Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ffilm aml-gyfrannol - detholiad o leisiau o ar draws Cymru yn dangos cefnogaeth i annibyniaeth yr Alban.

Warm messages of support from Celtic cousins in Wales.
Just a reminder that at 1pm in the City Square, Dundee, our two football teams are holding a rally to raise enough money for big YES banners to put up outside Dens and Tannadice. It's a great example of people coming together to do something for the cause.
Finally, I know everyone who comes here also reads Wings...well, who doesn't? But I can't help but repeat Stuart's his first story of this morning. The Ukok, BT, No, Bob Orders side boasts that we share resources, pull together, are stronger together, and enjoy the best of both worlds, as part of the UK... and you know it's rubbish, but you can see why THEY think that.

So then you read something as totally unbelievably horrific as this and you think to yourself....sheeesh, well, I don't know what you think. It's probably unprintable:

I had tears in my eyes as I read it. This is a country that can afford to do up royal apartments and lease helicopters; it can afford nuclear weaponry, wars, royal protection squads for money grubbing ex-prime minister spivs. It can afford to commission new artwork for a house of parliament containing unelected aristocrats. It can (admittedly belatedly) build railways which attempt to emulate the French rail system. It can do anything that says...we are big, important and we have clout. 

But it can't get people's social security payments to them, and leaves them for 4 days with no food. 

No matter what, no child should be hungry in an oil rich, resource rich nation like Scotland.

Any decent person would want to feed that woman and her kids; would want to take them to Morrisons and buy then a cupboardful of stuff so that these children go to bed feeling fed.

But in reality of course we can't do that for all the people that this UK government has abandoned and left starving, cold or ill. 

For a start most of us simply can't afford to do it... but in any case, if we did Iain Duncan Smith would simply rub his grubby hands together, cut a bit more and talk about the Big Society, while stuffing £37 worth of taxpayer-funded breakfast down his fat neck...

The story made me more determined to work that bit harder to rid our country of detritus like IDS, forever.

We have two and a half months, then we can kiss them goodbye, forever.

Who'd not take that opportunity?


  1. Tris I am so angry about this and I believe it is much worse with comments on the pages of the Evening Times in many cases being totally unbelieving or unsympathetic. Trouble is that the media poisoned the well for many, strangely enough it is often these people's neighbour who are least sympathetic I have found, they manage, why can't they I have heard. Well until you walk in somebody else's shoes do not speak that way. Mums have to feed clothe and shoe children as well as house them, given the break up of marriage/relationship in this country I imagine that there is nothing left at the end of the day for when you do not get what ever support you have. An absolutely dreadful and quite believable story, and you are quite right I could not pass by.

    1. Isn't it sad that we have allowed people to demonize the unemployed, the sick and the lowly paid to the point that it is always THEIR fault.

      The DWP is a mess. Everything IDS has touched has, as you would expect from a life long incompetent, gone wrong. No one has a clue what they are doing. Staff have been paid off and those left neither know, nor many of them care, what is happening.

      Every one of his schemes has gone belly up.

      But it's all the fault of the poor (many of whom ARE working at pathetic rates of pay that aren't enough to cover their ridiculous rents) which Tubby Duncan Smith gets tucked into a breakfast for £37, at our expense.

      I hope someone put a thistle in it.

  2. "No matter what, no child should be hungry in an oil rich, resource rich nation like Scotland."

    I have to disagree with you there Tris. No PERSON regardless of age should be hungry in an oil rich, resource rich nation like Scotland.

    1. Well, yes PP of course that is true...and I stand corrected... but if an adult wishes to blow their money (as some do) on things other than food, then well, that is their right.

  3. I want to say that I really am surprised by that utterly disgusting story about that poor woman and her two kids going without food for four days Tris, however we are talking about a situation that has been allowed to develop by a Tory government ably supported by the totally incompetent and inept Lib Dems. What is really frightening about this whole situation is that the "party of the people for the people", the Labour party, would have done no better because as we all know they would have made cuts deeper and longer than those made by Maggie, as often said by Labour M.P.'s

    Surely people who read this article MUST open their eyes. There is only ONE way to vote in September. Only a YES vote can do anything to stop absolutely disgusting events like this happening. I'm sorry but anyone who reads about that poor woman and does NOT vote YES is in my view nothing short of a cold hearted killer!

    1. Hear hear.

      I'm so ashamed that this is happening in Scotland.

      I've got mates all over the world who can hardly believe it, including those from so called poor countries like Hungary and Bulgaria.

      This is not the image of Britain they are fed.

  4. Saw this on Wings Tris and was NOT surprised.

    This is the way this country is going. No compassion, no empathy , a country where "greed is good" and if a few die on they way so what , "I'm alright Jack".

    Every time i hear of food banks i cringe and feel deep shame. I served this countries armed forces and never thought it could happen here in my own country but it does and anyone ignoring it is a blind selfish idiot.

    Wake up Scotland. People were better off in medieval times.

    I met a wee lass who had food given by a food bank but had no electricity to cook with. !!!!!!!
    Her kids (2 and 4 year old) had been waiting in the DWP offices for 4 hours before they got help. Is this the legacy we leave our next generation?

    Please vote YES .

    For No voters

    I will,never forgive you for refusing your country the right to govern it's own people.
    In years to come YOU will be Scotland's shame.

    1. Yes Richie.

      I've heard that some are asking for food that doesn't need to be cooked, because they have no means of cooking it.

      Kids rummaging in bins at school for stuff that other kids have thrown away is another sad indictment of the UK governments "cut at all costs".

      Maybe, seeing as we are all in it together, they should try asking for a helicopter or a £5 million refit to their apartments in London, they would do better than asking that they get their social security money on time.

      I despair.

      Aye... well, that's true about the shame. Upon your heads be it when the Tories or Labour make the next round of cuts, privatise health and schools and make everyone pay for prescriptions.

      I remember Mrs Tahtcher told us that "people want to pay for their eye tests".

      I wonder what planet she lived on.

  5. Off topic.... I just got a wee letter from Ed Miliband.

    Apparently I could meet him, if I were unlucky enough to win the raffle.

    Hi Tristan,

    On Monday morning we'll be drawing the names of the two people joining me at our gala dinner — so I hope you'll throw your name into the hat before the deadline tomorrow night.

    And good news: I've been told that because so many people have entered, we have a second pair of tickets to give away, so it's even more likely that one of those names will be yours.

    If you'd like to come to our dinner and party next Wednesday (9 July) — and I've already put time aside so we can have a chat — please make a £3 donation to help us win the next election, and we'll automatically enter you into the draw.

    I want to offer all our supporters the chance to attend, so we'll also book a hotel room for the night for you and your guest, and pay for you both to travel to London.

    One of the best things about my job is meeting Labour Party members and supporters and I'm really excited about this year's dinner being a little bit different.

    Good luck,

    P.S. If you would like to enter without donating, please do so here. However, every penny we receive will help us beat the Tories at the next election, so I'd be grateful if you could donate something with your entry.

    1. Could that come under the gaming laws of offering a prize for a donation?

      On the BBC News a....!

    2. You call that a prize... ?

      I call it a punishment.

  6. tris

    ' government has abandoned '

    Err ! no they have as an act of premeditated policy chosen to
    demonise and attack a section of society who are unable to defend themselves .
    So as to blame the failings of a greed driven capitalism on the innocent. And use them as scapegoats for the failings of Government economic policy.

    An approach I might add endorsed by all the Political party's both in Westminster and Holyrood not one including the snp have accepted the fact .The economic system itself will alway lead to large sections of any society being left to live a life
    of immiseration .


    All the snp will give to the Scottish people in a Independent Scotland is

    rum, sodomy and the lash.

    1. Erm... that sound exciting Niko. Are you sure you want to leave?

      Look it's simple. In an independent Scotland, without the SE of England to aspire to winning, Labour will be able to actually go back to being something Jimmy Reid would be proud of.

      I truly don't know what the SNP will end up doing. They don't really have to be right or left, like the Tories or Labour. Under Alex Salmond they have become a slightly left of centre party, while once they were to the right, but who knows where the next leader will take them. Who knows, if Labour and the Tories get it together properly as left and right, then there may be no need for them.

      The Tories could also change to being something more like the old Unionist party that they used to be, before Ted Heath amalgamated them into the Conservatives. From what I understand they were a decidedly more decent, if stuck up and snobby bunch.

      Certainly not like the bunch of callous murderers we have at the moment.

      As for the Liberals.... hmmmm

      Then you have the Greens. Another left of centre party.

      Good old fashioned socialism is just around the corner...

      Mind you, if as they suggest Jim Murphy is the next Labour leader, then we can look forward to the Scottish version of the Republican Party!