Saturday, 14 June 2014


Congratulations, Dave. We know this is what you were working for.
God knows what we would have to put in the Lords to keep
the doddering old fools awake. I suggested dynamite
but no one took me up on it.
Certainly does Winnie.
Our new buses.
And another one crosses the floor, telling us that there is a sizable
number of Labour activists who will vote yes, secretly
because they are scared to come out.
Yep... yer mum was right
A waste of space
And you thought your taxes were used to support you. Wrong.
What a cheering site
This does a disservice to chickens everywhere
for which I apologise in advance
There's two oppressors for you
I wonder what Blair is thinking about Iraq right now.
Probably trying to work out how he can make some money out of the mess
Yes, how easily we forget, eh Jakie
Another cheering sight
If I oversaw that kind of rise in human misery
I'm not sure I could face another day.
I'd give good money to see Willie after that debate.
Proud Labour?
Better do some serious crawling then... Oh you already are.
Dirty is putting it  mildly.
I still say we haven't seen the worst.
Indeed it is. Quite seriously the rich have got a lot richer
while the poor have been committing suicide in increasing numbers
Still that should suit IDS. Fewer to pay benefits to.
We ARE all in it together
No REALLY we are...
We've heard a lot about the abuse that Lally was getting .
We've heard less about what has been said about Yes supporters.
I found some tweets, but decided against putting them up
because the language was unsuitable for this blog
Suffice to say the words "fat" and "c***" "shemale", and setting on fire
were included. Anyone remember lally getting any of that?
I wonder what they are having today in Buckingham Palace.
Given the choice at the bottom of my garden I know what I'd prefer
And they start off being paid more than twice what nurses are paid.
If we could have either nurses of MPs, which would you choose?
Darling and Osborne didn't half sort them out.
They'd better start thinking about how they are
going to refloat the good ship
Seems you have some big fans up your way, Dan.


  1. I can't condone the last picture but it is democracy in action.

    1. I guess that the man is breaking the law, and it's not the way I would choose to express my anger at a public figure.

      But either the bloke got caught short and this was the first place he alighted upon (as it were), or he decided that as that is what comes out of Danny's mouth most of the time, he would contribute a drop more.

      If I were Danny, I think I'd be asking my mate Gideot to look around for a safe Tory seat in England for him. Not that Gidiot will of course. Danny has been useful, making all the unpopular announcements, but he's hardly one of "us".

    2. The green wall would suggest that he's not the first, either.


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    4. link didn't work huh
      Sorry Cyinicalhighlander, but I cant help feeling your being a bit harsh there,
      I cant see why Danny Alexander shouldn't have his name above the door of his office!
      Btw did anyone notice that guy having a pee in his doorway? he he
      maybe he had too much Ginger Rodent!

  2. The picture regarding Westminster's debt is frightening and very true, God knows how Westminster will reduce the £1.3 trillion national debt, I'm surprised they're even managing to service the interest on such a massive debt, we must obtain independence, to prosper, the option is decades of austerity and despair.

    With regards to abuse online, if you're, a YES voter you're 3 times more likely to suffer abuse online than if you're a no voter, according to a Survation Poll by the Express newspaper, the no camp would rather you didn't know that.

    1. The Herald is doing a story on online abuse tomorrow.

      The debt ...the £1.3 billion... is just the borrowing of the government.

      Added to that there is the liability for unfunded pensions like the state scheme (the lowest in Europe), and many of the civil service and public employees pensions. This is of course not calculable because no one knows how long people will live.

      Added to that there is the vast debt at personal levels. This is likely to skyrocket when interest rates start to rise, particularly in that part of the UK where house prices are 10-15 times annual salaries.

      Still, it's comforting to know that we have clout and punch above our weight.

      I've just seen that the Johnson press share price has dropped by 70% in the last two weeks.

  3. Hi Tris

    As your unpaid site proof reader and facts checker I'd like to point out that

    1. sight and site sound the same but mean different things
    2. HoL benches are red, HoC ones are green.

    That said, as usual brilliant post. I wonder what kind of Alice in Wonderland world I live in when Better Together, No Thanks think that the state of the economy is their strong suit.

    1. Ah PP. What would I do without you? Thanks. Site/Sight corrected. no excuse at all!

      With the Commons, what I meant was... yes, put in spikes to keep the commoners awake, but I think we'd need something a bit more forceful for the retirement home along the corridor.

      Munguin says you can have a pay rise. In view of the hard times and the fact that we are all in it together, it will be a 1% increase on your current wage. At least I think that's what he said. The line from the Maldives, where's he's gone for the weekend, was rather poor. :)

    2. My apologies re my misunderstanding about the benches. But then if you pay peanuts, you get (confused) pandas :-)

    3. Ha ha... Munguin says you can have another peanut.

      I read somewhere (I think it was Tony Benn's diaries) that it is against the law to die in the House of Lords.

      If someone thinks they are dying it is essential that they get off the premises before their final breath.

      Amazing, huh?

  4. I was hard pushed not to say to the two women behind the newspaper counter in Asda who told me quite proudly they were NAW voters, that I could see why. I did not want to offend them so after a wee bit of like your country is not poor or too wee, well I gave up. I could have said well this must be the reason you two are working on Sunday behind the counter in Asda, but that was self evident and I as a YES voter was not. Now I wonder if they will go along to see Willie Rennie filleted and grilled.
    I thought this was one of your best yet, I have a friend in the US who I have suggested your site to, she is interested in the Referendum, given my complaints regarding the President and Hilary Clinton (she who would be President)

    1. There are fewer and fewer though Helena.

      I met someone this week who told me that she just had a gut feeling about it...and it was all about Alex Salmond and how sly he was...

      No matter how much I tried to point out that, even if Salmond were sly... could you possibly say that Cameron or Miliband is not?

      Thanks so much for the kind words about the blog. I look forward to welcoming your friend from the USA. I'd be interested to hear her opinion on Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama.

    2. ' I'd be interested to hear her opinion on Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama. '

      Obviously as Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama support the continuing
      Glorious Union......she would say (you hope) they are a couple
      of wan?ers a nat word meaning against Independence for Scotland

    3. Niko, my friend in the States says that her President and his former Minister for State should keep out of other people's politics. What have I said about rudeness being the main province of those on the Unionist side. I have seldom seen YES voters resorting to swearing and the c word, but it figures frequently along with really bad spelling ( Nobody on NO knows how to use a spell checker) and the invariable rude words. If you think missing out a letter or two gets you off the hook you are sadly mistaken.

  5. tris and other nat bad people.

    Salmond is a lying fantasist who builds castles in the air and you lot want
    to live in them. And just cos some dont want to agree with him and you lot
    shower them with hate and abuse..then pretend you dont .

    The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing.
    -John Adams

    1. Niko, never mind the politicians. What's your point of view, and why?


  6. see Cameron says all children should learn Magna Carta

    and then

    Tories plan new anti-strike laws for 2015 election
    Sweeping measures being considered for inclusion in next year's Tory manifesto would put an end to rolling strike campaigns by forcing union bosses to re-ballot their members every three months

    Who is it who needs to learn about Magna Carta
    I mean Really !! Cameron and Alex Salmond deserve each other
    the rest of us decent good normal people deserve to be rid
    off both

    1. Have you read the Treaty of Abroath then, much more important to us in Scotland. Here was a medieval king making his subjects sovereign over his nobles and Parliament. Magna Carta gave some rights to the ordinary subject, not that many but some, what it did not do was give the people sovereignty over Parliament. I realise you do not like Alex Salmond, why has never been articulated, but this man cares deeply about Scotland and it's people, enough that he did not go join either Labour/Tory or the prostitutes of politics where today he might have been Prime Minister. The reason the rest of the Political Establishment dislike him is he makes fools out of them all and he does it with flair and a smile. He is unfailingly polite to people Niko, I wish I could emulate him but for you I will never change, well not at least until you learn politeness.

  7. I have a question,
    Is Jakey Rolling a Glaswegian sport?

  8. Naw I've got to own up ,that was BtP who came up with that one.