Friday, 13 June 2014


Today Stuart Campbell has been defamed in the Scotsman.

Stuart, as we all know, is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. He has, as you will see from the link, demanded an apology and a retraction, and I have no doubt he will go to the Press Complaints Commission should one not be forthcoming. You don't mess with the Rev!

I actually wonder at the stupidity of the editor at the Scotsman. Bending the facts slightly is one thing. Lying through your teeth, another. Five minutes of research would have saved him making a fool of himself. 

But more widely the bias of the press is becoming worrying and vilification of "cybernats" but not of "britnats" is damaging the debate.

Let's be fair. Most people probably (and I'm no exception) say things in blogs or on Twitter, momentarily forgetting that they are public domains. Anyone can see an open blog and, depending on who is following whom, Twitter can have a massive impact. 

But, although from coverage you'd never have guessed it, a poll carried out for the Daily Express in March of this year showed that Pro-Independence supporters are far more likely than Unionists to receive hate mail or suffer insults for their political beliefs. 

Credit to them for publishing the poll (unfavourable as it is to their side), even though the tone of the article makes little of the findings, and is illustrated by a picture of a unionist who has been insulted. However it does include this paragraph: "In a worrying development for the Better Together campaign, 21 per cent of those planning to vote Yes have received abuse or threats compared to just eight per cent of those planning to vote No."

Not being a reader of the Express, I'd not heard of that poll until today, when I read about it on Scot Goes Pop. Can you imagine how many other papers and TV channels would have run with the story if it hadn't shown such an imbalance for their side? The BBC would have been overjoyed and dedicated a whole dumbed down programme to it.
No other mainstream media seem in the least interested in publicising some of the nonsense that emanates for the keyboards and Twitter Accounts of BT/UKOK/NO supporters. Like this little gem (above) for example. 

I read with dismay some of the words written by Jamieson yesterday, and dismissed them as trouble making ramblings. I just hope that he doesn't have a point.


  1. This a diversion is is an orchestrated attack to divert Yes people away from doing the day to day grassroots campaign that it spreading out far an wide. You don't have to have a masters degree to see what is appearing in the press and tv is co-ordinated. Not every reads newspapers, not everyone watches news programmes but they do listen and speak to their family and friends. That is what we should be doing. Get them to think and spot the media manipulation.

  2. Gawd - I must proof read in future!

    is is - should read it is.

    evry = everone.

    1. Yes it's a diversion.

      But it is stirring up so much hatred.

      I was insulted for wearing a Scotland t shirt this morning.

      The press don't seem to realise that their little distraction is causing people who aren't widely informed to hate their neighbours.

      I agree it is our business to try to persuade people of the truth.

      Anyway, don't worry about your proofreading. I'm often in such a hurry that my posts must look like alphabetti spaghetti!!! (without the sauce).

    2. "The press don't seem to realise that their little distraction is causing people who aren't widely informed to hate their neighbours."

      I disagree with you there Tris. They do realise and that is precisely why they are doing it. We knew it was going to get dirty and Yessers have to be on their best behaviour and watch out too for false flags.

    3. Well maybe you're right, PP. If so they are playing a really dangerous game.

  3. The article in question is Euan McColm. I was going to write 'is written by', but thought 'why bother?
    The ex-News of the Screws editor has used his intensive training in gutter journalism there to pollute the independence debate with his easily rebutted half-lies and innuendos.
    Remember 'Cheesegate'? He's the one who tried to intimidate me into closing my blog too. Let's hope Stu takes this all the way...

    1. Ah yeah, him...

      Splendid journalist if you use the term loosely.

      I've no doubt at all that Stuart will take it as far as it has to go.

      He seems to fear no one, because he checks all his facts and keeps meticulous records.

  4. The Scotsman newspaper,a misnomer if ever there was one,does anybody even buy it anymore, the national press are a disgrace, today press stories grow arms and legs because the press want them to. Example Alex Salmond declines an invitation from Obama,press version, "Salmond knocks back Obama for Putin's brutal regime".

    Other entertaining press stories include, "Oil to run out by 2017" or "No mobile signal coverage in an independent Scotland", I'm poised on the end of my sofa, waiting for the day the press print, on their front pages, "No oxygen available to breath in an independent Scotland".

    What makes these and other stories even more bizarre, is that right next to them, they print true stories in your area, about construction, accidents, business news etc, I wonder do the owners and editor's of these mis-leading newspapers, think that after independence, it will be business as usual, because I don't foresee anyone buying them ever again,after the lies and deceit they spewed out on a daily basis.

    1. I don;t think anyone much buys the Scotsman these days.

      The circulation is down to a tiny fraction of what it was even ten years ago. They've moved and moved again, downsizing all the way. I don;t think they have many staff left.

      Isn't it amazing that if the oil will run out so soon, the oil companies have just invested massive amounts of money in the North sea.

      Does no one think about what they are saying?

      That's probably the next thing. Tony Blair will speak to his good friend, God, who will stop oxygen supplies to Scotland...

      Apropos of nothing much, I was just reflecting this morning what a splendid good job the war mongers did in Iraq of bringing democracy to that benighted land.

      How grateful to the gracious white man, the natives must be.

      It won't take Afghanistan that long to descend into chaos!

  5. The press and TV know exactly what they are doing. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

    Come on everyone this was predictable as we all know the state will go to any lengths to divert us from the facts of staying in the union. If they were ever gonna play by the rules why would the adopt "project fear"?

    It's a sham and hypocritical of them but they have their own rules. The MSM complain when a labour activist is caught out as a "normal mother" making damn sure we know she has a disabled child etc. anything to turn us into monsters and trolls.

    Well what about the thousands of disabled elsewhere losing benefits and support and the huge numbers killing themselves. Hypocritical sods that they are.

    It is a deflection from the real problems with this union. The silence of the MSM on food banks and sanctions on our poorest and it will only get worse. They have managed to turn the vile abuse thrown from political reps on to an invisible enemy , the YES voting troll. Hell last week we were nazi's so why the surprise.

    The masses are asses. Don't know who said it but it's true. Give it another two or three weeks and being Scottish will be a big no no . It will be "I'm British" not Scots. And the public will fall for it hook line and sinker.

    We now know the Govt don't care as long as the Scottish milk cow" is kept pumping out the cash for London projects and wars.

    Sometimes i despair that we (Scots) are a bigger enemies to each other . Many will follow the BBC and MSMs diatribe that we are "too poor , too stupid "and by 19th Sept will vote no regardless of the consequences and it will be too late. (too stupid).

    A mountain has been made out of a mole hill and whilst BT can slaver all there drivel any protests will be regarded as Bad Nasty Natz . The labour party where caught trying to dupe voters over the Ms Lally case and now we should all apologize ?????

    This is the democratic process the Uk is showing the world and our own folk will fight their battle for them. I am disgusted that they could be so naive . Only in the Ukl could folk turn on there own for a west minster govt that will destroy this country after the vote.

    1. OK, Richy... I accept that the lies are intentional. The spin on stories are intentional. The focus on any tiny mistake from Yes whilst making nothing of the fact that Darling called us Nazis, or rather agreed with a newspaper editor who asked if he thought that we were is intentional. (Darling has been around long enough not to fall into the trap of letting a journo put words in his mouth.)

      But now they seem to be suggesting that there will be unrest if it is a narrow defeat for us. As if somehow we are not democrats. No suggestion that 50% +1 for yes, would have the Noers uprising, of course. They are British. They wouldn't do that sort of thing...stiff upper lip and cricket...

      It worries me that they, even at this stage appear to be fomenting trouble.

      Ms Lally and her No people tried to pass her off as an ordinary housewife, presumably because no one listens to politicians now. She isn't a professional politician, but I have quotes from Baillie and Lamont saying that she i s in the shadow matter how often that woman, who was interviewed with Stuart, said she wasn't. Presumably Lamont knows who is in her own shadow cabinet.

      I'd not call a member of a country's shadow cabinet an ordinary person. She has power, she has contacts and she has a collective responsibility to support what the cabinet decides. Her words are not her own; they are the words of the shadow cabinet. Incidentally she appeared to be unaware that NHS Scotland is independent of NHS England, and always has been.

      And as you say...who is the bad guy? Is it them for lying about her situation, or is it us for pointing it out?

      Us! And yes, I deeply regret that they have used the disabled child card shamelessly.


  6. Dr. Manhattan - They (the snp ) claim they try to build a heaven yet their heaven is populated with horrors

    You look in the mirror and yet recoil from what you Nats are !!

    1. No, Nico, I looked in the mirror and noticed; once again, I'd cut myself shaving. However, having read your comments, over a few weeks ( some of which I found mildly amusing), I have come to the conclusion that; a, you're not really convinced by your own *ahem* argument, b, you're calling the kettle black, you being the pot, in that scenario.
      I do not wish, for you, to take offence; just some ramblings, reflecting on your ramblings. Ramble on....

    2. Actually they never said that. neither did the Greens, nor the Scottish Socialist, nor Radical Independence,nor Labour for Independence.

      They said that they would make things better than they are now.

      That's not heaven, it's a little less hellish.

      No one for a daft minute ever though or proposed that Indu Scotland wouold be a paradise.

      The bulk of Mr Osborne's cuts are still to come and will, as always with them, hit the poorest the hardest. Labour has said it will follow the Tories' spending plans. They ever said that they would be harsher on the unemployed and the sick.

      OIf course we are aware that you will be living in Cyprus and so this won't affect you, but it will affect your family, your friends, and frankly, your two brothers who are ill.

      Think on Niko. No one promises paradise. Burt everyone on the indy said has said that they will make things better for the poor.

    3. Don't think you own a mirror Niko, some how I just cannot see how you can face yourself in one of a day seeing the lies you tell on here. You will not get into heaven at this rate, that is if you believe it exists. Mind you will be in good company, not many in the BT or is it the No thanks gang will be even seeing the pearly gates far less going through them.

  7. As I just posted on Wings.
    I think it’s all diversionary, wind and pish, so the muggles keep their eyes off the prize; of Independence. There are no doubt, shite slingers, in both camps. However; we do not have the BBC etal on our side, so their shite, will seem to spread and stick more. I believe, they are losing and that is why, the shite slinging, the scraping of the barrels arse has become, or rather still is, the only thing they have. So to use an old but much rehashed saying; keep calm and carry on. We can, must and will win this.

    1. The alternative gets more horrific by the day.

      When will they start calling for British troops to go back to Iraq?

    2. We should get as far away, from Westminster, as soon as possible. No more the sons and daughters of Scotland, dying for their (Westminster's) cause. JimnArlene

  8. BBC ethics Lying under serious threat

    They can't openly brand us as 'terrorists', they can't physically bomb us as the rest of the world might object so all they can do is smear and lie which comes naturally to them.

    Online is the peoples media as are all the open debates held out with the MSM control and they are frightened of what is happening.

    1. Don't ever bet that the British state won't do something.

      They have been over the years responsible for some hellish atrocities.

      I don't believe they would stop at anything to get what they want.

    2. Well CynicalHighlander, I see this as the Scottish Summer, and regardless of the bit of rain we are getting we will come out into the Sun in September. Do you honestly think that UKOK would be getting into this state if they were winning, course not. We should have expected the dirty tricks they did the same 1979 and 1997 and even in 2007 and 11. We need to keep our wits about us, nothing we can do about the allegations but I think Stu should sue, I know that we in my house are willing to assist with funds and so are many on Wings.

  9. Replies
    1. I can't say how much I admire Paul.

      He's another person we will have to thank when we win.

  10. Niko, will ypu please tidy up your blog site, someone somewhere mght accidentally stumble in to it. Or are you constantly trolling on here because nobody wants to visit your wee sad planet.

    1. Poor Niko. He's upset so many people, this is the only place he can come these days.

      I think we should get Mr Brownlie to have a word with him.

    2. Umm ! not been blogging as much as i should me blogg looking
      a bit sad and neglected bit like me......its even being used by some trolls
      ( Nemesis )

      At least in the Republic i can have a sit down and a nice cup of tea
      and a chat with me friends and not so friends

    3. Awww Niko, so sad, now if you were nicer, even decent and stop with the insults, none of us would be nasty with you. It is the Alicsammin lies you come out with and all the nasty stuff that does it. We are not all saints like Tris.

    4. Ha ha... I'm far from a saint, and every so often I have to report Niko to mr Brownlie and his backside gets a severe kicking.

      Niko...get posting on your blog so I can come over and insult your friends.

  11. There used to be a sign on the exit from Glasgow Airport saying "Welcome to Scotland." Many times visitors commented to me how it made them feel really warm and comfortable reading that sign, it conveyed a message of an inclusive out ward looking country that was proud to show itself to visitors, and confident of it's identity.

    Which is probably why the Airport in collusion with unionist Labour Glasgow city council saw fit to remove it and replace it with a sign saying "People make Glasgow." I have never read such vacous bland pish in my life. It is sterile cold political bawbaggery that does nothing for a visitor to Scotland. Which is probably what the architects of it had on their agenda the day they decided on this inbred vandalism. Better Together No Thanks.

    1. Agreed.

      What utter pi**

      People make every city... the idiots.

      Better Together No Thanks U KOK :)