wings, Read four days later and tell me what a wonderful country the UK has become and why WE need to get out of it. I had my wee pink YES badge on whilst walking the dog on Friday, now he was off leash and running about so I thought the look of censure was for him from the obviously well heeled couple in the Park, but as they went past I realised they had spotted the YES. May I say I took an instant dislike to them too, cause somehow I think they belong to the Starvers group.

  7. tris

    The English conservatives upholders of fine britshit values
    such as creating very cheap starving labor.

    Political economy came into being as a natural result of the expansion of trade, and with its appearance elementary, unscientific huckstering was replaced by a developed system of licensed fraud, an entire science of enrichment.
    -Karl Marx

    Recession is a good time to boost profits, says Cameron aide
    Lord Young says low-wage conditions are a bonus for business, drawing a furious response from the TUC

    The prime minister's adviser on enterprise has told the cabinet that the economic downturn is an excellent time for new businesses to boost profits and grow because labour is cheap, the Observer can reveal.

    Lord Young, a cabinet minister under the late Baroness Thatcher, who is the only aide with his own office in Downing Street, told ministers that the low wage levels in a recession made larger financial returns easier to achieve. His comments are contained in a report to be published this week, on which the cabinet was briefed last Tuesday.

    Young, who has already been forced to resign from his position once before for downplaying the impact of the recession on people, writes: "The rise in the number of businesses in recent years shows that a recession can be an excellent time to start a business.

    "Competitors who fall by the wayside enable well-run firms to expand and increase market share. Factors of production such as premises and labour can be cheaper and higher quality, meaning that return

    1. In other words... let's keep them poor and we can make all the more profit.

      They are such loathsome creatures.

    2. ---and the Labour Party need them to stay poor.

    3. Aye, look what happened when Thatcher started to make them at least feel rich, with their own homes and shares in Hissing Sid.

      The Labour Party found that a whole pile of their voters had become Tories.

      So what did they do?

      They became Tories too!

      If you can't beat them...

  8. Erm! Ed Balls didn't make a spelling mistake he got it bang on, and yip I've read that the no camp have had to bus in distributors from south of the border, a bit pathetic really,when you can't find Scots to deliver your lying pamphlets. The video from Wales is brilliant saw it a few weeks back over on Wings.

    But and its a very big but Munguins like all other indy sites is a very important source of information keep up the bloody brilliant work. As for IDS and Esther Mc Vile they're a pair of @*&%$# and a couple of @+=*£%# you get the picture.

  9. Hilarious.

    These kids are on a course to help make them more rounded and employable.

    Why would shoving things through letter boxes in another country do that?

    They might as well employ them to deliver Pizza in their home towns.

    I didn't know that Stuart had put up that video. But , hey.... I miss some things in the course of a busy day, and Stuart is prolific in his output.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement .


  10. That tall lad in the picture was chapping doors in our street yesterday along with 6 other kids about the same age, it was so obvious they had been bussed in, sad innit.

    1. Just imagine if the Scottish Government was using funding for this.

      Anytime I've worked with Scottish or European funding, political activity is OUT OF THE QUESTION forbidden.

      But one rule for us, and another for the Eton toffs.