Saturday 7 June 2014



No Alistair, it's not all going to run out in 2017
Otherwise they wouldn't have just invested all that money
Surely not...?
From the Unionist Courier
The Chamber of Commerce in Dundee
A Lewis welcome
A Stornoway welcome
Good figures, eh Alistair?
And we have these guys
Yes City


Seriously...You couldn't make that up
Translated into a language we understand
Lest you forget we pay for Dave's photographer
and his botox injector

But only because it is good for them
Dr Foul Death and Nurse Repugnant McVile
A dismal future if we vote no
Yes, including Labour's own WMD
And this tube
Oh yeah, I was forgetting about the 10 years he was chancellor
and the 3 years he was prime monster
That's the world he encouraged...
He doesn't usually waste time with questions when
there's money to be made selling his dreary book
And no bloody wonder
Still they are paying London's best PR firm, by appointment
to the Rusty Ladyboy to make them look better.
 It's such a pity that all that so-called Scottish money
that they are grass rooting, is being spent with Mr Saatchi and Saatchi
when he manages to get his grubby hand away from Nigel's neck
Ah, yes. I thought I should probably put something
 in about the Liberals as this was a special week for them,
getting the worst result in a by-election since the war.
So, does anyone know who's side he's on? Does anyone care?
Does he know what side he's on?
Who is he anyway?

I have removed the offending picture of iain Duncan Smith on the basis that its use was tasteless. Nonetheless, I think he is the singularly most vile character in Cameron's government of vile creatures.  When you look at the competition, that is really some feat Iain.


  1. We can all be "snipers on the roof", putting our cross hairs in the yes box, blowing them all away.

    1. That's the best kind of sniper.

      The kind that gets what he wants without committing a single crime; without any violence at all.

      I swithered about putting up the sniper thing... I'm totally anti -violence against any animals, and as a gardener i ever try to save slugs by putting them somewhere where they won't do my plants any harm.

      But as it was amusing, and it was only IDS (and I rate him under a slug), I thought I might as well share it.

    2. As a YES supporter I think it is unwise to give the Daily Mail anything that they can splash across their front page attacking the YES campaign with no matter how innocuous it was intended to be.

    3. I accept that it wasn't the best idea. I apologise.

    4. And the offending photograph has been removed.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry for the delay in answering. I was trying to imagine mrs Thatcher in a t-shirt... The nausea is passing though.

      Aye, it seems that the Liberals have managed to put themselves back to the days of Joe Grimond, where they were a tiny pressure group of no consequence.

      Liberal leaders of the past would be justified in having the knives out for Clegg and his cohorts. They were starting to be some sort of a force again in opposition. You can usually safely ignore 6 voices, but around 60 is much more difficult.

      Of course, if Charlie Kennedy had been doing his job instead to getting himself on the outside of a whisky bottle, they might have been far bigger. There was a time when he was the only opposition to Blair, as Son of Thatcher got little opposition from the Tories for his right wing policies.

      So it's not all Clegg's fault. But it will go down in history as such.

      I wonder if it was worth it, Clegg. You'd have got a seat in the house of lords anyway. You didn't have to become a Tory to get it.

      Willie Rennie is a dismal nomark. He's so ineffectual and disregardable. They need someone who is dynamic; a good speaker, a striking personality. He isn't either. When they were reduced to 5+ people in the Scottish parliament and one of these 5 was the failed leader, there wasn't a huge amount of competition for taking over the unrewarding job of leading a party that quite literally could fit in a phone box. I suspect that rather than being elected, he drew the short straw.

  3. Hey Tris that is my former MP you are talking about. I never have voted for him though. I have said it before and it is so true I will say it again, that the most useless person can be sent to Westminster and will rarely be tumbled but put the idiot into Holyrood and well all can see, sort of. I think you are right about the short straw, though I think he is so stupid he would think they were giving him a good job.
    Another excellent job, a wee suggestion for the next, a wee expose of Morrison's who are helping Better Together. ( I wonder if they are registered)?

    1. Ohhhhh... what's this about Morrisons? Don't tell me that they are about to lose another set of customers. With their current trading position, I'm not sure that would be a wise move.

  4. I liked the flag fluttering over the Chamber of Commerce building. I didn't notice it when I went the dentist in Meadowside. I have noticed an increase in Yes stickers in the central part of Dundee in the past couple of weeks.

    1. We were up in Dunkeld today. At least half the cars parked there seemed to have Yes stickers and many of the houses too...

    2. PS... Is Keith Hooper your dentist too?

    3. No - Natalie is mine although Keith did some emergency treatment for me a few years ago. A really nice chap.

    4. Yes, a really good mate of mine and a "yes" man (in the nicest way) and one of the kindest blokes you're likely to meet. He's also a tremendously talented dentist!

    5. and Maggie the hygienist -a friend jokes she is gestapo trained. She does a good job.

    6. Oh I only had her once. It was a bit unfortunate. She made a mistake telling me something about some mouthwash that I should use (she said there was no alcohol in it, and that I should use it because alcohol in mouthwash was dangerous and could contribute to cancer of the gums).

      I t was incredibly expensive, but I bought it anyway, and then discovered that there was alcohol in it. So I told Keith, in a somewhat explosive way.

      Now Keith does my hygiene stuff himself. :)

      But I like all the rest of the staff there. They really are a friendly decent bunch...

    7. Ah yes, but what we really want to know is, is Dr Hooper single? ;-)

    8. He's not married but has a long term girl friend.

  5. Bloody hell, Natalie is my dentist too! What a small world!

    1. LOL... We'll all meet up there one day!

  6. tris
    and the malcontents

    Glad to see project fear is alive and well in the extremist snp/nats
    clan, the way you are going lately i can see the snp disowning your
    contribution ??? to the Yes cause.

    A sniper i mean a sniper in a deranged nat mind (ch for instance )
    it could tip them over to an actual act of extremist violence.

    Looking in someones car or window is not the same as looking into
    their mind and not a reliable indicator of voting intention.
    Your sniper (call to kill ) comment reveals the depth of intimation
    those who may vote no have to be wary of .
    Why not on meeting a group of violent nats who ask/demand
    who you are voting for. just reply i will be voting yes and then you can go home
    in safety and need not fear you or your family could be targeted by the yes extremists.

    1. Oh get real Niko...

      That was a lighthearted joke.

      Don't tell me that if a Labour person had posted it, for a laugh, as I did, you wouldn't have choked yourself.

      I've no interest in Mr DS being harmed in any way, despite the deaths he has caused, and you know it.

      The only violence that has been perpetrated in this campaign has been from Britnats, who beat up an 80 year old, were violent at the Edinburgh marches, have given people bloody noses and smashed window with Yes stickers in...

      John Reid has been whining that people called him horrible...

      Because of course he is horrible.

  7. Cap in hand for number one is an excellent idea but someone would need to coordinate it.
    I have had a look on iTunes and there are several versions available to purchase at a very reasonable 99p, but which one?

    1. Aye good point. Maybe the people who are proposing it will make it clear nearer the time.

      I'll keep an eye open.

  8. Niko,

    Do you recall this:

    dunno who's bright idea klan alba was, but..........

    Our side has to be wary whereas you side get's away with literal murder. Sub-contracted to ATOS.

    If you want the debate to be that dirty, then there is a descending escalator that your mob - as in Chicago 1920's - took.

    Believe me, it is not hard to find shit from your side too.

    1. Yeah, so far most of the bad has been on the no side. Iain Duncan Smith for a start; then there's Fatboy Osborne, Nigel Farage, Danny Alexander, and their poisonous plans to kill off the poor.

      They don't need snipers. They just take away their money using incompetent staff, and now I see that they are going to be charging people to make appeals against benefit decisions.

      They are repulsive people. And they are all in it together.