Friday, 13 June 2014


Chris Mould was giving evidence to the Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector when he said that the charity had been criticised by the government for raising awareness of the need for food banks.

He said that he had seen several examples of how “people in power do pretty inappropriate things at times to try and curb and curtail independence of a voluntary organisation when it proves to be inconvenient to them”.

Mould, who made it clear that the charity was not a campaigning organisation, told the panel that most of these examples had arisen in private conversations with those in power.

He said that in a face-to-face conversation in March 2013 with "someone in power", he was told that he must think more carefully otherwise “the government might try to shut you down”.

Mould said: “This was spoken in anger, but is the kind of dialogue that can occur. It exposes the way people think in the political world about their relationship with the voluntary sector when things are getting difficult. What can we do?”

The charity then took the decision to tone down its criticisms so that the government would maintain its contact. Mould said that this decision was a response of a “positive nature”. 

He also spoke of another example of when the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions' office contacted him in 2011 in response to publication of the trust’s concerns about the benefits system.

Mr Mould said he received a phone call on his day off “from someone in the Secretary of State’s office which was basically to tell me that the boss was very angry with us because we were publicising the concerns we have over the rising number of people who were struggling as a consequence of delays and inefficiencies in the benefits system”.

*Adapted from this article, with very few changes...


  1. Ian Duncan Smith...the merest mention of that sick verminous cretin has my inner cybernat shouting "Let me out! I know some good words for this one!" Grrrr....

    1. Yep Alex, he's kinda my pet hate too.

      Of course there are other repugnant people in Cameron's cabinet, but somehow he seems to take the biscuit. He's a liar, a cheat and an incompetent. Nothing he has ever done has worked, and the money he's wasted is legend.

      Of course there's his much mentioned cv; the wife's wages for not working for him; the year he took off work when she was sick; his intimidation of close colleagues; and of course the fact that he has made a total mess of welfare reform, which should be called social security reform.

      He is ably assisted by the McVile creature and that city banker or words to that effect Lord Fraude. It's a pity he lost the equally repulsive assistant he once had, Greylung Voldemort.

      I know some words for him too, but we're being nice to unionists, and in any case me mum reads this, so I'll simply call him a bastard.

  2. Iain Duncan Smith is an exemplar of British values as shown by
    the English Conservative party. Mostly on the least powerful
    in society

    1. Will Mr Gove be teaching that in his new British Values classes?

      I was trying to think what British values were... It was hard, because although I came up with some that you see every day...Greed, Drunkenness, Vanity, Theft... and Generosity, Sobriety, Modesty, Decency, I kinda thought that in all the countries of the world I've been lucky enough to visit, I've found exactly the same qualities, in, as far as I can make out, relatively much the same proportions. (Well OK, there wasn't much drunkenness in the arab countries, unless you include Scots on a night out.)

      Unfortunately Mr Duncan-Smith appears to have been blessed with the former but not the latter qualities.


  3. British values ...thats easy peasy when there is a war the British/Conservative ruling class...Value all the other nations working/strivers to get there fecking heads blown right off. for them ..and any spassy survivors will be treated like shite/scroungers which they have now become as they aint got enough limbs to work.

    God save our Queen and all that

  4. Here's a link to the Welfare News Service take on this abhorrent man and his *ahem* ideas to penalise the poor for the crimes of the rich.

    Meanwhile back over in Iraq we have this from Cameron.

    While over at the Telegraph we have this.

    I have one question. When does "boots on the ground" NOT constitute "boots on the ground" ? Answers on a post card to Shite for brains, 10 Downing Street, London!

  5. Prime Minister says he will not order 'boots on the ground' in Iraq (Until Mr Obama tells him to)

    William Hague adds: 'We are not planning a British military intervention' (wow, really, I sorta worked that out from what the PM said.)

    Former PM Tony Blair is yet to speak out over the growing crisis (who cares?)

    Barack Obama today also ruled out sending troops back into the country (which explains Cameron's statement.)

    They should have put Mr Obama first. The minute he tells them that they will have to send troops, they will send troops. They shouldn't pretend that their foreign policy or defense policy has anything to do with London. It's all decided in Washington.

    Clearly the Telegraph report was written later and Mr Obama is having second thoughts.

    I can only imagine that Mr O has changed his mind.

    Personally I think they should keep out of it. It may seem unfair and harsh, but whenever Bramerica gets involved in anything, the backside falls off it. It will only mean more deaths, and more terrorism here.

    The Trussel Trust does amazing work. That that little shit IDS would threaten them is beyond belief.

    The TT is actually the Big Society, of necessity, doing what the state should be doing.

    But I see that an unmentioned feature of Camerons BS (that's Big Society, not Bull Shit...) is that whilst doing the government's work for them, one must never mention what a crowd of unutterable bastards the government actually is.

    Finally, who cares what Tony Blair the war criminal and international murderer has or has not said. It's a matter of less interest to me than the colour of my next door neighbour kitchen lino... and that's saying something.

    Whatever Blair says, LO God will have said unto him. And as God is his best friend, doubtlessly that will be something favourable about Blair and Bush.

  6. I worry a wee bit that the Trussell Trust may have watered down what they thought about Cameron and co over their benefit plans. In my view they should keep up the pressure as best they can using the strongest possible language to get their point across to the MUPPETS in Whitehall and elsewhere.

    If that b****** thinks he can just threaten the Trussell Trust then fine let the b****** try. He lays one finger on the TT then all hell will break lose of that I am certain. Cameron thought the London riots of a few years ago were bad well they would just be a gnat's bite compared to the riots that would undoubtedly occur if IDS shut down, or attempted to shut down the TT.

  7. It's not poverty, try visiting a third world country to see what real poverty is.
    The other thing to remember is who pays for the benefits (it isn't the government) and why they are struggling to comprehend why those getting said benefits are better off than those working in many cases. Then you'll see where IDS is coming from.

    1. Quiet man

      Well with beliefs such as yours we will soon be a third world country
      the Torys are already working to that end on all the sick , disabled and
      involuntary unemployed .

      Most benefits are paid to working people employed by Tory voting
      employers thus we subsidize wealthy owners etc any comment ?? .Let alone the pensioners who get a large chunk of our cash.

      Umm !! IDS that would be the man whose family claimed 1.5 million quid in benefits from the EU.....any comment.

      You are right the Government well this one anyway dont pay for the taxes
      both Osborne and Cameron have tax avoiding trusts, let alone the rest of the Tory cabal with the best tax avoiders money can buy

    2. Brilliant Niko.

      We should also remember that a HUGE part of the benefits is paid to landlords, mainly I the south east of England who charge a fortune for their properties. Funnily enough there are two facts... many of them are Tory grandees... and secondly, there has never been a hint of rent controls being introduced. no, just chuck the poor peopole out of their homes.

      QM. IDS is a liar and a cheat/. He lied about his qualifications and the "university" he attended. He lied about his wife working for him. he went mad on expenses and when Cameron told him to pay back disputed expenses he refused.

      He is a piece of shit. If he didn't have connections he'd probably be in jail by now.

  8. How dare the Trussell Trust, mention the hungry and poor people of the UK, for the TT to point out that if Westminster doesn't change its way many more people will die, its an absolute disgrace and the TT should be charged with treason for (A) telling the truth, and (B) most importantly putting the great and fantastic IDS off his £39 quid breakfast.

    I'm sure that Esther McVile er Oops! I mean McVey (no I don't) and the mass murderer IDS er! I mean't to say minister, will be really peeved at this info getting out, and just for the hell of it they will sanction a few thousand commoners from the Job Centre, back to the point how dare a charity have the audacity to tell the bloody truth, its not the done thing round these parts you know.

    Comical Ali springs to mind, when I think of IDS, I can picture him saying "Foodbanks what foodbanks, you won't find any foodbanks here in the UK".

    1. Absolutely amazing in what is supposed to be a democratic country.

      The whole dump makes me sick

  9. That man Smith has caused untold damage to the most needy of our people. Using the media to portray these folk as scroungers and skivers. The media have a lot to answer but IDS is the worst of them all.

    An independent Scotland will address our problems but the poor of the rUK will have to suffer on. What does it take for the English?Welsh to act. ? The men and women i know down south would never stand by and allow this, It's one of the reasons i will vote YES.

    The food banks are the most shameful part of this country's history.

    To have no food or no power to cook in a country of our riches is disgraceful but the fact that so many are children and disabled is the deepest of shames.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    1. He is foul. I wouldn't pee on him if he was on fire (although I probably would if he weren't).

      The Tories are taking us back to Victorian England. I saw an article this morning saying that there is a £2 billion shortfall in hospitals... and they have to find the savings.

      So, perhaps they will start a system where they only treat people in work, that pays over £100,00 a year.

      So glad I don;t live in England.