Monday, 2 June 2014


OK, it's a day late, so shoot me. Munguin had me on spring cleaning Munguin Towers yesterday... and he's a fussy little furry animal. He had to be able to see his furry face in everything!!
Ah yes, a little embarrassing for a "socialist"!
And now we know why... He was told to by his boss.
Goodness, no wonder you can't wait to offload it to yourselves.
Fortunately there's a way to stop this happening here
But come on. We've always known that in their world
ordinary people's rules don't apply.
Education is the same as Health
They will sell it all off, and we will be left with
no funding for social education
He's as mad as a box of frogs.
Edit: Due to complaints from boxes of frogs
the world over, I withdraw that comparison.
Instead I'd say he's as mad as the Prince of Wales, 
and who cares what he thinks. OK Frogs?
Like you actually thought they would...?
Oh for a socialist... Alan Grogan, where are you?
You'll look cute David, with a handbag, I mean Ed.
And why would they want their constituents to be anything but poor?
No wonder they make such half witted laws.
They must be ratted most of the time.
So why do U Kok people continue to tell us
that pensions would not be paid?
I mean, come on...
Another one of Alistair's (where on earth is he?) little pronouncements.
A bit like "sharing a currency would be the best idea"
Well, until George Osborne told him to say it wouldn't be.
Better together with more foodbanks.
You know, an independent Scotland would't have foodbanks.
Too wee, too poor and far to stupid for that.
Can't deny that.
Freedom from Britain is fine as long as it's not for Scotland.
They are either millionaires or aspiring millionaires.
Seriously... life doesn't have to be the way it is in the Uk.
Maybe if people earned the same as they do in Denmark... 
But they don't...
Our popular broadcaster is having problems with its staff and its customers
The consensus is that the problem is the crap management.
Eh, McQuarrie, you useless  highly paid lump? 
Nice crowd, bigger than your audience for the new
dumbed down politics for muppets show,
you patronising bastards
Ah... that's what's happened!
Well, not a HUGE fan of windmills
But if someone said to me you can have windmills behind
your house, or you can have a coal fired station
no prizes for guessing which I'd choose.
Ah but that's Holland.
A small independent European country.
Of course you would, dear.
Well, thats a problem to ponder.
Talking of God, here we have two of his regular communicants.
He told George to kill hundreds of
 thousands of Brown People, and George,
mistaking himself for god, told Tony.
And because they are close friends of god,
they are going to get away with it.
Of course it is. No one with a brain cell ever thought otherwise.
Eh Danny Alexander, you thick ass.
Even you couldn't make them up, Frankie.
Thanks minister, we hope that too.
Who won?
The Apathy Party.
Now, there's a think to ponder upon.
Classy, right?
That's the way to do it Ukok.
Sensible arguments.
I wonder why the Pope chose that precise place to
stand with the press of the world photographing him?


  1. Good stuff Tris but Michael McMahon - he's actually an MSP so it ain't him getting slooshed at Westminster, though I dare say he'd like it to be.

    Also a box of frogs have been in touch and would like to protest at being compared to Mr Forsyth.

    1. Ahhh. Thanks for that correction PP. I thought he was a londoner.. I'll make the necessary arrangements and apologize to him.

      Yeah, I know. The phone in Munguin Towers hasn't stopped ringing. Frogs of the world have united in protest.

      I have to retract.

  2. Tris you have surpassed yourself. Now we need to get it out there.
    Now I do not want you done for upsetting his what ever. I believe he is very careful of his position. Never mind that will be at least two of us in a cell.
    Frogs are quite capable of getting nasty specially those poison arrow frogs from South America.

    1. LOL... Tell me about the angry frogs... Never again I tell you.

  3. Protest Against BBC Scotland Referendum Bias

    News that the BBC ignore because it doesn't support their agenda.

    1. I suspect it didn't cover the protest?

  4. Good video of the Protest which is now on YouTube, excellent comment from a young lady originally from Devon, Jennifer. I hope her parents are proud of her because I am and of them for making her the lassie she is. Young Scots take note.

  5. Yes. Excellent video. Great to see people take action.